Easter Bunny Challenge - Update

Easter Bunny Challenge - Update

Hi everyone,

With only 1 week to go I thought I would remind everyone that the Easter Bunny Challenge comes to an end next Sunday (or Monday).

I have lost 6 lb so far - slow progress but progress all the same. The bunny only gets eaten when I have lost a stone so I have a way to go yet but I will get there eventually. My body seems to hate target dates which is why I set the bunny as a reward for a stone lost rather than aiming for a certain date.

How is everyone else getting on?

Here are the links to the last posts in case you need a refresher :)



EDIT - would people be interested in another challenge? I know there are a few here already so don't want to overwhelm people. The idea of the challenge will be something to fill the gap between next weekend and the beginning of the Xmas challenge. Please let me know - it will be a bit different but hopefully will help others as well as myself :)


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  • Hi Sue,

    I reached my target of 13st 10lb on the 10th March, today I weight 13st 8lb so hopefully I should still be below my Challenge target next weekend. I hope to post in the next few days to report that I have reached all of my 3 big targets, 2 already achieved 9st lost, BMI finally below 30 and the final one being over 40% of original weight lost. I started out this journey at 22st 10lb (318lbs) so at 13st 7lbs (189lbs) I will have lost 129lbs, 40%=127.2, but I always like to get below a target for a few days to be certain that my weight won't fluctuate up again. Funny how I still don't have confidence in myself.

    Well done for getting nearly halfway towards your next big target, you've averaged near a pound a week which is great. Thank you for being here to encourage the rest of us on.

    Ros xx

  • Woohoo Ros!! Fantastic! You're an absolute star and an inspiration to us all! I'm thrilled and awed, all rolled into one! My heroine!! :) :) :)

  • Thank you moreless what kind things to say. This has taken me 2 1/2years so far and I have found it difficult at times. On my dieticians advise I am going to try 3 months of maintaining before I start losing again. She feels I need to prove to myself that I can maintain and not just yoyo up again. This has been a big fear for me. Watch this space when I'm calling out for help.

    Ros xx

  • I have absolutely no doubt that you'll achieve maintenance. You've done brilliantly well and have shown such grit and determination. 9 stone is my goal too, so I think to myself, if you can do it, so can I :)

  • As always Ros you are doing amazingly :)

    I know what you mean about being on target for a few days before being confident of achieving it :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Thank you Sue, I think we are both in this for the long haul, this is the rest of our lives we are talking about. We must keep telling ourselves 'WE CAN DO THIS'. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks Ros :)

    I just edited the original post and asked if people would be interested in a new one - what do you think?

    I am thinking more along the lines of a dress size challenge than a weight one. Would love your input :)

  • Hi sueper well done on your 6 so far : ) i'm looking forward to the final weigh in but need a push so thanks for the nudge!

    Another challenge would be great- personally i dont think you can have too many : )

  • Thanks Marmite - I am guessing the forum has been even more successful since people having been adding challenges :)

  • Yes I think a dress size challenge would be great, it would be a long term one I think. I have found I need to lose a stone to stone and a half to go down a dress size. What about including an inches/cms down challenge as well. What do you think?

  • That's kind of what I was thinking Ros more a measurement kind of challenge. I have a large gap in the zip on a dress I'd like to get into :)

  • Haha, you'll have to get that sorted if you don't want to be showing next week's washing.!!

    I'd like to fit into size 16 trousers, around my stomach is my main problem and some loose skin. I think I am always going to need some stretch in the waist. I can now wear some 16 tops and dresses, as long as they are the right shape. I'm having to buy every thing new now as I didn't have anything in a 18 or 16. Not that I'm complaining. I ordered a Medium sized jacket on-line yesterday and hope it will fit. I can't get used to the idea still that I'm not XL.πŸ˜€

  • Enjoy your shopping Ros - great having to buy clothes because they are all too big :D Have you tried some "hold it all in pants"? I am pondering over some for my baggy belly!

  • Yes I've bought Sloogis and Evans own type in the past. The last type I got from Bonmarche before Christmas, lovely shape and material with a bit of lace at the top of the leg. I find to work they need to long enough in the body to cover the muffin top etc.

  • I have ones long in the body but they roll down when I sit down :(

  • Mine only go to my so called waist, I don't get the same problem because of that. At least my tights don't roll down now, it's not good when you feel them slipping hahaπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • You can't go wrong with Jeggins (lots of very nice ones in allsorts of material) and the new girl on the block Treggins ;) Stretchy waist, stretchy all over, hold everything into shape ;) I could not live without them and my simply b stretch white denim things which are basically posh 3 quarter jeggins that cost one hell of a lot more lol

  • Way to go Ros!!! What an inspiring story, really cheered me up after a tough week😊😊😊 I have absolutely no doubt you will maintain and achieve your goals

    Anna 😊

  • Thanks Anna61.

    Hope you have an easier week.

    Ros1 xx

  • Ros, that is amazing and you are an inspiration! Good luck for exceeding your goal!

  • Thank you. This healthy eating etc. way of life keeps bring us new challenges.

  • Hi Ros,

    Fantastic, you must be feeling so goodπŸ˜ƒ Fabulous post and a great inspiration🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


  • Thanks Flossie, yes I can do so much more now and am enjoy the walking, swimming and pilates I do every week. I've got some back pain still but I'm not letting that hold me back. 😊

  • You are amazing :)

  • Thanks so much.

  • I'm always up for a challenge Sue and a dress size challenge sounds like a great idea and something different from the other challenges. The happy thing about it, is that whilst weight may not go very quickly, inches can still be lost, leading to a smaller clothes size :)

  • My thinking exactly Moreless :)

  • Great minds! :D

  • Hi Sueper,

    Just this morning I was thinking that this time next week we need to weigh ourselves to see if we have got near our aims.

    Mine was to be at or near 10st 7lbs and as of last Monday it looked doable, but this has not been a good week and I admit to some comfort eating so this is a timely reminder, seven more days to achieve this. πŸ˜€ Looks like a lot more exercise and self-control needed this coming week. On a good note, I have kept my pledge not to eat the chocolate eggs meant for my grandchildren πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I bet you are looking forward to having yours when you have lost that stone πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Regarding another challenge, why not? Perhaps something like a summer sunsuit challenge - try to lose inches enough to get into a new summer outfit/dress/shorts etc one size (or more?) smaller than you are now? With an end date of 30th June, this gives us three months. Just a suggestion ....

    Onwards and downwards 😊

  • Thanks Anon-E-Mouse & well done for sticking with your pledge. I am thinking a bit longer term with the challenge but I can't see why people can't set initial targets and then renew them as they hit them if you see what I mean :)

  • I will be joining in with whatever you decide Sueper, it's all good for motivation and encouragement. My waistline needs reducing by at least 10 inches, which will probably take up to Christmas to achieve, let alone the summer! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • My waist is the same :( Sadly very slow progress on my waist generally!

  • Like the idea of a summer dress challenge 😊 I am hopeful of making mtveaster challenge and would love another 😊😊😊

    Thank you sueper

  • Thanks Anna :)

  • Six pounds is still good, Sueper, I am really impressed that the bunny is still unharmed, I am sure an "accident" would have befallen him in my household!

    I seemed to have done some injury to the muscles around my left hip, so I am not sure I will manage my goal of being on the C25K programme. If it gets better by the end of the week, I shall certainly be doing Day1 of week1, so fingers crossed!

    As for future challenges, I am not sure the men will be so keen on the dress size challenge - or maybe they will, who am I to say, lol. But another challenge would be great. Aiming for midsummer night would be good.

  • Thanks LTL - I hope you can manage your Day1 - it certainly won't be for want of trying :)

    Who knows, there may be plenty of men wanting to get into that special dress ;) It'll be a dress for me but for others a special piece of clothing or even a particular waist size etc.

  • Hi Sueper,

    You are going good girlπŸ˜ƒ 6Ib is a massive 6 Ib and who says how long it's got to take!!! Recap the bigger picture of where you where and where you are now πŸ˜ƒ

    I'm struggling a bit but plugging away, doing well on my 5 a day challange so for me it's going goodπŸ˜ƒ

    Would love another challange but I I do think it's got to be a bit different to the others ( that are all fab !!)πŸ˜ƒ

    What about a challange getting into some item of clothing currently snug/small ?? ( I know we have shared goals of fitting into smaller items of clothing). Sometimes the scales can stick a bit, but inches are still coming off ! Oh or maybe an inch loss challange no focus on Ibs just inches ??? Measure self every 4 weeks ???

    I'm game for anything and more than happy to support you in water is decidedπŸ˜ƒ

    Enjoy your week


  • Thanks Flossie - glad to see you are still plugging away too.

    I thought the challenge may help me get into a dress for a wedding and then thought why not invite others to try too :)

    Maybe the occasional photo showing the dress fitting better would help!

  • Sounds really good πŸ˜ƒ

    I've had the drama of pulling out a couple of pairs of trousers from last year to find they are 'very snug' !!! Reality bites πŸ˜•

    It's taking some turning around πŸ€”


  • I am sure you'll get there Flossie - but yes those summer items will be coming out soon to try to shame us!

  • Well I was down to 13st 3lbs last monday so as long as I've lost something this week I'll be within striking distance of 13st. (Am I the only person here who doesn't own scales and has to put fifty pence in a machine in boots each monday?)

    Also a dress size challenge sounds fun and would be a nice change from scale based challenges :-)

  • Well done Telute - I hope you have a tape measure then for the next challenge :)

  • Oddly enough yes :-) I should probably buy scales but I'd spend all my time hopping on and off them so am sticking with boots for now

  • Think my goal of 12lbs was a tad ambitious lol, managed 2lbs so far with weigh in tomorrow hopefully maybe another 2lbs then but still at least its going in the right direction

  • Well done Elacol - downwards is always the right direction here :)

  • Hello. Thought I'd wait to comment on this post until I'd weighed in today. I started this challenge at 16,3 with the rather ambitious aim of losing a stone. I'd lost my way a bit until your last reminder which got me re-motivated and I'm now at 15,5, so only 2lbs to go and a week to do it in!! So the challenge is far from "in the bag" for me but I'm hopeful.

    Thank you for setting up and running this challenge, it's really made a difference to me in terms of staying focused. I like the idea of a new challenge. It would depend what it was of course but I'd certainly consider it. The trouble with clothes sizes for me is that I tend to wear stretchy things so they just start to fit better but I don't necessary know when I change a size. I could take part with jeans sizes I guess though.

  • How about buying something, not expensive and not stretchy in the size you're aiming for and see if it fits you at the end of the challenge? :)

  • Well done Garfield. I know what you mean about stretchy clothes but jeans would work well (need to cater for the chaps too anyway). I often buy things a size down to slim into but for me this challenge will be more like 3 sizes so it will be fairly long! I am guessing some people will set themselves more than one challenge throughout that time :)

  • Hi Sue,

    I'm just copying and pasting what I wrote (1 months ago) at the mid point of your Sueper Easter Bunny Challenge, to remind myself:

    So, my update last month (29th February 2016) was as follows:

    "I weighed 13 stone 1.8 pounds today, so I've lost 0.4 pound in the past month - works out at 0.1 pound per week. Wow!!!! I was hoping for just over 1 pound per week loss, and not 0.1 pound per week - but at least I've lost something! Many people may know that I am already at my Healthy BMI, and that I am trying to lose the remaining pounds to get to my own personal goal weight of 12 stone 7 pounds, so it's quite tough going, plus the fact I had a mini-break in London recently, so gained some weight during that, but I am so grateful for the Easter Bunny Challenge as it is helping to motivate me (alongside another little challenge from ScoobaSteve today to try to lose more weight than him this week - somehow that also feels quite challenging, and I do love a bit of healthy competition)... Thanks ScoobaSteve - I suspect after you read the following admission, you'll be glad you challenged me, as I suspect you may win, but I promise to try to give you a run for your money. :-)

    Anyway, I need to lose a further 8.8 pounds between now and Easter Sunday (Monday 28th March 2016), so that means trying to lose 2.2 pounds per week. My husband has just said to me (and I quote him): "Given that you've failed to lose much weight in the past month, I don't think you're going to do it." - Mmmmm, I am now thinking to myself, "He's right - I don't think I'm going to do it...!"

    I think trying to lose over 2 pounds per week at this stage in my weight loss journey isn't realistic, especially as I'm finding it hard to lose much at all, so I'm going to revise my goal - yes, that's the solution. :-)

    So, to conclude, I'm revising my goal and would like to weigh 12 stone 12 pounds by Easter Sunday (all the 12's will be my new number by then hopefully!!!), which means I need to lose 3.8 pounds between now and then. "

    Update today: Monday 21st March 2016:

    Today I weigh 13 stone 0.4 pound, so I've lost 1.4 pounds in the last month, which averages out at 0.35 pound per week! Very slow and very steady - and what's more, it's progress. I'm pleased!!! It's onwards, and it's downwards.

    This week I gained 0.4 pound and last week I gained 1 pound, so I feel due a big loss this coming week - and I am especially pleased that you set this Easter Bunny Challenge, because I could have easily thought 'I'll leave it till after Easter' otherwise - but instead, I am motivated to keep going, and a competitive streak that thrives on deadlines is coming out in me, and I think that I will therefore do my very best to achieve my goal of being 12 stone 12 pounds for Easter Monday.

    That means I need to lose 2.8 pounds this week, and I will do my very best to do it!

    Good luck to everyone - and here's to an enjoyable Easter, but at the same time, let's achieve our goals in spite of Easter.

    Regarding another Challenge, I think that's a really great idea. I would be happy to go with the majority view, or with whatever you choose Sueper, as it's your Challenge, and you've had great ideas so far. I am also doing MarmiteRehoming's 4th July Challenge, so I am pleased that your is likely to extend beyond that. If I were to achieve my goal to be 12 stone 7 pounds by 4th July, that would mean I am at my ideal weight (my own personal choice of ideal weight, which would be in the middle of my healthy BMI range), so I would be likely to be looking to 'maintain' going forward, but I think I could still link in with any Challenge you set.

    I'm really hoping my goal is reached this year, as I've been working on it for the last couple of years really - the final pounds are tough to get off, but I realise it's my body wanting to achieve homeostasis, and that's fair enough. But I still want to get to 12 stone 7 pounds in the end.

    Sorry, I'm writing an essay today. Apologies for the lengthy post! But it's really good to have opportunity to take stock and work towards a goal, and think it through, so I guess I'm thinking aloud, and writing it down helps to cement and pledge it, and hopefully make it happen!

    Sue, you are doing really well and thank you so much for setting this great Challenge, and I'll look forward to the next one, whatever that will be.

    Thank you!

    Lowcal :-)

  • HI Lowcal. Glad to hear you are going down albeit slowly - similar for me but I still have masses to go but as long as I am heading down then that's progress.

    I have a wedding in October and need a kick up the bum to get into a dress I like hence the challenge I was going to do it on my own but then I thought to myself that I know a little group of people who are bound to want to join me :) This time it will be a bit more personal for everyone I think.

    I missed out on Marmite's challenge at first so I kind of got lost on it but maybe next time :)

    I am sure you will hit your goal weight this year - you certainly deserve it as you have worked so hard and been so patient.

    I am glad this challenge is helping you with that last little push for the weekend - good luck :)

  • I've kept to my pledge of not eating biscuits chocolate and cake and I've lost 3 lb. I originally wanted to loser 7 lb but I'm ok with that, could possibly loser another lb this week fingers crossed. Karen xxx

  • Well done Karen - just shows how many calories are in those pesky biscuits!

  • original target 1 stone. I set my target higher to one and a half stone, currently down 1 stone and 3.1lb or I would have been planning the demise of that bunny. However if I somehow manage to break through a loss of 3.9lb this week, the bunny gets it ;) Seriously though I have bought low carb resistant starch flour and whey protein and am going to have a crack at making low carb, low fat, low cal chocolate/banana muffins.

    Fingers crossed going to try a small batch tomorrow. I think eating some resistant starch may be what's needed to get my gut working ;)

    Good luck everyone :)

  • Wow The Hud, you are doing brilliantly :) Let us know how the muffins work out, they sound lush :)

  • Added a picture of the first attempt on its own post called You can have your bread and eat it lol, now to try flatbread :)

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