How's the Weekend going so far?

Hi everyone,

Well, I've managed to survive Good Friday - just the one hot cross bun, and I've got another one to eat at some point tomorrow.  I had the hot cross bun mid morning, after a long walk in the sunshine - lovely!  However, I realise that I have already gone beyond my first plan, which was to only buy the one!  I must be careful, to ensure my resolve doesn't waver as the weekend progresses, otherwise it could be a slippery slope.  :-)

I am hoping to remain 'good' - in terms of sticking with my plan not to buy any chocolate Easter treats - but if I do receive any, I will be putting them away out of sight - but seriously, I so hope I don't get any, as having that temptation in the house isn't great.  I've already spoken to people about having a pact not to buy each other edible gifts - so I really hope that goes to plan...!

How's everyone coping?  Any strategies in place?  'Damage limitation' is my motto for this weekend, which was something I heard suzybenj say during the Monday group weigh-in, and I think it's a great motto.  

We will be having the  Monday group weigh-in as usual on Easter Monday (28th March 2016) so I hope you'll look out for the thread, which will be in the Events section (right-hand-side of the homepage), and if you've not joined that group before, then take a look to see if you fancy joining us!  Last Monday's thread is still in the Events section, if you want to have a read through to see if it's something you'd like to be part of - everyone is welcome!  :-)  Infact, there's a link to it here, if you want to find it easily to have a read:

Hope you all have a lovely Easter, to those of you who celebrate it, and to those of you who don't, I'd like to wish you an enjoyable weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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53 Replies

  • Hello! How thoughtful to post today. I've been for a 5 mile walk this morning, ending up at my favourite shop. As I have pretty much reached my goal for this weekend - 70kg (i've 600g to shed by Monday) I treated myself to a GORGEOUS top in the half price sale which even my 16 year old son commented on. We have a big eating/drinking weekend coming up, with lots of guests to celebrate my husbands 50th. So I will allow myself to indulge. But I will be strict on either side and onwards. More exercise now the days are longer too. Good luck everyone!

  • Hi Knitsandcodes,

    Brilliant that you had a 5 mile walk this morning.  Hope the weather was good for you.  It's supposed to be better today than for the rest of the weekend.  Lovely that you've treated yourself to a new top, and especially that is is GORGEOUS!  

    I hope you enjoy celebrating your husband's 50th - that's a big celebration!  Definitely an occasion to indulge I feel!  But your plan to be strict on either side is an extremely good one, so good luck!  

    I'm happy that the days are longer now.  Looking forward to some evening walks hopefully once the clock's change.  More Kms to kick for FizzyLiz 's Challenge.  

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and enjoyed your walk. You are right about damage limitation. At these times I think it is important to have a bit of what you like and avoid some of the extra indulgences that you just eat because they are there. It's that old mindfulness game again.

    Last year I bought myself a huge egg as a treat and then someone gave me a Lindt bunny (they had never done that before and knew I was dieting - odd but I assume it was intended to be a nice gesture). I ate the egg but kept the bunny as a 1 stone lost treat (sound familiar).

    This year hubby & I have bought a smallish (£2.50) egg to share so we are definitely making progress. On Sunday evening we are off to a charity event which will mean standing all evening with a little jigging too so should burn off a few calories.

    Hope you have a fab weekend :)

  • Hi Sue,

    You're right, the old mindfulness game does come into play in all this.  I like your downsizing on the eggs over the year - the same happened to me over the past few years - it's gradually reduced down.  Your choice this year to have the smallish egg to share between you is a great idea!  

    My husband admitted to me today that he had nearly mentioned us having a 'small bunny' whilst we were in a shop this morning, but he'd 'thought better of it'  - and I was so relieved because I was imagining that the plan to have the 1 hot cross bun had already grown to 2, and then if he'd mentioned that option of the chocolate bunny - then maybe I might have succumbed, so I felt relieved.  :-)

    I do have a family event to get through on Sunday, but I'm hoping it won't be too bad foodwise.  Hope you enjoy your charity event on Sunday evening, and like you say, the fact you're going to be standing all evening and doing a little jigging too will be burning the calories.

    Have a great weekend!

    By the way, sueper - your Easter Bunny Challenge is the one that is helping me stay massively on track this week - I am really working hard to keep on track for weighing in on Monday, and will pop straight over to your Easter Bunny Challenge to also report there - as I really hope I can achieve my goal.  I am sooooo grateful to you for setting that challenge - it couldn't come at a better time to help me stay on track over the weekend.

    Thank you!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    So glad the challenge is helping you :) This whole forum thing is such a great help to us all!

    I will start gathering results on Sunday. I think some will post then and some on Monday. I am debating which day to add my results - may wait to see if I plan to drink on Sunday or not :)

    Hope you enjoy your family day and can resist a little.

    I know exactly what you mean about being relieved when people are thoughtful enough to not put temptation in your way.

  • I think I'll wait till Monday to give my result, as I suspect I will need the entire time to enable me to get a good result.  But it's going ok so far - I just know that weekends are the most challenging times for me, and so this weekend is even more challenging as it's Easter - but hopefully, fingers crossed, it will be ok!  

    Here's to a good result to all of us on your Easter Bunny Challenge, and to all Monday group weighers, and everyone in the forum, whatever they're doing!  :-)

  • Hi Lowcal. I went for a nice walk for about an hour today and felt good for being out in the sunshine. Managed to keep within my calorie allowance too. It's difficult with husband and children home for the long weekend. Luckily I don't like hot cross buns and I don't crave chocolate so fingers crossed I can get through to Monday's weigh in without too much of a struggle. However husband has just announced that he wants to try new local tapas restaurant tomorrow night so shall have to hope I can see some low cal dishes to have. Happy Easter to you too and I hope you enjoy your other hot cross bun tomorrow.

  • Hi Muffintop67,

    Great to hear you enjoyed an hour's walk today, that sounds really good. Great that you're within your calorie allowance too - it is challenging over the weekend isn't it - especially a longer weekend.  

    Sounds like you're doing fine, and you can't foresee too many issues - but the tapas could be challenging - so good luck with choosing some options that fit in with your preferences and choices.

    Happy Easter!  Thanks for your kind wishes.  Enjoy your weekend.  :-)

    Good luck for Monday's weigh-in!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    Myself and my girlfriend went for a short walk to our local B&M store, I still am unable to walk particularly far in the wait for my replacements!

    I have got myself an egg which I will eat over the course of the weekend (the top 1/4 has already been eaten) this is an improvement on last year when I ate an egg a day. I just hope not to be tempted into next week when the eggs are reduced!

    We're going for a meal tomorrow evening - so hopefully won't go mad there. 

    Other than that we're just going to have a relaxing weekend. Have a good one,

    Rob :)

  • Hi Rob,

    Great to see you!  It's good that you and your girlfriend had a short walk today, and well done for cutting down on your personal egg consumption - it sounds like a really good improvement on last year.  

    Hope you enjoy your meal out tomorrow as well - like you say, hopefully you'll cope ok with that.

    Nice that you've got a relaxing weekend planned.  Enjoy!

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Happy Easter!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Evening Lowcal,

    It is a vast improvement on last year! I wasn't even tempted at lunchtime to go back for more of the egg!!

    I need to look at the menu for tomorrow actually - I like to have an idea in mind now so I don't go and order loads which I will eat as it's there. That's my achillies heel no matter what I do if it's in front of me I'll eat it.

    Enjoy and Happy Easter to you too!

    Rob :)

  • Thanks Rob,

    I think it's a great idea to preview that restaurant menu, as it can really help to have a bit of time to work out what you want to choose to have - and can enable you to have a good plan.  Great idea!

    I'm quite tired tonight - not sure why - but I'll be having an early night I think!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I over did it with the new torture machine yesterday and have managed to retain enough fluid in my sore muscles that I put a pound on today.  So decided I needed a bit of muscle healing and had a naughty plate of fried eggs and baked gammon with wilted spinach for dinner with tomato sauce ;)  Concerned will be happy.  So this weekend is abandoned for lose, hope I can get back to the total 1 hour of aerobic and strength exercising tomorrow only managed 15 minutes today and it killed me. 

    Tomorrow is another day and hoping the oil and egg etc have done their thing to help with the muscles ;)

    Have a good time everyone we deserve it :)

  • Hi TheHud,

    Oh, your poor sore muscles, I hope they repair and feel renewed again really soon!  Hopefully that extra fluid will drain away soon, and you'll be a pound lighter again!  

    Your meal sounded tasty - a delicious combination!  I think you mentioned Concerned as you think he'd enjoy that meal too!  :-)

    Good luck with your plans to have your hour of aerobic and strength exercising tomorrow.  Sounds like you needed a rest from it today, to help your muscles recover.  

    I've also been keeping up with my strength exercises, for Ruth_canal_runner 's March Strength Challenge, and it's been good to keep going with that.  I didn't do any last week, and I missed it!

    Yes, we deserve a lovely enjoyable Easter weekend, and here's to a great weekend for us all.

    Happy Easter!

    Lowcal :-)

  • As you may have sussed TheHud I am quite picky too. It's best not to over-train in the first place :-)

    You mentioned oil; I usually only have olive oil, with most other oils being too high in PUFAs. Lard is closer to our body's fat composition.

    I hope you made the tomato sauce without sugar.

    I wouldn't overdo the protein either. Our body has specific needs, and having more of something doesn't necessarily mean better.

    I don't omit carbs, just replace what I use.

    I hope this doesn't seem cold and critical, as this media sometimes can do, because actually I am quite impressed with your attitude and effort.

    All the best!

  • LOL  I normally use rapeseed oil for frying or grapeseed and olive for cooking that will not get hot to smoking point, or as a mix with vinegar for a slight drizzle on fish etc for poaching.  The only reason I don't fry or cook at high temp in olive or grape oil is because of the low burn rate which can produce carcinogenic results :(  Tomato sauce was passata, mixed with garlic puree, black pepper and a touch of chilli, salt to taste, because we do still need salt if doing a low carb ;)

  • i reckon it'll have more effect using it as massage oil rather than cooking oil.... :-)

    well done with the effort this week!

  • I've been visiting elderly relatives this week.  It was my birthday and there was a major meal out.  First time they had seen us in over a year, surviving cancer. So a lot to be celebrated.  Apart from the meal out I've managed to keep reasonable track. Cafes displaying the calorie count really hands control back to the consumer. 

    Today I managed a good long walk. No step count. But it was with my husband who walks fast . And a heck of a lot was uphill. The homeward uphill slope was much steeper than any of the other slopes ;-)

    Home tomorrow evening when all the shops are shut and possibly will be on Sunday as well. 

  • Hi Derrygeel,

    Happy Birthday!!!!  I hope you had a lovely meal together and that you enjoyed visiting your elderly relatives and getting together.  Like you say, lots to be celebrated, and surviving cancer is amazing.  Great that you've been keeping on track, and that you enjoyed the meal - it's great to celebrate things and enjoy being together with people.

    Great that you enjoyed a good long walk.  Wow, a lot of uphill walking alongside your fast walking husband - you did well to keep up with him!

    Have a safe journey home and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

    Happy Easter!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Happy belated Birthday derrygeel! Hope you had a lovely one! 

  • I cooked a meal for some family; I have calculated and yes, I'm over but I reckon I can save the situation later over the weekend........ 

  • Hi Frankie53,

    Sounds like you're in control of the situation.  You have cooked a lovely meal for some family, and you have calculated, and you reckon you can save the situation later over the weekend, so all is good!  That's damage limitation, definitely!  Well done!

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and Happy Easter!

    Lowcal :-)

  • 10.40pm I'm tired tonight - not sure quite why, but I am going to have an early night, but if anyone else wants to pop in and update on how their weekends are going, then please do, as I'll hope to read any further replies tomorrow - it's helping me keep on track, and I enjoy hearing from you!  

    Sleep well everyone, but I'll say 'night night' for now.  Looking forward to Saturday, and hoping it will be another sunny day!  :-)

  • Lowcal we really appreciate how you're giving up some of your weekend for us. Enjoy it and hope you get a good rest. 

  • Hi Derrygeel,

    You are welcome, but it's a pleasure, and it also helps to keep me on track!  I'm going to have a really good rest (hopefully) this weekend, so I'm very happy.  Got to do some housework though...  never mind...!  :-)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!  

    Happy Easter!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Had a lovely afternoon with my cousin yesterday on our weekend away 😊 Healthy ham salad sandwich and fruit on the train, but a few drinks and three course meal last night perhaps not the healthiest choice! But it was a gorgeous meal , not big portions, and I enjoyed every mouthful  😊

    Off for half an hour walk round the block before hotel cooked breakfast! Eeeeek . . . 

  • Hi Anna,

    Glad you enjoyed a lovely afternoon with your cousin yesterday on your weekend away, and the meal on the train sounds very healthy and delicious.  Glad you also enjoyed your meal last night too, it might have been a bit more indulgent, but like you say it was gorgeous, and so it sounds really good!  You savoured it, and chose sensible portions, and that's brilliant! 

    Enjoy your walk and also your cooked breakfast.  I shall also be having something different for breakfast this morning - probably poached eggs on wholemeal toast with some butter.  I'm looking forward to it, but hope to do a long walk first - although the sky does look quite dark...! 

    Have a lovely Saturday!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you 😊 Enjoy your walk, hope the rain stays off! 

  • Hi Lowcal, my weekend was going fine until last evening! I was rooting about in an old shed looking for baskets for our Eater egg hunt when my foot went through the floor as my foot hit the ground underneath - my other leg gave way and I landed on my knee! 

    So this morning I have a sore ankle, a bruised and swollen knee, and to top it off an upset stomach!!! :(

    So I'm feeling sorry for myself at the moment! :(

  • Hi Jesterpuss1,

    Oh no!  I am so sorry to hear you had an accident last night and hurt your ankle and knee - that is horrible.  Also, having an upset stomach too!  That is not good.  

    Please take it easy, and make yourself a warming hot drink perhaps - settle in to a comfortable place and make sure you don't overdo things.  I hope your hubby might be around today to look after you and to help cheer you up, but if not, keep posting and interacting here, as there will be people around and about.

    I am about to go for a walk, and hoping that the weather will stay dry, as the sky is very dark...!  

    Sending you a big hug, Jesterpuss, and hope your day goes ok.  Hopefully your ankle and knee will recover soon, but you need to give them some tlc first, as well as yourself.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh no, Jesterpuss!  Elevate it, rest it and ice it and I hope it gets better really soon.  As for the upset tummy, my commiserations and I hope that settles quickly too. 

  • Thanks LTL, I'm trying to rest but not easy today! I think my stomach is a flare up of my IBS! Which hasn't bothered me since I've changed my diet! I did have a little cheese yesterday! That could be it 😞

  • Hi Lowcal, thanks for your lovely reply! I must admit to feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment! :( it's typical when I need to be busy!

    Sadly my husband was called into work last night to a big breakdown - he's a maintenance fitter and team leader, so he got up at an unearthly hour to feed all our farm animals so that I don't need to go out for a while! 

    Just my sheepdog Jess to exercise! Luckily she likes to chase a ball as well as work sheep! 

    I hope you enjoy your walk! It's very dark here too! It's supposed to rain by lunchtime! And it was such a beautiful day yesterday!

    Enjoy the rest of Easter Lowcal! And thanks for your kind words and concern! x

  • Hi again Jesterpuss,

    I know, these things often come when we least need them - and often on long Bank Holiday weekends in my experience!  

    It's good that your lovely husband has fed all the farm animals, so you don't need to worry about them, and I feel sorry for him that he got called into work last night for that big breakdown.  

    Good that Jess is good chasing a ball - at least you can enjoy exercising her with minimal movement on your part!

    I've just got back from my walk, and it was great!  Like you say, the rain isn't scheduled till lunchtime, so it was good to make the most of the dry spell beforehand.

    Here's to a good weekend, and I hope you're following those excellent suggestions from LessToLose regarding elevating and icing you poorly leg.  Hoping your poorly tummy is recovering too. 

    Thanks for your kind words.  I'm saving my hot cross bun till this afternoon.  :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, Jess was a good girl as usual! She had a good run, and its just starting ' spitting ' here 😞 never mind we had a great day yesterday! I'm glad you enjoyed your walk, before the rain! 

    I'll settle down with a good book this afternoon and rest my poor knee! 

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend 🐇💐🐰🐣😘

  • Yes, it's started raining now - really glad to have had that walk.  

    Enjoy your book this afternoon - it can be really nice to read when it's raining outside. You can feel warm and cosy inside. :-)

  • Yes I'm looking forward to it! 😊

  • Hi Jesterpuss1,

    Hope you're feeling a bit better regarding your ankle and leg today?  Hope that book was good yesterday.  I know you were looking forward to it.

    I'm just off out, but just wanted to say 'hello' and say I hope you're having a good Sunday so far.  The sun is shining just now, so not sure when Storm Katie is going to show up...!  Hopefully she'll leave us alone for a while.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal, yes I'm a lot better today thanks! The rest yesterday afternoon really helped me!

    The weather was lovely for our Easter Egg hunt earlier but has been very showery since then! 

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and storm Katie isn't too bad when she arrives! I think she may have fizzled out by the time she gets to us! 

    See you at weigh in tomorrow! I hope I haven't done too much damage today! 😁 x

  • Thanks Lowcal, it is going OK so far, but today and tomorrow are full of challenges and I don't know how it is going to go.  So many temptations are going to be put my way and I feel I may waver.

    I hope you are having a lovely time!

  • Hi LotToLose,

    Glad to hear it's going ok so far, and it sounds like you've got plenty of temptations and challenges to get through today and tomorrow - I suspect my challenging day will be tomorrow, as I don't have any specific Easter plans for today... Phew!  

    So good luck with today and tomorrow - I hope that you cope ok, and any wavering is enjoyable and not guilt inducing.  My plan of action for when I'm with people tomorrow is that I will 'allow' myself an 'extra' - but it will be as tiny as I can get away with, and I will try to pick the healthiest option that is offered - I just hope there will be some healthier options there.  I will then eat whatever it is very slowly, doing lots of talking inbetween bites, and sipping of tea or coffee, and that way they can't keep pushing more on me.  If I don't like the look of what's on offer, then I will actually decline politely - and I know it won't be too bad, as they are used to me declining things now - it was harder before, but over time people get used to new behaviours.

    But I'm sure there will be unexpected things that might happen too, so I'm going to be aware of that potential too.

    Good luck, LotToLose, and hope it goes well! 

    Most importantly enjoy your weekend with all that it entails.  

    Lowcal :-)

  • So one more day before the easter bunny challenge is up . Very pleased to say I have only half a pound to go and then I will have reached my final goal of 10 st 7lb , being conscious of sunday looming I only had one bite of hubbys hotcross bun and last night had seabass steamed with leeks red pepper tomatoes peas and green beans to follow I had strawberries and a low cal yogurt, people tried to give me mini eggs at the dancing and there were more hotcross buns but having been complimented on my new Tesco dress I thought no, not now as I really really want to be 10.7 tomorrow. good luck everyone x

  • Hi SkinnyLizzie,

    Wow, you are so close to your final goal of 10 st 7 lb - that is fantastic news!!!  

    I love the sound of your delicious meal last night - seabass steamed with leeks, red pepper, tomatoes , peas and green beans - Mmmmmm, really great!  Lovely dessert too.  

    Glad they complimented you on your lovely new dress - and well done for sticking to your resolve and good luck for tomorrow!  

    Lowcal :-)

  • OHmygosh, I will be crossing everything for you, Skinnylizzie, you deserve this!

  • Hi Lowcal

    Thanks for posting this - I've really enjoyed reading everyone's replies. I've had quite a good weekend so far. I've done two 8k runs so my ankle is feeling a bit stiff but I'm feeling really chuffed to have done it and I'm trying to get to 10k soon so it's looking a bit more possible now.

    I'm keeping all my fingers crossed for the easter bunny challenge weigh-in tomorrow. I think I might just miss my target but I think that will be ok because I'm still really close and I'm so happy that Sueper set it up.

    Hope you are having a good weekend and that you can keep up your healthy-eating strategy for socialising tomorrow, it sounds like a really sensible one. I'm just on my own this Easter so it should be quite easy to be good, although I'm cooking a mini-roast tomorrow because I gave up meat for lent and I wanted to do something a bit special to celebrate the end of that. 

  • Hi Garfield_123,

    Glad to hear you've had quite a good weekend so far, and brilliant that you've done two 8k runs - I hope your ankle feels less stiff really soon though!    You're definitely getting close to your goal to do 10k - that's such great progress.  Glad you're feeling chuffed!  :-)

    Yes, fingers crossed for sueper 's  Easter Bunny Challenge weigh-in - I know it starts tomorrow, and I'll be joining it on Monday, as I know I may need a little more time to achieve it!  But I'm hopeful.  It's great to hear you're close to your target.  I agree, it's a fantastic Challenge and has really helped to motivate through the Easter weekend - defintely well timed!

    Enjoy your mini-roast tomorrow, especially as you gave up meat for Lent - I bet you're really enjoy it! I've got a chicken casserole in the oven at the moment - sorry to tantalise you with mention of meat before you have some tomorrow, but just think - you'll absolutely savour every moment of your mini-roast, and it will be well worth the wait.  Hope you have an enjoyable meal this evening too.

    Happy Easter!

    Lowcal :-)

  • HI again Garfield_123,

    Hope your mini-roast was good!  I thought of you, and I can imagine that the meat must have tasted especially good after you've not had any over Lent.

    I tried to get away with no chocolate gifts, but guess what - I was given a Chocolate orange and a small pack of mini eggs!  I've taken them home, but I'm not having any of them.  I allowed myself a delicious Almond Magnum last night when I was at the cinema, and I had my buttered hot cross bun this morning, plus the other hot cross bun I had the day before.  

    I declined a large slice of chocolate cake and also another hot cross bun this afternoon as well.  I didn't cause offence by declining them, and it was accepted as ok.  Phew!

    So I feel I've coped quite well with running the gauntlet of Easter temptations.  

    I hope you enjoyed your meal.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hey - sounds like you've done a marvelous job at managing all those offers and got the perfect balance between treating yourself and avoiding over-doing it. I do love a magnum!

    My meal today was really good. I did beef with Yorkshire puddings, carrots and broccoli and I really did enjoy it. I slightly over-estimated my portion sizes though so I have lunch for tomorrow sorted as well! I didn't count calories because I wanted to just have a bit of an indulgent day (though sure I went over). But back to normal tomorrow and hopefully no long term damage done : )

  • Hi Garflied_123,

    Good luck for your 10k run today!  I'm shaking my pom poms for you!!!!  :-)  (I am correct in thinking it's today - I hope so!)...

    Glad you had a lovely mini-roast yesterday, it sounds delicious!

    Have a great day.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. It was just a personal challenge, not a race or anything. I didn't manage it sadly, it was so windy and by the end of 5k I called it a day and came in, I was going so slowly I could probably have walked faster! I did the other 5k on my treadmill when I got in though just so I could say I'd covered the distance : ) I'll try again next weekend and pray the weather is a bit kinder...

    ps. the thought of your pom pom waving antics did keep me going though - I'd had enough by about 3k

  • Hi Garfield_123,

    I'm so glad you updated me on your 10k, as I was just thinking about it, and wondering how you'd got on, but you hadn't mentioned it in your weigh-in post.  

    I think you did brilliantly - you achieved 5km of the running, and it doesn't matter what pace, you kept going, and that's fantastic!  The fact you then came back and did the other half of the run on your treadmill means you achieved the entire 10km, and you should be sooooo proud!!!  That is phenomenal!  :-)  The weather is really bad today - we've just had a whole download of hail just now, and suddenly it's peaceful again, Storm Katie is moody today!

    Glad my pom pom antics helped you through.  I'm enjoying waving them.  It's fun!

    Enjoy your evening and have a relax!  :-)  You deserve it!  :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hey everyone happy Easter weekend! I've been reading through the posts here and gaining strength good to see how everyone else is getting on!! I have been trying to get back on track after slipping a bit with food last week and almost didn't keep my c5k up.  The positives are I did go for a run last night and after reading your posts I will make the effort to get up early tomorrow for my last run of the week!! Thank you for the motivation it might help me to set a standard for the rest of the day I've been worrying about lunch tomorrow!! Think I will go with portion control!! So far I have been day dreaming about hot cross buns all afternoon and changed my mind a million times but didn't have one!! I gave into a bit of chocolate last night... Keep reminding myself that I really do need to loose weight and it's important for my health and self esteem I went clothes shopping and had that mirror disappointment!! I need to up my game with toning exercises next week! Thank you all again hope you have a great sunday xxx

  • Hi Moti-vacation,

    Great to see you!  Great that you had a run last night, and I hope you enjoy your planned run tomorrow morning too - sounds like a great plan, and hope the weather is kind to you for it.  

    Portion control sounds like an excellent plan for your lunch tomorrow - it can take the worry out of it a bit - then you can enjoy it, and savour each mouthful.  

    I haven't had my hot cross bun either today, because I went to the cinema tonight, and somehow my legs made a bee line to the ice-cream vendor, and I bought an Almond Magnum - so I decided the hot cross bun can wait till tomorrow!  I was really interested to hear the constant chomping of popcorn throughout half the film, as others ate lots of the stuff - and it seemed to go on for ages.  I think people commonly 'graze' through films - I was glad I had the ice-cream. 

    Don't let 'mirror experiences' put you off - as they do tend to distort our appearance - that's what I believe.  Toning exercises sound great.

    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.  Good luck with everything.

    Happy Easter!

    Lowcal :-)

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