Facing the Wardrobe again

So having felt that I'd had a really good week, and broken my 10 stone barrier, I took some time this weekend while I really wasn't feeling so well, to go through my wardrobe (especially dresses) which I have kept, but gradually worn less and less as I no longer fit into things, or started not looking very good in them.

Even though I don't think I see as much of a difference in how I look compared to at the beginning of my weight loss journey, it really brought it home how the work has paid off when there were a great number of things I thought I would never wear again that I feel I now have the confidence again to wear.

I was so close to giving up, like I have done many times before, the other week when I just could not break that barrier. If you feel like that, please don't - it gets better and it's so worth it <3


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8 Replies

  • How lovely that you have found clothes in your wardrobe you now feel comfortable in. As you say it really shows the results of your hard work. I need to go through my summer wardrobe but I know that not much will fit at the moment so will give it another month or so. Unfortunately I dislike clothes shopping so really need to lose the weight before summer. Well done for breaking the 10 stone barrier and for not giving up. Hope you feel better today. Your post has given me great motivation this morning - thank you. 

  • And thank YOU for your lovely reply! :) 

  • I think we can all relate to not looking better, I ought to be toned I'm not......laziness on my part.

    Although I found some very old gardening jeans too sizes too big to wash the car in yesterday, the ones the size above I'd given away, I must find an old belt, otherwise they would have fallen down, I do have one other pair that weren't so loose!

  • I've literally had to rebuy my work trousers because I got sick of having to have a belt on!

  • It's a great feeling isn't it? I can now fit into 95% of my wardrobe. Now I look in it and have so much choice as to what to wear, whereas before it was a matter of 'what's comfortable?' The charity shops have done well out of me over the last few months, and that's another good feeling to say farewell to those bigger sizes!  

  • I think that's the nicest thing just not having the fear the 'I do have lots of stuff to wear, but not much of it actually fits' feeling

  • Hi Rose-A,

    Your post is very inspiring, and a good message for times when people might think of giving up - essentially sticking with it, and seeing the results come to fruition.

    You've done so well, and glad you have found several items in your wardrobe that you can feel confident wearing again.  Really good!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you! <3

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