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Week 11

This was a good week, the kids were healthy, the grown ups were healthy, the kids slept, the grown ups slept...

This meant I could do the exercise I had planned, I have been counting my Kms for the 20000 Leagues Under the Sea Challenge and can't wait to log those tomorrow. Most exciting of all I was able to complete C25K by running 5Km in 40 minutes, which I was over the moon about.

The (low fat) icing on the (sugar free) cake was a 0.7kgs loss on the scales this morning. I'm 87.8 down from 93 at Christmas, so its all good, slow and steady wins the race I guess :) I don't think I will be able to make the 1 stone loss by Easter as hoped but maybe I can do it by the end of the Easter Holidays? That's 3 weeks from now to lose 1.8Kgs (4pounds). My brain keeps trying to work in Imperial and metric units at the same time and it hurts!

To add to my shiny new Graduate badge I revamped my profile, with a photo taken at the end of the 5K run and a motivational cover pinched from the internet.

Week 12 - here we go!

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Hi Catmay,

A very inspirational post, and Congratulations again for your weight loss, you are doing really well. I would say just use the metrics that work for you personally - it can definitely hurt the brain to try to think both ways. I know this from personally experience, but I am grateful to attempt the stats from time to time, as it helps my brain from ceasing up. :-)

Enjoy week 12.

Have a great week!

Lowcal :-)

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Thank you! It's been you guys here who have kept me going :)

I use metric and imperial as it suits me, I like the big goal of a first stone and the little steps of pounds. But for the weight of a whole body kilos make more sense somehow... Who knows? I've stopped trying to understand my brain ages ago :D

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Wow Catmay, you've done brilliantly! What a change in your life in just 11 short weeks.

You've lost a great amount of weight and you've graduated from couch 25K. You have my deep respect :)

Keep up the great work and who knows what week 12 will bring :)

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Yes, 11 weeks isn't much in the grand scheme of things is it? Hadn't thought of it that way.

Thank you, you always make me think really positively :)

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