Easter Bunny Challenge

Easter Bunny Challenge

Hello all you weight loss bunnies :)

Some of you may remember that I did a Christmas Challenge where people shared their targets/goals for xmas - see this link:


So I thought I do a similar thing for Easter and as it is less than 2 months til we can crack open our Easter eggs now seems like a good time :)

Sadly I didn't hit my Christmas target and in fact still haven't :( For me it seemed that setting a date to hit a target made me go off track but I know that for many others it proved very successful. So my challenge is going to be not to eat this bunny (see picture) until I have lost one stone - I did this last year and it was very successful. So from now until I have lost 1 stone the bunny will sit on the fridge and look at me. When I have lost one stone the bunny gets it! :D

If you'd like to join the challenge please share your target, be it a specific weight to hit, a certain loss or even an exercise challenge - the results will be collected on Easter Sunday.

Good luck :)


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136 Replies

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  • My goal is to still be on the rails by Easter. Easter is just after my birthday this year. It would be nice to hit 84 kg.

  • Good luck Aqua :)

  • Hi Sue,

    I'm just putting a link to your latest 'update' post here, so that it is readable towards the top of this Pinned post:


    21.03.16 Another update post from Sueper:


    27.03.16 Final update post from Sueper:


    Lowcal :-)

  • How lovely to hear from you๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    I was thinking about you when I was out walking the dog tonight and was going to message you as it seems ages since you posted.

    Hope you are well๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    I do like your challange and you are so right what works for one does not always work for another! We are testament to that !! Lol

    I'm going to have a think I've got an awful chest infection that's not responding to antibiotics and it's taking me a lot just to do my kms for our round the world challange, so I'll have a think๐Ÿค”

    I will be joining you doing something !!(how's that Gorgous dress you bought? I've not yet wriggled into my skirt !!)


  • Will be interested with what you come up with Flossie :)

    I am still here plodding along - finally got off my xmas gain and now off for my birthday and off to Cadbury World on Friday - so no doubt a little gain.

    Come 8/2 I will be hitting it hard and hopefully get back on a losing streak again then.

    I don't really like posting a gain as I like to pretend it's not happening - hopefully by the end of the month I will post a proper weight update :)

  • Happy birthday and have a great time at Cadbury World, I've never been there bet it's yummy!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Wonder if inhaling the choccy fumes add calories ?? Lol

    So happy to hear your Xmas gain is gone I think it's been a tough time for a lot of us, you are not alone๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  • Thanks Flossie, I have asked for no chocolate for my birthday so I can nibble a bit at Cadbury World - I won't go mad but I will have some :)

    I was a bit upset by the xmas gain as I walked loads xmas week to try to combat some of it. I have learnt my lesson though and will be more sensible next year :)

    Oh yes and the dress is still waiting in the wings with your skirt - we will get into them soon I'm sure :D

  • Happy birthday. Have a good trip out.

  • Thanks :)

  • Happy birthday sueper :-) :-) :-) I love a challenge so will be joining in. Will need to think about a goal so will get back to you hun :-)

  • Happy Birthday Sue! :-)

  • Hi Sue,

    I am really happy that you're setting this "Easter Bunny Challenge" as I found your Christmas Challenge to be really motivating. I've just looked up the date of Easter Sunday - it seems to be Sunday 27th March 2016, and that's just under 8 weeks away, so I am thinking about what I could potentially achieve in that time.

    I have been struggling with getting below 13 stone for over a year now! But I am very close, as I was 13 stone 2.2 pounds yesterday. I am thinking that I should give myself a challenging goal - because I think it might spur me on finally to achieve further weight loss - and so I'm going to say that I'd like to be 12 stone 7 pounds by Easter Sunday! That would mean losing 9.2 pounds between now and then, which is just over 1 pound per week.

    So I pledge today that I'll do my very best to achieve that, and be 12 stone 7 pounds by then.

    Thanks for setting this challenge Sue, I'm sure it will be a motivating factor that will help a lot.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good luck Lowcal - I know you have been hovering around the low 13s for a while so it would be lovely for you to get comfortably into the 12s. I always think about x stone 10lb means your comfortably into the next stone - if that makes sense - kind of where I am at present :)

  • Great idea. I'm 18 St 8 lbs now and at Easter time in 7 weeks, I'd love to be in the 17 's

  • Good luck with seeing that 17 on the scales :)

  • Thanks :)

  • I managed to reach my xmas target. My birthday is 2 days after Easter this year. My target for then is... 10st 12lb which is a stone less than I weigh now, fairly sure I can do it :)

  • Good luck ScoobaSteve :)

  • My goal is to lose 7lb before Easter.

    Posting my goal will help me stick to it.


  • Good luck Karen :)

  • Hello sueper thank you for the challenge, i would like to be 11.7lb by the 28th march the Monday weigh in after easter. Im 12st 2lb at the moment so i would like to think i could lose 9lb in 8 weeks but ive only been losing 1lb a week so i better try a bit harder.

    Come on everyone we CAN do this. xx

  • Good luck djas :) It's only 1 little lb extra :D

  • I can't have those things in the house. Sorry; won't work for me! Good luck though!

    I'd like to hit 10;10 by Easter. I'm 11;7 now. It moves very slowly though... 10;10 is the top of my 'healthy' weight according to the NHS site /BMI calculations. I was intending to get there by birthday in April, so trying to get there by Easter may give me help. I think I'll make my reward a massage or something; no bl..dy bunnies!

  • Good luck Frankie :)

  • Its ok Frankie53 we don't all have to be bunny murderers! I dont know how sueper looks him in the eye everyday knowing what shes going to do to him. x

  • I like to start with the ears so he can't hear what I am doing to him :D

  • Yeah you go for it when you have lost that stone. x

  • At the pace I am going he may still be there at xmas but he won't get eaten until the stone is off :)

  • Someone else would eat him if I didn't. Wouldn't last a week.

  • I missed my Christmas target too but i still really like the idea. So I'm going to join you on your mission to lose a stone. For me that would get me to 15,3 and I would then have a further two weeks to get to 15stone for my birthday. Two good motivators there!!

  • Good luck Garfield :) Birthdays are a great motivator too :)

  • Thanks. Just been reading your profile spiel - that's some pretty impressive stuff there! Wow! Looking forward to reading about your Easter day success : )

  • Thanks it's been a bit of a trek but getting there slowly :)

  • This is a great idea. Might start making me accountable again. I'm at 11st 8 now and I need 4lbs to get to normal weight, so it's getting quite tough. I will try to get to 11st. Based on the "loss" in January that is not realistic, but it might give me the necessary kick up the backside.

  • Good luck JaySee :)

  • Sounds great! I would like to lose 10lbs by easter! Totally possible, right?!

  • It'll be a breeze :D Although it's taken me since Oct to lose less than a stone so what do I know lol.

    Good luck :)

  • Hi Sueper - I also failed miserable at the Christmas target :(

    For Easter - two targets. One to give up chocolate for Lent and two to get to 15st 5lbs (a loss of 10lbs).

    Thanks so much :) :)

  • Good luck FizzyLiz - we aren't really failures though as we are still here plodding on :)

  • You can do it :)

  • We both have a 10lb target - lets do this!

  • My goal is to have started C25K by Easter - I am still too heavy currently, but I am hoping that by then, I will be able to make a start, even if it is only week one!

  • Good luck LotToLose - I'd like to give the C25K a go when I am lighter. To be honest I'd be chuffed to run 1km. :)

  • Oh yes I'm up for the challenge! My target is to shed 1 stone by Easter Sunday. Lent starts next week and we're always quite strict observers in our house so that should help!

    Good Luck everyone.

  • Good luck Jenever :)

    You have just inspired me and my hubby to give up Maoams for lent - we have developed a bit of a habit which is daft seeing as the beginning of my journey was cutting down on sugar! Thanks :)

  • Thanks so much for this challenge Sueper :)

    I'm going on holiday in 10 weeks time, so having this 8 week challenge will make sure I really get my act together.

    I'd like to get into the 14's, no mean feat, as I'm still in the 16's, but I went easy on myself for the christmas challenge and this time I'm going to make myself work for it! :)

    I'd also like to be averaging 20K's/day by then :)

    Good luck everyone, we can do it :)

  • Good luck Moreless - glad to see you aren't shying away from the challenge :D That is some challenge you have set yourself but you kicked butt at xmas so why not?!

  • Yep a challenge sounds good! I'll try my best to lose a stone by Easter Sunday!! ๐Ÿ˜

  • Good luck Jesterpuss1 :)

  • I still have a similar reindeer on its way to grandson which has been sitting in a precarious position on the hall table since xmas day!!I think its bad for grandson to be given it now!

  • I suspect it will confuse your grandson it you give it to him now :)

  • hubby agrees with you!

  • He is looking very hopeful!

  • The reindeer was on its way to grandson and then hubby stuck his finger through the foil,now was that deliberate, he has now come back inside and is looking at me, the reindeer, !!

  • Oh dear, your hubby is so clumsy ;)

  • First he was 1/4 gone, then he was 1/2 gone ,then 3/4 gone and........................... now hubby has to buy a replacement bunny!

  • You're gonna need to keep that bunny under lock & key :D

  • On the board!

  • Welcome aboard :)

  • Hi sueper

    I'd love to join this challenge with you lovely people.

    I'm currently 12st 8lb and will aim to get into the 11's. cannot remember the last time I was there and am looking forward to it ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Good luck getting into the 11s Nic :)

  • Great idea Sue to start an Easter Challenge.

    I need to lose 7.5 lbs to get to 2 very special targets, 8st lost and final getting my BMI down to 30 and so no longer classed as obese. On the way I will get into the 13teens, at 13st 10 lbs, wish me luck that I can keep my post Christmas binges at bay.

    Best wishes to everyone who is joining you on this Challenge, together we can achieve far more than we would alone!

  • Good luck Ros - 8 stone will be amazing. I too can't wait to get my BMI to 30.

    Xmas has been a struggle hasn't it!!

  • Morning Sueper

    I seem to be experiencing gremlins with the site, I posted my Easter challenge as a reply on here last night but it seems to have disappeared in to a blackhole of cyber space. I'm going away the Monday before Easter Sunday and my personal challenge is to board the plan with my weight starting with a '9'. I currently weigh 10st 5lb so will need to be committed to lose 6lb in 7 weeks but with the motivation and support available here I feel confident that I can do it. Good luck everyone.

  • Good luck mrsg3. The site was very sticky last night :(

    A holiday is a great motivator :)

  • this is great!

    I reached my xmas target but managed to screw it up in jan but im back at my target from xmas

    so current weight is 13:7 - aim to be 12:13 (in the 12s!!!!) and to have competed the c25k on my trampoline and hopefully have started running on the ground (if the physio says its ok obviously)

    I have the rocky horror show tickets that week (with my mum and the dreaded MIL & SIL) so I defo have to keep to it! (don't want to be severely overweight when I walk around in my suspenders around Edinburgh :) )

  • Hi Hydrogirl, I am back to my xmas weight too, hopefully I'll be back in the losing zone soon!

    Good luck with your target & have fun walking around Edinburgh in your suspenders. I love Rocky (Rocky ra ra ra) Horror :)

  • Hi everyone - great to see so many people taking up the challenge - thank you :)

    I am off on a 4 hour drive now so I will try to check in later if my hotel has wifi. Keep them coming :)

  • Run rabbit run......... your time on Earth is limited. Good luck sueper, you are going to be eating that bunny very soon, sure as sure can be. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks Shellie :)

  • Hi Sueper

    Great idea as long as its not the Monty Python rabbit?!

    I'm currently 16.9 so my goal for Easter Sunday is 15.9 - i think thats achievable now i'm getting back to human again lol.

    Good luck everyone : )

  • Is that the rabbit with pointy teeth?!

    Good luck with your goal :)

  • the very same lol

  • I'm going to the Rocky Horror show on 24th March - would like to lose 5 stones by then ;) (its galling to know your hubby is going to look better in stockings and high heels than you!!!) Lol x

  • Good luck with that Chubbymummy :D You could a stone though :)

  • I posted yesterday that I want to be 11 stone by the end of Feb for my holiday, so my goal for Easter is to still be 11 stone despite going on holiday :p

  • Good luck Rachel :)

  • This challenge is perfect in timing as I just started seriously on the weight loss program. I want to participate in this challenge. I'm around 82kg now. I want to lose 6kg in 6 weeks and be at 76kg by March 27th.

    Is there any thread(s) tracking the (weekly) progress of this challenge?

  • Hi arbitdude, welcome to the challenge & good luck :)

    I don't tend to do a weekly post but will do a few more posts to remind people of the challenge and invite any late comers to join. Some people will update their progress then and may even update their goal.

    Good luck :)

  • Well I fly to Mauritius on Good Friday. I have been below my original goal of 55-57 kg for several months but last week hit 55.5kg and realised that my original goal range is higher than I want to be. So my aim before then is to get to the lower end of my new goal range of 53 -55kg. I have been in the 54's most of the time since October so it shouldn't be too hard to achieve.

    Being vain a kg or 2 off before I hit the beach would be fab and allow me to enjoy the holiday without coming back over my comfort zone.

    My challenge is really long term not to Yoyo. I am doing ok with only minor variations and aim to keep stable!......

  • Hi 2bFabnfit,

    You are doing brilliantly and well done on maintaining. As you say, a little more off before your hols will enable you to relax a bit more.

    Mauritius sounds fab - enjoy :)

  • I have this dirt of hope for 80 kg at Easter. It woukd be nice.

  • I have this hope tat 80 kg for Easter might be possible

  • Good luck Aqua :)

  • Hey, I would like to join the challenge too!! Christmas and Easter are usually an excuse to go off the rails and all out for me.. I am aiming for loosing 7lb .. !! xxx

  • Welcome & good luck :)

  • Hi I'm new to the site I would like to be under the 14 st mark for easter I'm 14.8 now hopefully seeing it wrote down will give me the urge to do it! ๐Ÿ™Œ

  • Welcome to the challenge & good luck :)

  • My goal for Easter is to get into my size 14'' Jeans, which I haven't worn for over a year, they are hung up outside my wardrobe as a reminder.I couldn't fasten the button on them or Zip up when I started my 12 week health change.

  • Good luck :)

  • I saw someone commenting about the Easter Challenge and realized I must have completely missed the post, so I did a wee search to find it. It looks like I have about 5 weeks to bunny hop on this challenge. So, given that my losses are slow, I will try for half a stone by Easter Sunday, 7 pounds, I hope, is achievable, but one never knows. This week my weight went up and down like a yo-yo, Thursday I'd put on 2 pounds since Monday, then this Morning I'd lost those 2 pounds and another pound on top. I have no idea what each weigh in will bring tbh, I think the leg swelling still has a big hand in it. I noticed it was down this morning after a good deal of resting it, but the other day it was swollen when the weight had gone up 2 pounds. Ah well, on with the rollercoaster eh! Good luck to all on their personal Easter Challenges!

  • Good luck WW - I am yo-yoing a bit which is why I have not set myself a specific weight target instead the bunny will only get eaten when a stone is gone - which at this rate could be xmas!

    I suspect the swelling will add a bit - getting better is most important so take care of yourself :)

  • Thank you! I'm not totally confident I will get that half a stone target but I hope I do...I didn't dare go for anything more ambitious than that!

    Good luck for losing some more - it's a bumpy journey isn't it!

  • First weigh in today 14.7. Half an hour of aerobics walking done and fruit for my mid morning snack. Yeah go me! Under 14 for easter ......

  • Good luck :)

  • I'm only a week into my "get fit" regime, but I would like to lose 5 pounds by Easter. Also to fit into my everyday jeans, which I popped out of over Christmas!

  • Good luck getting back into those jeans :)

  • Hi, I just joined today. By Easter I would like to lose 7lbs. That would take me to just under 14 stone which means my weight would be in the 13's. Not been that for about 8 years, so it would be great. I have already lost 9lb since the beginning of January, but need to lose a lot more to reach my target.

  • Good luck :) Great progress since January too :)

  • I am inspired I only have four weeks till Easter so would love to lose 8lbs by then.

  • Good luck :)

  • I want to be into the tens by Easter!

    I can't be more specific as weight deadlines just don't work for me - but to be in the tens would be great!

  • Good luck - it's all about whatever works for you :) I am similar.

  • Hi Sueper.

    Nice one and I'm in. I think I will buy my bunny nearer Easter though (will power is not everything it could be in these 'ere parts!).

    My target will be very modest as I am trying really hard to not obsess this time, if other people are kind enough to cook I am gracious and enjoy it!

    So this week I am 11st 4 lb. By Easter I aim to be 10 stone something (which I have not been for at least 3 years) - and then hopefully some nice spring weather will allow me to dig deep into the wardrobe for nice summer things I haven't worn for a while!

    Good luck to all bunny people!


  • Good luck :) My bunny is still in tact on the fridge - he could be there a long time at this rate!

  • I would like to have maintained my weight loss at a steady 2 lb per week, so by Easter I will aim for a 10lb weight loss from what I am currently (10 stone 5lbs) - making my aim for Easter 9 stone 9lbs (seems weird even writing it!)


  • Good luck :)

  • My goal is to continue to exercise everyday!

    (A secret goal is to lose 4 Kgs as that would make it a stone (I think!) between Christmas and Easter. It's a secret as I don't want to be too disheartened if I can't make it happen)

  • Good luck & your secret is safe with us :)

  • Hi Sueper and hi to your Easter Bunny - can't ignore him he's important. I have just got into the 10s this week and would like to be at or very near 10.5st by Easter Sunday. Hope it's not too late to join in, I must have missed this when you originally posted. I did buy three Easter eggs yesterday for my grandchildren and pledge not to eat them, keep telling myself I'd rather have fruit anyway and I'm daft enough to believe me! ๐Ÿฃ

  • Good luck - but remember that a chocolate orange is not actually fruit ;)

  • I don't like chocolate oranges, so no temptation there ๐Ÿ˜€

  • More for me ;)

  • will be joining you on this challenge - but first going to do the maths and calculate a realistic target with what is going on and what I want to achieve.

    I'll report back soon :)

  • Hi hope it's not too late to join x would like to be comfortably in the 10's by Easter x currently 11st 5 x just got new exercise bike so would like to achieve 15+kms a day x good luck everyone with your targets xx

  • Good luck :)

  • Thanks sueper I'm doing both the Around the world

    In 80 days and the Monday weigh in so I've got lots of people on my side x hope you're bunnys still in one piece ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‡x

  • I'd like to join if that's ok? It's not too far away but I'd like to loose 6lb by then. Xx

  • Of course you can join! Good luck :)

  • This is a great idea! I'm in too, allbeit a bit late. My goal is to get back into the healthy BMI bracket. To achieve that I need to lose around 7lb (will weigh myself at Boots tomorrow).

  • Good luck :)

  • Thanks sueper,

    I've checked my weight now. I have 6lb to lose - let's go!

  • Woo woo yeah! 4 lbs loss in my first week of Easter bunnies challenge! I've not had a big loss like this for years onwards and upwards (or is that downwards haha) thanks for the support everyone else xx

  • I want to eat that Easter bunny on Easter egg day. I have not eaten anything more than a few chocolates at high days and holidays and a whole little egg or a bunny would be lovely. Mmmmm Lindt. I did say two weeks ago that if I got rid of a stone I would eat an egg. That is now very close so I need to up my game to 1 and 1/2 stone total loss by egg day in 4 weeks minus 1 ;)

    Started 3 weeks ago at 15.4 now 14.7 ish So another 10/11lb to go.........in less than four weeks, eeeeek better get the music on:(

  • I know what you mean about eating a bigger amount of chocolate than the odd nibble. Even when I hit my stone I'll probably save him for treat day :)

    Well done on your loss so far and good luck for dancing off the target lbs :)

  • Hi super,

    I'm a bit like you to state a wgt loss target sends me in another direction !!๐Ÿค”

    I've been racking my tiny brain and come up with to actually eat my 5 a day !!! That might sound easy but backtracking my food diary there are days that my fruit/ veg intake is actually very poor๐Ÿ˜•

    So ......... my challange till Easter is to have at least 5 items of fruit/veg per day ( and a salad as 1 portion !! ).


  • Hi, I love your attitude to this, I have just signed up and have 4 stone to lose and aim to have dropped 12 pounds by easter. Thankfully I do not have a sweet tooth but can do loads of damage with savoury stuff. Good luck and hope the bunny gets it lol

  • Good luck to you too elacol68 :)

  • Thanks for that, I have made it even harder for myself as I have stopped smoking too, so fingers crossed

  • what a fantastic idea! I'm going to buy an Easter bunny, put it on my desk and pledge to get below 11st before I eat it at Easter.

    I've been going between 10st 13lbs and 11st 4lbs for I don't know how long so I now pledge to banish 11st from my weighing scales.

  • Good luck Henlady, hitting your target will make the bunny taste so much better :)

  • Link to Sueper's latest update post regarding this Easter Bunny Challenge:


    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm signing up with about three weeks to go so I'm not gonna get ambitious - but I'd like to be below 13st at Easter. Which is only 5lbs but as a newbie I'm wary of trying to run before I can walk :-)

  • Good luck! As a newbie you may have a good first week so never say never :)

  • Thanks :-) If week one goes well I might get more ambitious!

  • With the new bathroom scales (see my other post ) I think I should revise my Easter Challenge. I want to be under 73 kg for Easter. More to the point I would like to still be this weight by Easter Tuesday, after a weekend away ๐Ÿ˜Š

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