Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge - Prelude

Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge - Prelude

Good evening ladies & gentlemen.

Some of you will know from the Easter Bunny Challenge that the next challenge will be something slightly different & will be a little longer, hopefully taking us up to the Xmas Challenge.

It will be a kind of rolling challenge so you can keep setting yourselves new targets as you hit them. It is a size challenge rather than a weight challenge. No doubt many of you will know that MarmiteRehoming is already doing a great weekly weight challenge.

THE IDEA - find a piece of clothing that is too small and start working on getting into it - that is the challenge as simple as that! It can be something new or something you already have. If it is something with a zip or buttons then you may be able to measure the gape and update as it gets smaller :)

BUT - even if you don't have a piece of clothing you are trying to get into you could just measure your waist, hips etc and aim to reduce it by an inch or two. That way you can still join in.

For me I am trying to get into a dress (for a wedding, not my own) which is about 1 - 2 sizes too small, it has a zip and a nice big gape!

ONE THING - could I have some feedback as to how often we should share update - maybe once a fortnight?

I will start the challenge next weekend so you have from now until then to locate a piece of clothing or your tape measure  - please note that handbags and shoes do not count!

Good luck!


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220 Replies

  • can i join in please, have the trousers ready to go.

  • Of course you can :)

  • Hi, I'm new to this site but would also like to join, have a lovely dress I want to wear to my cousin's wedding in July :-)

  • Welcome :)

  • I'm in Sueper and I have my items of clothing all ready to go! :)

    Dress - size 18

    Denim skirt - size 16

    Swimming costume - size 14 (really nervous about this one!) :o

    Jeans (not stretch) - size 12! Ever the optimist! :D

    Fortnightly sounds good to me for an update :)

    This is such a fab idea! :)

  • Wow you are organised Moreless!

    My dress is size 20 but hoping I will keep going and get into an 18. Just bought a size 22 dress and it only just fits - as in if it was any bigger it would fall down!

  • Send that 22 right back Sue! Nothing bigger than a 20 for you from now on! :)

    I just bought a new bra, 2 sizes smaller than my current one and it's mahoosive on me! Methinks I need a fitting! :)

  • Thanks for the mental image.. ;)

  • You're very welcome Steve. I could provide a few more choice ones, if you're game! :D

  • Nah i'm good thanks..

  • But not good enough to take me on! :D :D

  • Kind of lost motivation recently, can't be bothered to exercise or count calories. Trying to get back on track, definitely won't undo my good work so far. 6 months ago I was wearing size 38 trousers and XL tshirts. Currently wearing size 32 trousers and squeezing into a size M tshirt :)

  • I think we all go through those times here we lose our mojo.

    You've done so fantastically well and are pretty much at your goal weight. I guess the crux is whether you're happy where you are, or whether you'd be happier being a bit smaller.

    I'm not anywhere near that stage yet, I'm still very obese, so need to keep pushing hard, for the sake of my health.

    You've had a lot of distractions lately and I'm sure, when the time is right, you'll make the decision that's right for you :) 

  • Oh i'm definitely not happy where I am, I reckon I need to lose another stone roughly. I still have a belly and man boobs haha I forced myself to count everything today and i'm sure I'll soon be focused again. Maybe I'll try some strength exercises :)

  • Good for you! :)

    Strength exercises are a great idea, because they tone the body.

    Apparently HIIT is the way to go with exercise, as it has great fat-burning results. Maybe you could try that too :)

  • I was just thinking, I may have a bra that would fit you! ;)

  • shut up :P

  • My lips are sealed! :D

  • Just tried this, almost died by the end lol

  • Yikes! I'm not surprised! :o

    You'll have a beautiful butt if you keep that up though! ;)

  • haha

  • The plie squat is in my daft dance because of my dodgy out of line knee it works well, in fact I do most of these but in the plie postion, but can't go that low yet.  It has taken nearly 3 inches of top thigh and nearly 2 of quad area.  So even if your knees can't go all the way down and you need to use a chair this routine really works.  I always finish with a really lose body tremble, shakeout.

  • I'm aiming to do this every morning, I can do all of those squats along with the video and it wasn't as bad as yesterday. I'll measure my thigh every week and see if it makes a difference eventually.

  • In your case you would probably want to see an increase in the quad measurement as the muscles develop and a small decrease in upper thigh.  I have also lost 3 inches off hips so far.  I include twist exercises which means planting your feet about 1 foot apart, tilting your hips slightly forward and turning your mid section in a twisting action without bending your legs.  This has taken nearly 4 inches off my waist.  I am hoping that once I lose another 2 stone it will have come off my tummy and the front on benefit I can see now will also be a side view benefit too.  If you mix the two together you get my daft dance.  Pick heavy beat music which gives you time to shake and stretch out in between tracks at different speeds.  I am only in week 8 now and only 1st 6lb down, but the inches have fell off.  My body composite monitor is showing about 4lb increase in muscle mass.  Add collagen to your diet to help the ligaments and muscles repair.  My friend who is a crossfitter is now helping me out, making sure I eat and exercise correctly to reactivate my muscles which have been dormant for over 4 years.

  • My knees and hips have started acting up just looking at it.

  • In fact it reminds me of the vicar of Dibley. Do yo uremember tht episode where Darcy Bussell performed and Dawn French acted as her mirror? I bags the mirror image.

    I did an evening hike on a mountain last night which turned into a night hike. I've bee nwalking since as if I've saddle sores. Couldn't begin to think what this would do to me.

  • It's actually not that bad until you get to the jump squat at the end!

  • If you have dodgy joints, as I do inflammatory arthritis, you have to keep the muscles strong to support the joints.  Everytime I watch myself doing my old ballet exercises, the ones I can still do, which require the chair back, I think of the Dawn French thing lol  I can't do impact work outs but strength and flexibility I can, now ;)

  • Keep going set yourself a new challenge where you get out there with like minded fitness people spring is here and its the time to get active and try new things you must be looking great now , best wishes

  • good work..keep going

  • Come on ScoobaSteve, you can find that mojo again - it's out there somewhere!  :-)

  • I attempted to do a squat this morning then was like REST DAY! REST DAY! TODAY IS DEFINITELY A REST DAY :D

  • Sometimes, it's definitely good to have a rest day!  :-)

  • Wow well done scoobasteve. That is really impressive. 

    I know what you mean about the motivation. I hurt my hip two weeks ago and my is still really painful. 😭  I really want to be able to start running again. 

    It seems if I'm not running then I stop watching what I eat too. I'm sure I will have gained this week.  

  • I am debating what to do with it. I don't want to looked like a sausage roll in a tighter one :D

  • You're only going to get slimmer Sue and what's the point of spending money on something that's already too big? Buy the 20 and use it as motivation :)

  • Oh I don't know what to do lol. They do have it in a size smaller so I may order that one too and then I can try them both and decide. It is a summer dress and maybe (please, please, please) I may have actually lost a few more lb by then!

  • If it's for the summer, then definitely go for the smaller size! You WILL be slimmer by then Sue! :)

  • I have just ordered the smaller one :) I tried it on in front of the mirror and the boobs were not filling it!

  • All I can say is chicken fillets ;)  Order some of them too :)

  • Fortunately there is still enough to fill the next size down!

  • Oh no! You can't have your assets swamped! That would never do! :)

  • I do Ann Summers parties and am a bra fit expert

  • don't buy any more big clothes you will soon be down, I am only buying essentials at moment!

  • So am I. I'd like to slim back into a skirt which I only managed to wear once, but to be able to buy a few new things at least the next size down would definitely be bonus.

  • I'm already doing this, found a few things when I started the 12 week plan and on week 4 at the moment.  I showed my children my favourite top today and they liked it too.  I've not measured it, will just see how it looks after I've lost another half a stone :-D

  • It is a great motivator - better than the scales I feel :)

  • I agree, I've not worn that top since I had children and I love it - and I'm going to wear it again!!!  ....  one day ;-) 

  • Ooo, I'd love to join - I need to pick my items though!

    I have lots of clothes to choose from - think I know my ultimate goal dress (just a dress that hasn't fit in 10 years, nothing special), but I'll need to pick the in-between items.

  • Welcome & happy hunting :)

  • Hello everyone :-) my lovely dress is a size 12, due to a major op and subsequent ill health since about June last year I've put on 2 stone and feel really uncomfy and bloated in leggings/tights. Have given up on my jeans, don't think I've worn them since about July!! Sainsburys Tu has been my saviour with lovely dresses made from lovely patterned fabrics. But it'd be great to get back to the old me!

  • Good luck to getting the new me back then :)

  • I am not generally  a 12 normally a 10-12 however I have a sea salt dress size 12 that that fits (hell would freeze over before I bought anything in 14) but I would like it to fit better😳 And if it does it my go to a wedding on 13 August (yes remember I was 17.5st and now a maintainer)

  • Good luck Prin :)

  • Oh, great idea!  I have a size 14 jacket that I bought 6 years and loved it - and then ballooned up in weight.  I would love to fit back into it again.  Will hang it up in a prominent place to remind me!

    I think I would prefer weekly updates as a reminder.  Maybe on a Sunday, before the site gets busy on Mondays?

  • Good luck LTL, thanks for your feedback :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    Love the challange and I'm in big time. Love the pic of Randy ( I'm a big say yes to the frock girl!!) in another life I'd work at Kleinfelds( saddo eh lol)

    Need the challange and a focus, I've lost my way a bit and feeling the strains of carrying the Ibs I've put on!. The only summer thing that fits from last year are my flip flops !!! Eeek.

    Once a fortnight sounds good to me so I'm going to pick something, get the tape measure at the ready and get my head in a good space.



  • Good luck Flossie :)

    I seem to be maintaining at present which is not good when I still have more than 5 stone to lose. I needed a new approach hence this new challenge :)

  • Same here Sueper, I've not weighed in for a few weeks but will tomorrow and bite the bullet.

    We will get there xx


  • Indeed Flossie. Good luck for tomorrow - I am weighing too! x

  • I would like to join in too.  I have a dress which I bought for my niece's wedding 4 years ago. Worn once but loved it. Its very fitted at the waist and has a slim skirt.  Def can't do zip up the back at the moment. It is my daughters 18th at the end of May and I would love to be able to wear the dress to her birthday dinner.  (Not long to shift a stone but worth a go!)  Weekly or fortnightly is fine with me. Love this idea!

  • Good luck Muffintop :)

  • My long term goal has been to get back into my wedding dress ❤️ So would love to take part in the challenge 😊 It's a great idea.

    Shorter term is to get into a size 14 swimsuit before my holiday in May

    Wish me luck!

  • Oh I would love to do that too. Its my Silver Wedding Anni next year and would love to wear it again! So although I hope to lose the weight by this summer it will be a good incentive for maintenance. Sure you will fit into that swimsuit by May.  Good luck.

  • Snap! You must have got married same year as me, 1992 ❤️  Another stone should see me back to size 12/14 😊. 

    We are hoping for a special holiday 😊❤️

  • Oops I got that wrong then as I got married in 1994 so am getting next year muddled up as its my 50th Birthday (definitely born in 1967) not Silver Wedding. OMG I must be getting old as can't remember what year is what!  A special holiday would be nice for us too. Need to get to size 12 for wedding dress and stay that size for a bit longer now then!

  • Haha 😂 Yes, I get confused too!! Lol 😊 I had a big party for my 50th, it was fab 😊

    Good luck to us both 😊

  • Good luck Anna :)

  •  Really good idea Sueper, I'll join you all if I may.

    My waist size on Monday was 39" and I would like to be at most 30" by Christmas. Not too worried about bust and hips as most of my fat is round my middle, which is, as we all know, really not healthy. It's taken me three months to drop two inches off my waist, so nine inches in nine months... possible. Can't go find a small size piece of clothing as my grandchildren are asleep in there but I'm sure I have something to aim for, if not it will be fun going out and buying something.

    Oh, I didn't mean the grandchildren are asleep in the wardrobe, wouldn't be that mean. They're in my spare room that I use as a dressing room and the others in the other spare room which means we'll all be up at too early o'clock tomorrow 😄


  • LOL Mouse! You crack me up! :D

  • Not literally I hope moreless , only realised what I put when I re-read the paragraph. Don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about my childcaring. 😀😀

  • You must be a laugh a minute for your grandchildren Mouse. You manage to make me smile with most of your posts. Thanks so much :)

  • You're welcome, it's nice to smile occasionally - and I'm a bit strict with them otherwise they'll walk all over me and that wouldn't be too difficult as I'm quite short.

  • I think all grandchildren are like that. They think their Granny's are soft touches :)

  • Mine is not a soft touch, I was terrified of her my whole life. Still am now at the age of 20 haha

  • Lol! Come to think of it, I had one at each end of the scale, one that was soft as butter and one that was hard as nails and who used to terrify my brother and me! :)

  • I was wondering then if you are actually a mouse hence why the children sleep in a wardrobe ;)

    Good luck with the inch loss and happy hunting :)

  • Oh Sueper, you've done it again. Just as my resolve gave out and made way for a truly shocking week of rubbish (takeaway, double-lunches, you name it...) you've produced another reason to get remotivated!

    I will endeavour to find some appropriate clothing - I have a whole other wardrobe of stuff I grew out of and put away back in October. I will fish a few bits out of there. I've not taken any measurements for ages but my shirts feel a bit looser so I think I must have shrunk a bit...

  • Great to have you on board Garfield - there is always a reason to keep trying even if we forget sometimes :)

    I do like the sound of double-lunches though - stop me now!!

  • Hi Sue,

    Although they are not yet bought, I'd love to wear 46in waist shorts for my end of Aug/ early Sep holiday to Spain.

    Rob 😀

  • Welcome aboard Rob & good luck :)

  • Can I join please, skirt I got married in 21yrs ago to be as slim as that day. 


  • Of course you can :)

  • What a beautiful goal Gottodothis :)

  • It was not ment to be that at first but 2 wks ago sorting out a drawer I tried the suit on, jacket fits but skirt is can't fastern. So my new goal. 

  • Could I join in please 

  • Of course :)

  • Could I join in please

  • I'm in.

  • Excellent :)

  • I'm in. Just need to find an item of clothing - bound to be at back of my wardrobe somewhere!!

  • Excellent - happy hunting :)

  • And fortnightly sounds good

  • Brilliant idea, I had started to give my clothes to the Sally Army because I thought they would never fit again. Count me in, thanks 

  • Only give the fat clothes away Annmarie and keep the small ones to slim into :)

  • what a out underwear!😁

    I have some very nice Janet Jaegersilk underwear ..

  • Naughty!

  • Hi Sueper- great idea!!! I'm in... just not sure about the item of clothing to start with so i'll give that some thought - or i may even go out and splurge on something to hang on my wall as motivation (any excuse now lol) i think i'll aim for small targets maybe one size down at a time (i like the fact its a longer challenge) i think i'd prefer fortnightly (as clothes sizes dont drop as quick as lbs sadly) but maybe like you say a different day of the week as the site traffic is getting pretty crazy on a Monday!


  • Welcome Marmite :) I think Sundays will be a good update day. I usually measure about once a month so I think fortnightly will be good - once a month isn't enough and some people maybe measuring at different times in the month.

    Happy hunting. I'd say splurge but I am a shopaholic so don't listen to me :)

  • Splurge it is then- and i'll tell the bf "its on the advice of Sueper" lol

  • Yep, just blame me :D

  • well, if you insist ; )

  • Hi Sueper - count me in!  I have a skirt, a pair of trousers and a tankini ;) I think a fortnightly update is enough.  We might not see enough change in a week to keep motivated

  • Welcome aboard & thanks for your input :)

  • I'm in.  I've just tried on all my dresses pre-holiday in three weeks.  I shall have to leave two behind.  Sob. Sob.  I swore no new ones would come into the house till I dropped back a size.  But I have now cracked and ordered 'just the one'.  Thank goodness there is a sale on.  

  • Welcome Sheila - at least you have 2 dresses to work towards :)

  • Count me in team! Great challenge Sue!

    Goal 1: grey cropped trousers, without seams straining

    Goal 2: navy cropped trousers and a fitted grey linen shirt that goes with it. (Gaping issues!)

    Goal 3: Armani cream like enterprise jeans (get me!) and Brown linen jacket. (Big gaping issue)

    Goal 4: white waistcoat and jacket. (Jeez...when did I ever fit those...massive gaping issues!!)

    All clothes in wardrobe, all too tight or gaping. Goals go in size order I.e. white waistcoat is much smaller than the rest.

    The cream jeans maybe way off trend by the time I get there but it would be nice to let them go for that reason rather than the fact I can't get into them.

    I am to get into all these by my summer holiday in August. X 

  • Great goals Asics and we know you are fab at achieving what you set yourself :)

    Time to reduce the gape! Maybe I should have called the challenge "mind the gape" :)

  • I want to join. I have a black and white dress I wore for my daughters leavers day from high school, I would love to fit into again. It's a fitted size 18  I'm currently a size 20. 

  • Good luck Celeryhater :)

  • I'd like to join in too please. I've loads of clothes to choose from down to a lovely pair of cream size 12 trousers, hardly worn. I'm just imagining how it would feel to wear them. Keep dreaming😴

  • Don't dream it Dolce - make it happen :) Good luck!

  • I am very new to this but have a wardrobe full of clothes that don't quite fit and some that totally don't fit so will try to work my way down them.

  • Welcome & good luck Melodyangel :)

  • Count me in please. I'd like to be down to a size 10/12 by Christmas 😀😀

  • Good luck :)

  • I have a bridesmaid dress to get into!!! Eeek! 

  • What a lovely goal 😊❤️😊

  • Oh, that's exciting. Amazing how weddings (anyone's) help to motivate us :)

  • i have a whole wardrobe to choose from| will select something i really like and cant currently wear

  • Happy hunting Linda :)

  • I have a separate wardrobe, full of clothes that I can't wear. I've decided to give myself  until August 31st and then if I haven't worn them they're going to the charity shop. 

  • Now, now - don't be defeatist - you can do it and you can achieve so much by the end of August :)

  • You're right I can and I will.

  • I liked the easter bunny challenge and it really worked for me reaching target on easter sunday and I know I would not have tried so hard if I had not pledged to get to 10.7 even though it went up next day!! It has gone down now to 10.6 so momentarily blipped with easter cake. Now clothes wise I really wanted to get in my Gerry webber trousers when I started but didn't try them on for so long that they missed the slot as have at least 15 other pairs so I reckon a fortnight is about right but everybody will have different targets for various occasions. holidays and weddings are good. I have had a size 12 silver dress in loft since 1987 hoping one day to get in it !! I got it out and it fits but it has lost all its shine and fabric has biodegraded so not too long for the updates!!

  • Welcome aboard Skinnylizzie & thanks for the feedback :)

  • 1511 here i would like to join the  challenge i think its a great idea got a dress i would luv to get back into for my husbands big birthday in august.

  • Good luck the 1511 - a birthday is a great reason to look fab :)

  • i have a pair of trousers, but I'm not sure I'll ever get back into them... can I join...

  • Of course you can join - let's get you in those trousers :)

  • I have a pair of well washed black skinny leg jeans (the waist has a bit of stretchy because I have never had a waist) I want to be back in them they are size 14.  Then when back in them, they are very probably the only thing I have left from 4 years ago and another stone lighter than I am now, I will have to have a big think.

    Right I have had an epiphany!  I have decided that in order to feel much better about ourselves collectively and to remove all measurements doubts, please can we all use the US system of sizes, that makes my jeans a size 10.  :)  I feel sooooo much better.  My Uk bum is a current 16, so its already a 12, my uk boobies are a 14, now a US 10 and even my horrid apple belly is a US 14. 

    See this thread is effective in making me and everyone in the UK lose weight and above all feel better tehe.

  • Good luck getting in those jeans. Once you're in those you're gonna need to go shopping!!!

  • Oh yes baby ;)

  • I love this thread. Want to get into a dress U.S. size 14. Very motivating! Thanks!

  • Thanks & good luck :)

  • Hi Sue,

    This is another brilliant Challenge of yours, and I'd like to join in - I'll have a think about my aim over the weekend, and will get back to you once I've thought of something appropriate.  I think it will help to go through my wardrobe, which is something I've been meaning to do for some time, so this is an excellent opportunity!  

    I agree with a few other people's suggestions to have perhaps fortnightly frequency for reporting back, and Sundays sound good to me too.  Mondays and also Tuesdays are pretty crazy for 'traffic' on the forum.  

    But I'm flexible too, so don't mind when you decide to do it, I'll look out for the posts.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for your feedback Lowcal :)

    I think Sundays are good as it give people the weekend to measure etc. And I don't work that day so I can keep an eye on the thread :

  • I've been sort of doing this, counting belt notches. I've just had to get smaller jeans that don't need a belt yet. In theory it will be needed again in about a month or two to hold these new jeans up, so that is my new challenge now.

    The notches are roughly an inch apart, and I had got up to notch number seven, of 24, in the first three months of a ten month plan.

    I can now get into most of my clothes rather than just a few of them, but I've usually only been wearing the jeans so as not to have to think about it. I suppose the time has come to smarten up a bit....before they're all too big!

  • Well done on the belt notches so far - hopefully we can help you achieve a few more :)

  • thank-you!

  • Hi Sueper. I like the sound of this. Going to use my work trousers as a basis. Have reluctantly bought size 18. It's the tummy that's my main problem so they fit on the waist but seem to be baggy on thighs & look a bit silly. So to get my size 16s fitting comfortably is my first aim. From there, onwards & downwards.  Thanks for starting this challenge 😀

  • Good luck Yorkshirepud :)

  • I'm in!  I have a summer blouse size 16 as my first target!  Fortnightly sounds great!  I may have to buy new shoes to match as a reward when I reach my goal!  :-) 

  • I'd like to say that getting into the blouse should be reward enough but you can never have too many pairs of shoes :) Good luck!

  • I have decided on a turquoise summer top for my first target, and a white patterned summer dress as my second. Both are size 16, but one is a larger size 16 than the other...

  • Good luck cooper :)

  • Heya, I'm totally in. I have a dress in mind that I wanna get into. It's size 16 but I think a small size 16 because I CANNOT zip it up which makes me want to cry because it should fit me!!!! That's a short term goal though. If we're doing this all the way to xmas then my aim is to be down to a size 12. 

  • Don't cry Afro-girl, I am sure you will get into that lovely dress :)

  • Hi, everyone!

    Hope you are all having a fantastic Saturday.

    Just read about the "Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge" excellent idea/ suggestion. Since we entered in this new season, spring, our eyes, mind, objectives are focused towards getting "THAT BODY" for this Summer. Just identified my perfect dress, wich is a little too tight on the arms: Have to look perfect in it.

  • Good luck Dane-Patricia :)

  • I would like to join in please. I need new bike leathers I haven't worn them for 10 years. But now my hubby is swapping his sports bike for a tourer so we can go out together and he said he will buy me new ones. We hope to go away in august so time to change. Would love to buy a size 14 to 16 xx

  • Well, if hubby is buying there is no better excuse :)

  • I'm in -very inspiring challenge, thank you sueper ! My first goal is to try to fit in my size 18 swimsuit that has never been used because of my obesity. Katty

  • Good luck Katty :)

  • Ooo yes this sounds perfect!  I am going to Italy this July and currently own no weather appropriate clothes (haven't felt confortable in shorts etc at this weight).  Would love to be able to be a size 16 by July as gives me a lot more choice in summer clothes!  Do you think dropping two dress sizes by then is realistic?

  • Good luck Natz. I think 2 dress sizes might be achievable but as our body shapes differ it is hard to know. But even one is great progress :)

  • Hi, I joined this sight yesterday. Can I join this challenge please? I have a shirt I can start with. Thank you.

  • Of course you can join & good luck :)

  • Hi can i join this challenge please? I have several items in my wardrobe  i would love to be able to wear again have a lovely summer size 16 dress would be nice to wear it again. Thanks

  • Of course you can join Sparkle & good luck :)

  • Can I join this.? Newby today.  I've a dress size 12  , size 16 now !!! 

  • Of Course Mollydex & good luck :)

  • I would definitely like to do this challenge! I ballooned to a size 26 at 19 stone, although I've managed to drop to a smaller 22 by losing 2&1/2 stone. I've got a lovely size 18 skirt which I've only ever worn once which would be great to get the use of again.

    Whyweight123 has just mentioned motorcycling leathers. I have an Irvine flying jacket which my husband bought for my 21st birthday. He had an open topped 1930s style sports car at the time, and when we went on holiday with the Marlin owners club, I froze, hence the jacket. If I could get into that again both he, and I, would be ecstatic....

  • Fab goals there Redx & well done on your loss so far. Keep up the good work :)

  • Hi I would love to join in I bought a dress in the sale a size or so too small and would love to fit into it by the summer I also have a lovely pair of trousers and jeans that I havent fitted into for years but they are a classic style and were expensive when I bought them I would love to fit into them by the autumn. Let me know when this starts and when I need to log my measurements with you. It's a pity we can't post photos on here I going to take a photo each month so I can see the different as my weight changes.

  • Hi O2BForeverfit - lots of lovely things for you to work towards.

    I will start the challenge next weekend :)

    You can post photos on new posts and sometimes existing ones (I think). I guess you can always do a fresh post and link it to the challenge thread. I have seen people post videos but not sure how! I'll see if it is possible to add photos as it would be nice for people to be able to add the odd photo especially when they get into their item.

  • Hi again.

    I have been trying to suss out the photo thing but not having great success.

    Would you mind trying the link for me and see if it works - it should be a dress.

    If it works I'll do a post for everyone if not then I'll try the helpdesk.

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Sueper, I tried the link and you need a google account to do anything, which I don't have.

    As far as I'm aware, you can only post one picture on a new thread, download a video to youtube, then upload it, or put a picture in your profile - small and background. You'll see the attempts that have been made for the 20,000 Leagues challenge.

    Hope this helps.

    If having a Google account makes a difference, I shall be really interested, because not being able to post pics is a real downside to this site.

  • Thanks Moreless.

    That's a real shame. The link works for me but I have posted stuff using the Google thing, not sure if I have an actual account, I am a bit rubbish at all this stuff! I have also managed to open someone else's Google image. If you fancy giving it a try I could give you so info so you could try sorting out an account although I am not sure you need an account, if you see what I mean - I am waffling now!

  • I'm such a techno numpty, I probably wouldn't get it to work anyway! :o

    We could try, who knows, we might get somewhere. I could be the guinea pig, because if I can do it, anyone can! :D

  • Thank you guinea pig - you may regret this!

    Here goes:

    Go to Google home page

    Click - on the little boxes on RHS (Google apps) 

    Select photos

    To add photo – click on little cloud with arrow (at the top) & then select photo from your computer,


    click and the photo will be added to your Google photos.

    Then to get the link for the photo, right click on the picture and select "copy shortcut or link address" – don’t open photo.

    You should then be able to paste the shortcut into a post - hopefully!

    Good luck & thanks :)

  • OMG! Give me three days! :o

  • I can get as far as select photos, where it shows me lots of pics of an Asian lassie, then it wants me to sign into my google account :(

  • Boo! Sounds like you need a google account then. I presume I must have one - it does have my profile picture on the page so I must have.

    So I guess the answer is that if you have a google account you maybe able to view the link but if you don't then you won't be able to :(

    At least we've learnt something!

    Thanks for all your help :)

  • No probs Sue, I just wish it had worked!

  • Thanks for trying - have to reply on this bit as the website is hiding other posts :(

  • Just come across this - will have a ponder - I do have a lot to choose from.  Sadly sending back to m and s leather pencil skirt----that is months away to fit.  but have plenty of other stuff to choose from.....

  • Welcome Suzybenji - sounds like you might be a bit of a shopaholic like me :)

  • I have a beautiful little black dress with embroidery and pearls I would love to fit back into have only worn it once so watch this space

  • Good luck elacol68 :)

  • Hiya, Id like to join too. My next goal is a size 18.

  • Welcome Sunny-day & good luck :)

  • Hi Sueper

    I would love to join this - I have a pair of trousers which stubbornly refuse to fit (!) and I am determined to conquer them - they are a size 14 - but although I wear other 14 trousers I cant even get them pulled up properly. I have recently put on 10lbs after maintaining for several months and they didnt fit me 10lbs ago - so I probably need to lose about 15lbs to be able to wear them. This could be a long running challenge!

    Sue x

  • Good luck Sue - the challenge will be going for a while so you should make it :)

  • Oh my goodness I'm so up for this!! I've got a pair of trousers I bought about 8 years ago but have never been able to wear, I love them and they've always been my goal trousers, but I've just never managed to stick to a weight loss plan for any length of time. So Please, Please may I join?!? :-)

  • Of course you can join Bluewings & good luck getting into those trousers :)

  • Hi sueper, as you know I'm trying to maintain until the end of June so I won't be able to aim towards a target until after then. I will post my measurement though when you start the challenge next weekend and aim to not increase them, maybe with more exercise I might even tone up a bit.

    Once I start losing again I will buy something new to aim for, I'm happy to say I have long since worked my way through all the old clothes what were to small for me in my wardrobe. Even the things I bought a bit small at the end of last summer are now getting a bit big!! Not that I'm complaining.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how others progress with this brilliant challenge.

    Ros1 xx

  • Thanks for joining us Ros. Did you measure when you started? I forgot and measured about 4 months later.

    As the challenge will be running for a while you'll have plenty of time to join us when you start again and as you say, you may tone up a bit too :)

  • I have a dress hanging outside the board size 44 European with a zip on the back. At the moment there are 8 to 7cms missing to zip it up. This is my target for now. I wish to wear it again this summer. I abandoned it two years ago, a long dress and blue...

    Well my target....

  • Good luck flower-arranger, let's hope you can zip it up for the summer :)

  • I am shrinking already, hohoho!

  • Yay! :D

  • I would love to join too. I have a size 16 dress that I can nearly do up but needs a couple of inches off my boobs and waist so that I can breathe while I am wearing it. This is my first goal so I can wear it this summer. Then there is the  size 14 Christmas dress that has been looking at me for 10 years saying that it would like to come out of the wardrobe and be worn. That needs at least 6 inches off the waist and 4 off the boobs and 6 off the hips to do up!

  • Good luck Merrymanda - breathing is your dress will be good :)

  • I have found a skirt I bought 10 or so years ago that I really like, but haven't been able to get into in 9 years, but have never been able to bring myself to get rid of.  I will get into it again!  It's a size 10 (US) and has a good 4 inch gap in the zipper.  I think, that's just me eyeballing it!  I'll have to take a more accurate measurement tonight.

    Will try to make it for my trip home the end of June, but I'd really just love to the chance to wear it again.

  • Good luck getting into that skirt again Vicky :)

  • I've bought two new things fir my holiday on May, a top and a really pretty summer dress, both size 16.  I can get in them but another kilo or so would make them much more comfortable 😊 Frustrating as its my boobs that are the problem, trousers are size 14 and not tight at all 😕 Grrrr

    But what a good Chalkenge 😊

  • Thanks Anna :) Good luck at getting more comfortable!

  • Oh I like this idea (and not just because it's an excuse to go shopping :-))

    I've found some trousers which do up but look ridiculous (size 14) and a size 12 top that makes me look like a michelin girl so I'll start with those 

  • Welcome Telute - like we need an excuse to go shopping ;)

  • :-) I like having one though!

  • I have size 14 jeans that I haven't fitted into for a couple of years, currently wearing a 16 so to get into these again is my first goal.  :-)

  • Good to have you on board Fab_Jem 😊

  • I will join in! Have a dress I'd love to get into; probably optimistic but it would be a good measure.  I think clothes are way more meaningful than weight.

  • I agree Frankie - good luck getting into your dress :)

  • Hi I want to join too as I have a pair of jeans that I bought about 8 years ago and can't get into .......would love to wear sometime soon, but at the moment way too soon.

  • Good luck with the jeans Lamiah :)

  • Can I join too please?

  • Off course you can Miller2 - just find a piece of clothing you wish to squeeze into :)

  • Where to start...

  • I have an awesome green velvet evening dress I used to wear! I don't think I will actually wear it, but I'd love to be able to parade about the bedroom in it! Come to think of it, I've no idea if I might fit into it now!

  • Have you tried to fit into the dress Frankie?

  • Hello #sueper @sueper I 'lost' this challenge so haven't posted! Now. I have not tried the green velvet but I am weirdly back into a couple of items I really never thought I'd ever fit in again! I say weirdly because weight is changing ve-ry slowly. This is all a bit academic because I write this in a Spanish tapas bar after four (or is it five?) days of eating and drinking. A lot of walking so I am hoping the after effects won't be too dreadful. Will check green dress next week after return and brief fast! Thanx for the prompt! Seafront power walk tomorrow! !!!

  • Hi, I can see you reply :)

    Sounds like you've been having a great time! Fingers crossed the green dress fits very soon :)

  • Can you see reply?

  • Yes twice! Can you see it?

  • I've only just found this challenge, so yay I am up for it. As it happens yesterday I 'found' a dress in the wardrobe that seems to have got bigger and now FITS me!! Tra lah. There are several more in there that I can aim at over the next few weeks and months. Good luck everyone.

    PS. I think I will wear that dress out to lunch to remind me to stay on the straight and narrow as in enjoy the main course but no room for a pudding.

  • Well done Sheila & love the idea of wearing the dress to keep you focussed :) Good luck fitting into the others!

  • Can I please join I have a trousers I would like to get into, I have already set myself for that challenge so it'll be good to share here.

  • Just found this thread and would like to join as next year I'm going to be a bridesmaid and would love to be slimmer and have a lovely dress

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