Not there yet, but still trying

I weighed myself this morning before my shower and I was 11st 5lbs, so lost 2lbs. My target is 10st, interim target 10.8, so anything below 11st will do to start with. My other half has set up My Fitness Pal on the iPad, so I can enter everything I put in my mouth, so I don't forget. An easy thing to do during the day. love and best wishes to all. Sheila.

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  • Good luck Sheila x

  • Thank you ShezzaHo, onwards and downwards. Sheila

  • Well done 😊 That's great

  • Many thanks, it is so nice to receive encouragement on your journey to losing weight. Still a long way to gom, but I find this forum ther place to see how helping one another makes a large difference. Sheila

  • Hi Sheila,

    Wow, it's great to hear you've lost 2 pounds this week, that's really great!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

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