Weighing in every day?

Hi, I'm 1.5 weeks in and I'm obsessed with the scales! I'm weighing myself morning and night... Is that bad? My weight varies so much from day to day that I'm worried if I just weigh myself once a week it might be on a heavy day and then I'll be so disheartened that I'll give up.... But can't help thinking this obsession is a teensy bit unhealthy? 😳

What does everyone else do? Thank you xxx


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11 Replies

  • Hi Cns100,

    I responded to a similar query to yours a couple of months ago, so I'm being a bit lazy here and copying the thread where I gave my response, so I don't need to look up the references again, but my response still stands.  You might find that thread useful as it has lots of other people's opinions in it too:


    Hope that's helpful.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you... I've read that thread now... Good to see I'm not alone!

  • Hi, 

    I've felt the same in the past. I now stick to weighting myself each morning, undressed and after the loo. This way I know I'm being consistent. I do notice heavy to light days so again try not to take it to much to heart. Generally it helps me see the difference then I eat a bit naughty and keeps me focused. Sometimes I still pop on in the evening but that seems to be less often now as I feel it is pointless. I am also trying to look appreciate the others changes such as inches lost, how clothes fit and I look. I'm also going to take a weekly photo too to help see the differences. This time around the scales seem slow but I have lost inches so gain trying to remember the scales are only part of the journey. 

    Good luck 😀

  • Thanks- you've reminded me that I took photos when I did the couch to 5k last year...  I should give that another go! X

  • honestly if it is helpful keep doing it, after a few more weeks  you probably won't feel the need and the obsession will pass. Meanwhile  it is very educational to understand how your body weight fluctuates naturally and the effect of exercise and drinking water. 

  • I weigh in the morning and there are huge fluctuations during the week. It helps keep me focused though and I tend to compare my weight to the week before and not on a day to day basis. Once you understand your body more you might feel a bit more confident. 

  • I stick to weighing once a week as a day to day increase can send me into dispair (and the biscuit barrel) whereas over a week you are less likely to show a gain.  If I am desperate for feedback I take a waist measurement as this is a bit more stable.

  • Yes that's my downfall... An unexplained gain and I'm thrown! I like JaySeeSkinny 's suggestion of daily weigh in but compare to same day last week... That should even out the weekends a bit! 

  • I weigh myself daily, but I then add it to a spreadsheet that calculates an average weight over the last 15 days. I used to struggle with feeling like a failure after bad days, which then morphed into bad weeks, and  complete quitting. But now, as long as the mean weight is decreasing, then I don't beat myself up. And this is by far the longest I've ever managed to stick to a programme of healthy eating, so I think it works for me.

  • Oh I love a spreadsheet! That's a good idea :) thanks

  • Thank you all... I really appreciate your advice :) x

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