Heading Toward Dispair

I've been loosing weight since joining NHS My Weight Matters last year. It's been going well, completed the 12week course and flying solo for about 6mths. In June, I'm doing a charity wing walk for which I need to weigh no more than 12st 10lb. I started at 15st 9lb and am currently 13st 2.8lb. My problem is, I've been 13st 1-3lb since February! This week I've worked hard every day, kept my steps over 10,000. Manage around 20mins cross trainer etc. Got on the scales this morning and I've gained 1.6lb!!! What the heck?

I'm a full time Carer for my disabled Mum who is currently recovering from pneumonia so I've not been able to get out for a cycle ride or even much of a walk but I've used the cross trainer and indoor marching. I'm so distraught I don't know what to do next?


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  • Either write down everything you eat, or log it on an online calorie counter such as Nutracheck or Myfitnesspal.  Make sure you eat all the calories allowed - usually around 1400 or your body will think it is being starved.  Drink lots of water and eat high fibre foods; dried fruit, wholemeal grains etc to avoid constipation and avoid bread and yeast containing foods which can aggravate bloating and fluid retention. 

    Remember a massive amount of exercise will build muscle which will affect the weight loss showing on the scales so just do as much as necessary to keep you supple and comfortable.  If you do this - the pounds should start to disappear again, and you will see where you have been eating /drinking too much or just the wrong type of foods etc.  Good luck with reaching your Wing-Walking target!  (Rather you than me)!

  • Hi Dartmoor Dumpling

    I use a Fitbit and log all food and water. I log everything. That's why I'm so distraught at today's gain and the fact I can't shift the last 6lb! If it wasn't for the charity wing walk I think I'd just give up. 

  • Don't give up whatever you do. You have done so well and need to be proud of yourself.  I can't suggest anything to help other than keep focused on your goals. You will feel great on the  day 

  • I know the feeling. I haven't had any real success this year, up, down, despite a lot of exercise. But what's the alternative? Stop? And go back to what I was before - not an option really! So I will plod on, not beat myself up and hope that at some point all this exercise will have an effect. 

    Good luck, don't despair!

  • Hi Twiglet65,

    You've made such great progress in losing your weight, and getting down to 13 stone 2.8 pounds.  There's clearly pressure in your mind to try to get your weight down to 12 stone 10 pounds for the charity wing walk you're doing, and it's tough to have a deadline like that, as our bodies can often resist losing those final few pounds. 

    But if you get stressed, then the body is likely to hold on more to the pounds than if you try to find a way to de-stress and focus on losing it.  You're doing the right things, and hopefully you'll soon lose the 1.6 pounds you gained this week, as long as you keep on track and don't let it put you off. 

    Try to just keep focused and positive, and hopefully you'll lose some more.  I hope you have a good weekend, and I really hope your Mum's health improves so she can recover from her current pneumonia.  That must be a stressful time for you all in itself.

    Try to be kind to yourself too if you can, and try to find some things to relax and de-stress over the weekend.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • No helpful advice I'm afraid, just want to say I'm thinking of you 😕 

    my weight goes up and down a lot (2/3 lbs a day) so it is disheartening, but stick with it, if you follow the plan the weight HAS to come off. 

    Good luck 😊

  • Aw, that sounds frustrating.  Maybe do the 12 week plan again as the weigh in etc and support on here is a good motivator, maybe get the print outs up on the fridge and good luck!

  • Poor you , that is so frustrating. I don't have the answer but destressing probably good idea. Keep of bread and things that make you retain water too. Hope next week you see a positive .. Good luck

  • Perhaps try upping/lowering your calorie intake over a couple of days? Be careful not to eat too much fruit, dried or otherwise.

    Hope your mum is better soon, and that you can make that charity walk.

  • Exercise is important for many reasons and should be continued at an appropriate level, but don't rely on it for losing weight.  What you eat  is much more important, and how much and how often. 

    Some people can lose weight on a calorie-counting low-fat diet.  I did - several times!  The trouble is that we all seem to eventually put the weight back on, and often more too. 

    There is a lot of information, from respected sources, about the advantages of low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, high-fat lifestyles.  The diabetes.co.uk 'Low Carb Program' is a good example. 

    You need the support of your GP to monitor blood tests and adjust medications as you improve.  My GP could not recommend my change to a low-carb diet at first because she said it was against NICE guidelines, but she changed my diagnosis to 'diabetes controlled by diet' after I got my blood sugars down to normal. 

    That was three years ago.  I am even lighter now and still a reversed diabetic.  My weight, blood glucose and blood pressure always creep up after a few holiday treats, but come back down quickly when I get back to sensible eating.

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