Lidls Cycling Gear

Just a quick heads up to those of us who like to cycle - Lidls have some great stuff for cyclists this week. Nice lightweight helmets with a light at the back, men's padded cycling shorts (I don't care if they are for men, I will wear them under my normal leggings), padded gloves, sunglasses, socks, padlocks, a computer for measuring distance etc, lights, saddles, gel saddle covers and a tool kit in a nifty little bag.

I treated myself to a new helmet, the shorts and some gloves.


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16 Replies

  • What size do they go up to LTL?

    I'd like more shorts and gloves :)

  • The shorts went up to men's size XL and the gloves were up to size 9. At just £6.99 for the shorts and £3.49 for the gloves, they are worth buying, I think!

  • Those are fabulous prices! I've just spent £18 on a pair of shorts in a sale! :o

  • Eek! That is expensive!

  • I'm gutted now! :(

    I was in a hurry, because I needed them for the Sport Relief challenge!

    Oh well, that's life I guess :o

  • They are still very useful to have anyway.

  • I hope they last a long time! I did buy them a size too small, so that I could shrink into them :D

  • Oh, I forgot to mention the workstation stand, I think it was around £25 and they normally cost in the region of £100 elsewhere. Very useful if you do your own bike maintenance.

  • It gets better and better! Next you'll be telling me they have rollers at a fraction of the cost of mine ;)

  • No, none of those - phew!

  • :D :D

  • I've bought quite a few things from Lidl for my cycling. The clothing doesn't go up to my size which is disappointing, but they can't cater for everyone I suppose.

    The helmets are well worth the money as are the gloves. My replacement lock came from there too - I had to have another brand other cut off when it well and truly jammed!!!

  • That is good to know, Redx1995, the helmets seem great and the fine adjustments to fit them is perfect. Glad you have a new lock and what a pain about the old one!

  • Thanks LTL for the heads-up. Need to buy a padlock for the buggy. Rarely leave it unattended except when I go to the doctor's :) :)

  • That is a great idea, FizzyLiz!

  • Another good place for shorts is Tenns on line good sizes, (well they fit me) its good kit and a fair price, Also Chain reaction for bike bits they are really good if you haven't tried them well worth a look.

    Now where is that spear gun fish for tea. :)

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