Easter Bunny Challenge - Less than 4 weeks to go!

Easter Bunny Challenge - Less than 4 weeks to go!

Hello there.

I thought I would remind everyone (don't hate me) that it is now less than 4 weeks until Easter Sunday.

The good news is that for those who have given up something (Maoams for me) for lent they will be able to return to their old ways - if they dare! I am hoping the break will make me less inclined to eat sweets.

The bad news is there are less than 4 weeks to hit our targets.

If anyone else wishes to join, they are more than welcome and the link is below:


If anyone wishes to post an update of their progress so far then please do.

Good luck everyone :)


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75 Replies

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  • Don't we get until Easter monday and weigh-in day? That extra day could make all the difference! ;)

  • Easter egg day is Easter Sunday ;) If you want to wait to eat your egg then Monday is fine :)

    I suspect most of the dedicated members here won't be eating eggs anyway!

  • I won't be eating any eggs, but I do really want to hit my target, which means I've got another 7lbs to go! :o

  • About the same as me depending on the day of the week!

  • We'd better get cracking then!..............I wonder if I could get a quick amputation?! ;)

  • Nope, we don't condone amputations for weight loss, Moreless. :-)

  • Drat and double drat! ;)

  • I have considered selling the family to buy some liposuction ;) Actually I have!

  • I tried that, but in the end I couldn't even give 'em away! ;)

  • It will have to be the house then I have so much fat needs sucking out it's the only thing with enough cash ;)

  • We could always join forces and rob a bank! :D

  • Sounds like a plan, oh wait, our luck we would be arrested at the point of lipo ;)

  • And fat chance a pair of suckers like us would get away with it! ;)

  • Actually moreless, I often wonder if I should thin up my hair as I have a lot. I wonder how many grams I would lose. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I have actually tried that, I put it on the kitchen scales and only got 11oz. Bloomin sure its heavier than that ;) Mind you, thinking about it, can we discount boobies too, do you think? Worth a thought when we plateau and feel miserable. Yep think I will keep those three things in reserve ;)

  • Cut your toenails, shave your legs, pluck your eyebrows - it must help! :D

  • You forgot armpits and that other place that is oft neglected as a source of excess weight ;)

  • And exfoliating and having your teeth scaled! :D

  • Good ones! Ear wax, gotta weigh something? What ruins weight lose for some people is they forget to remove the bling, naval studs, tongue studs, ear studs, studs in odd places I prefer not to think about. Unfortunately for me no studs to remove. May go for outer skin removal though and I am sure my teeth need a good descale ;)

  • Could remove the hard skin off our feet! Or use a face pack to remove those really heavy blackheads! Eeeeewwwww! :o

  • We sound more attractive by the minute lol

  • :D

  • Funnily enough i was thinking about this only this morning!- i've lost 12 of the 14lbs i aimed to lose for Easter so i'm quite chuffed- and thanks for the motivation Sueper- it gave me a kick up the proverbial when i needed it (and will probably continue to do so) lol : )

  • Show off! :P ;) :D


  • Oh, it's not fair, it wasn't my fault, Sueper made me do it, I'll be good, I won't do it again, I'm sorry, I'll make you a cup of tea....................... :D

  • You may be excused but only on one condition... you must answer either Question A or Question B... which will you choose?

  • The easy one please :D

  • Question A it is then..... What............ is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  • Could you help Moreless by clarifying if you mean an African or European swallow?

  • There's always a smart ar$3 isnt there?- right Moreless come and join Sueper and myself at the naughty step

  • Is an unladen swallow, gulping air? :o

  • No thats a goldfish- off you go to the naughty step with Sueper and myself because Suepers stitched-me-up- now look at the mess youve got us into ML- i tell you its hopeless

  • But I asked for the easy question!! :(

  • Well you can have the other question if you like but if you get it wrong you're all by yourself on that step?

  • That can't be fair, it wasn't me that started all this, it was all Sueper's fault! :(

  • I was just trying to help - honest ;)

  • You're a big fibber! :P

  • mmm..... your sales skills are shocking!

  • It so wasn't me! I am too busy kicking people up the bum including myself! ;)

  • It was too! You're fibbing! :P

  • Fantastic! I'm not jealous, not one bit - no really, honestly I'm not ;)

  • I'll believe you, thousands wouldn't! ;)

  • I thought it sounded convincing ;)

  • Let's put it this way, you wouldn't get the salesperson of the year award! :D

  • I'm on target but only just and mainly because of a flying start. Stagnated a bit since and then lost last week. IF I lose again this week all will be OK, but if I plateau again then things will be tough. But we all like a challenge don't we!

  • We do indeed - that is why we hang around here :D

  • Good luck 😊 My loss has slowed right down too πŸ˜• having this challenge has given me extra motivation 😊 Fingers crossed 😊

  • Hi Sueper,

    I've signed up and my challange is to actually have my 5 portions of fruit/veg a day !!! When I look back over my food diary I've been a bit lax !!!

    Hope that an ok challange πŸ€”


  • But only if you stick with it Flossie and don't cover them in chocolate ;)

  • Ooh Sueper !!! as if I would 😜 it's only my eggs I like covered in chocolate !!


  • Hi Sue,

    I appreciate this reminder. I'm just copying and pasting what I pledged, a month ago, to remind myself:

    1 month ago I wrote this in your Easter Bunny Challenge:

    "I have been struggling with getting below 13 stone for over a year now! But I am very close, as I was 13 stone 2.2 pounds yesterday. I am thinking that I should give myself a challenging goal - because I think it might spur me on finally to achieve further weight loss - and so I'm going to say that I'd like to be 12 stone 7 pounds by Easter Sunday! That would mean losing 9.2 pounds between now and then, which is just over 1 pound per week.

    So I pledge today that I'll do my very best to achieve that, and be 12 stone 7 pounds by then. "

    So, my update today (29th February 2016) is as follows:

    I weighed 13 stone 1.8 pounds today, so I've lost 0.4 pound in the past month - works out at 0.1 pound per week. Wow!!!! I was hoping for just over 1 pound per week loss, and not 0.1 pound per week - but at least I've lost something! Many people may know that I am already at my Healthy BMI, and that I am trying to lose the remaining pounds to get to my own personal goal weight of 12 stone 7 pounds, so it's quite tough going, plus the fact I had a mini-break in London recently, so gained some weight during that, but I am so grateful for the Easter Bunny Challenge as it is helping to motivate me (alongside another little challenge from ScoobaSteve today to try to lose more weight than him this week - somehow that also feels quite challenging, and I do love a bit of healthy competition)... Thanks ScoobaSteve - I suspect after you read the following admission, you'll be glad you challenged me, as I suspect you may win, but I promise to try to give you a run for your money. :-)

    Anyway, I need to lose a further 8.8 pounds between now and Easter Sunday (Monday 28th March 2016), so that means trying to lose 2.2 pounds per week. My husband has just said to me (and I quote him): "Given that you've failed to lose much weight in the past month, I don't think you're going to do it." - Mmmmm, I am now thinking to myself, "He's right - I don't think I'm going to do it...!"

    I think trying to lose over 2 pounds per week at this stage in my weight loss journey isn't realistic, especially as I'm finding it hard to lose much at all, so I'm going to revise my goal - yes, that's the solution. :-)

    So, to conclude, I'm revising my goal and would like to weigh 12 stone 12 pounds by Easter Sunday (all the 12's will be my new number by then hopefully!!!), which means I need to lose 3.8 pounds between now and then.

    I hope you don't mind the detail of this update, but it is helpful to me to share my thoughts and pledge in this way.

    Wishing everyone success with their Easter Bunny Goals. We can do it!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    Great to read your update and I saw your challenge from ScoobaSteve.

    I'm struggling at the mo so not surprising it is harder for you when you are a healthy weight.

    I thin my problem is that I have always been around my current weight and it was only in the last 5 years or so that I gained more. So the weight I am trying to shift now has been with me 20+ years.

    As long as we're going down (albeit slowly) we're heading the right direction :)

    Good luck with your revised target :)

  • Same here, not benn below 11st in 20 years πŸ˜• But any loss down is good 😊 Very best wishes lowcal 😊

  • I am still working towards my goal of being somewhere on the C25K programme, even if it is just the very first week by Easter Sunday. I am gradually increasing the speed on the treadmill and I have downloaded C25K apps all ready and raring to go. Just need to knock off a few more lbs and then there will be no holding me back!

  • Good luck LotToLose - it's hard to know what is a sensible weight to be at before trying a bit of running :)

  • LotTolose, get out there and start running....... Walk 5 minutes, jog 30 seconds, walk one minute or two, jog 30 seconds. You can do it, the fresh air will expend you lungs and will give you more energy. Go for it

  • Thanks NHS2015, I am still very heavy for my frame and I am wary of hurting my already problematic knees and ankles, but you are right, I am sure 30 seconds won't do too much harm (famous last words, LOL)!

  • Hi Sue, thanks for checking up how those of us taking part in your Easter Challenge are getting on. I have copied below the target I set myself.

    'I need to lose 7.5 lbs to get to 2 very special targets, 8st lost and final getting my BMI down to 30 and so no longer classed as obese. On the way I will get into the 13teens, at 13st 10 lbs, wish me luck that I can keep my post Christmas binges at bay.'

    I have achieved one of my targets to get down into the 13teens but for the last week have been fluctuating up and down between 13 12.25 and 13 13.5 for no good reason. It's strange how are bodies mess us about sometimes isn't it! This will not get me down though, if I keep to health eating the weight loss will start again, well that's what I keep telling myself.

    It's good we have 4 weeks left to get to our targets, I think I'm going to need all that time especially as I got an afternoon tea out coming up in a week!

    Best wishes to everyone who is joining you on this Challenge, together we can achieve far more than we would alone!

  • Well done for getting into the 13s :) Good luck with the rest!

  • Hello, great reminder!

    Ok so I was not going to play with numbers as i get de-motivated when I don't hit them. But to hell with it!!

    I see a few people aiming for 7lbs. That would give me a nice round 10stone 7 with a slightly less rounded bottom. πŸ˜‰

    it will be tricky I think but if I aim for the stars I may just get the moon. So...

    i'm in... 7lbs by Monday 28th. This time I won't feel demotivated as i will have moreless' s words ringing in my ears. (This made me think maybe I got demotivated in the past because I actually wasn't trying my best?! )

    Good luck everyone! 😊

  • Good luck Asics - I seem to have a similar problems with numbers!

  • Nope. It's no good, 2 days in and a slight fluctuation upwards on the scales and my head chat has changed from the health interest of the last 8 weeks to an unhealthy panic and obsession and today feeling down about the number on the scales.

    I wanted to be under 10 by Easter originally and I made it last week.

    So let's just say I would like to be lighter at Easter than I was at last weeks weigh in. I would like my weekly average to be in the tens.

    Note to self....stop right there lady! you said right at the start you can't work with a weight loss goal and a date. You know you get demotivated and then quit . You have lost almost 11lbs by making healthy changes. Do not be tempted to put a date and number on it.

    Please feel free everyone else,at any point you see me join a weight loss challenge to remind me of this fact! 😊

  • Lol! This is exactly why I didn't set myself a target date. Simply I will eat the bunny when I have lost a stone - it may take til next xmas. So the bunny is more of a reward (not for the bunny of course).

    What I haven't decided is whether the stone will be based on what I weighed when I set the challenge or my lightest recent weight which was just before xmas - decisions decisions.

  • I would love to be 'in the tens' but 5lb off in 4 weeks is faster than usual πŸ˜• But I am away Easter weekend so that's a good incentive 😊 My fitness is really on the up so I will aim to increase my average from 7000 steps to 10000steps a day for March 😊

  • Good luck Anna - extra marching for March ;)

  • Have just downloaded myfitnesspal too 😊 Great app 😊 Burnt off lots today , Seems a shame to over eat and spoil it - great incentive 😊

  • Hmm. So my original goal was 15,3 by easter. I'm a bit behind and currently at 15,12 so that's 9lbs in four weeks which is very ambitious but I'm going to stick with it. The reason for that is that I want to get to 14,13 by my birthday in mid-April so if I can hit my Easter target I would have two more weeks to lose 4lbs. 14,13 (as well as the psychological benchmark of being in the 14s) would tip me from obese to overweight which strikes me as a lovely birthday present. So thank you for the reminder. A new focus is needed but I think you've caught me just in the nick of time to salvage the situation...

  • Good luck Garfield & I hope you achieve your lovely birthday present :)

  • Well, we have just over a week to the Easter weekend - how is everyone doing?

    My goal was exercise-related, I wanted to be on the C25K programme by Easter Sunday.

    I've been practising running for a few 30 second bursts on the treadmill, but still feel a bit heavy and wobbly. (I am thinking of it as a pre-C25K program, lol)

  • Hi LTL, well done and taking the first step :)

    I am hoping to try a bit of running in the summer with the running club linked to our walking club.

    I have managed to get a few more lbs off so far!

  • Thanks Sueper, you have done well, with time still to knock off a couple more lbs, the chocolate bunny is in danger!

  • I'm ok for my exercise related goal, I've already reached that, but I'm miles away from my weight goal. It seems that the more I exercise, the less weight I lose! I'll have to hope for inch loss instead! :D

    Being able to run for 30 seconds sounds terrific to me, I can't even manage 3! :o

  • Your exercise has been amazing, Moreless - you really must be building muscle, so those inches will certainly be reducing.

    I am suffering today for those 30s run attempts, I seem to have pulled a muscle around my left hip. Ooops, I think I was being a bit too adventurous! Ah well, I don't know what I am capable of unless I try.

  • Ouch! That's not good! It's true we don't know what we're capable of unless we try, but we still have to take care of ourselves. I hope it'll wear off quickly and you'll be back to 15 sec bursts ;)

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