Hi! I have just signed up having read all the great support offered on the forum. I am 51 years old and have been about 4 stone overweight for about 16 years (my son is now 16 so I think the excuse of baby weight is a bit overused!) I think I have done most diets on the market and lost weight, then put it back on and more, but as age is creeping up I am feeling the consequences of carrying all this extra weight around. My problem is the same everytime! I eat when I socialize and I eat when I am bored, so I am my own worst enemy I can be really good during the day and then easily eat 1000 calories plus due to boredom in an evening so I am hoping that all this fantastic support on here will stop that. I haven't worked out how to sign up for the Monday weigh in yet, but will try to do that. I am determined to do this but having said that several times before I am also a bit scared that once again I will fail.


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  • Good luck and forget about the past. It's now that matters. Like you evening was when I ate  the most usually washed down with a couple of glasses of wine.  I'm being way more careful now and using fitness pal has been a big eye opener for me. Really showed how much snacking I was doing and the calories involved.  No wonder the weight has continued to go on. I'm changing that now and really use this forum.  I hope you  find it as useful. Good luck 

  • That is fantastic! I laughed out loud when I read your first line as you described my typical evening, but I will look at fitness pal and hopefully make the changes you have. Thanks for your supporting words and advice and keep up that great work. 

  • Hi! Well done for taking this step and I'm sure you will do it if you want it. I've got about 4 stone to lose as well but with different obstacles to overcome. Next Monday will be my first weigh in too but I think you just open the link on the right hand side of the page and add to the thread. Hopefully it will become clearer on Monday! Good luck x

  • Thanks Fab_Jem. I think I have followed the link correctly, like you say, we will find out if we have done it right today. Good luck to you too. We have taken the big step and I suppose it is lots of little ones from now on in that will hopefully all add up. I am trying to think of it in terms of regaining my health by avoiding all the rubbish that has got me to this weight. We can do it.

  • Think positive .We all like to socialise I was at a friends last night and drank a whole bottle of bucks fizz and had homemade curry and strawberry meringue with cream. Now normally I would beat myself up and fall off the wagon , but I just planned it in. I kept 700 calories free during the day and went to the gym for an 45 mins. So don't feel one bit guilty. Try taking up a hobby at night , I like craft things so potter about making stuff when I get bored. Either that or find a friend who can chum you along on a walk once you get out you will forget about eating.

    Good Luck !! 

  • Thanks dish70, your meal sounds lovely and just the sort of thing I do but have not counted calories. I will be doing from now on and you have hit the nail on the head, getting rid of the guilt is going to be the key as that is what gets me into my vicious circle of eating. Thanks and good luck 

  • Hi Willdooit, the best way to get notification of the Monday morning weigh-in thread (and the afternoon one) is to "follow" #lowcal (go to her profile and the "follow" button is on the upper right), then just jump in!

    Also, in case you haven't already been directed to it, here is the welcome post, written by Moreless, which also has tons of useful information.


    Welcome and good luck, I am sure you will enjoy it here!

  • Thanks a million !

  • If you follow Zest (just click on her name) you will then get an email notification when she does the post on Monday morning, add your weight if you like we are all shapes and sizes! Loss or gain from last week and this weeks goals and last weeks sucess or downfall. The key is what ever you do it has to be a long term plan changes for life....

  • Thanks Prin. i am definitely looking at this as making long term changes now as have failed miserably with all the quick fixes. I am trying to see it as getting healthy rather than dieting. Thanks for your help and motivation. 

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