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Reading the comments from Paula's post,I feel really inspired by the support and understanding from you all. I have 82 lb to lose and just found out I have under active thyroid so my weight keeps going up or stays the same. I can lose 2 lb one week and put it on again the next. I have lost my will power to keep fighting a losing battle.

However, healthy eating and exercising on the 12 week plan is not a quick fix its teaching us how to be more healthy. So my thinking right now is as along as what's going in is good for me I really can't lose. At least I'll be healthy and I can get lean with exercise

I am going to give the 12 week plan a go.

Thank you for inspiring my to keep up my will power and not giving up x

Karen x

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:) and :( I have had full lab tests not just the TSH ones, that show borderline and have always accepted low within normal limits but am pretty sure it does go up and down. It's one of the reasons I take a thyroid complex (frequently forget) like for the whole last week. I don't know if it works but at least I know I am getting the iodine and other stuff needed to keep my dodgy thyroid fed. My mum's thyroid packed in completely when she was about 68 caused all sorts of health problems, she just refused to eat at all and because they delayed treatment she also ended up with the lack of thyroid activity causing damage to her brain, all very nasty.

Good luck :)


Hi I'm taking different vitamins and trying to watch what I eat it's not easy.. However I have started to look after myself and exercise just baby steps.


I think you have completely the right approach, baby steps towards a more healthy lifestyle I am sure will pay dividends.

I have found concentrating on health to be not only more productive on the scales but also easier mentally to sustain.

Good luck! ☺


Well done for taking the first steps by giving the 12 week plan a go. Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find lots of support from like minded travellers. Enjoy the difference it will make to you.😀


Good morning Kizzy

You have taken the first step towards a healthier fitter you 😊 I was like you, very stubborn fat that I couldn't seem to shift, under active thyroid, arthritis, and menopausal to boot!! It has been a slow road for me, but not that difficult once I got my head round the fact that I simply HAD to be eating more calories than I was burning off 😕 I had great support from my GP practice nurse, and made small changes to my already healthy diet, mostly cutting quantity, weighing everything initially but now I can judge 😊

I also had to Increase the exercise, but again made small changes, just 5-10 minutes several times a day initially, I now try to do 3x20 minutes. Walking, hoovering, dancing, changing the beds, swimming etc all count 😊 I also have a mini cycle machine which I was advised to get for joint flexibility which I love 😊

I suppose what I am trying to say is small changes can make significant difference over months and years 😊Good luck, 😊


Thank you so much, I honestly can't believe the support on this site.. You lot will deffinatly keep me motivated 😘


Hi Kizzy,

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid recently, it does make weight make loss a bit more difficult but it can be done😃

You are so right about the NHS plan it's not a 'diet' it's about making changes in what we eat and how much we move, and we have no time limit to achieve it.

A bit of advice I was given was to move more and even housework, chores etc it all adds up, now when I'm watching tv and the adverts come on I get up and go up and down the stairs till the programme come backs on !!

You can do this 😃 Don't forget to measure yourself as those inches off are as important as the Ibs!!

Enjoy your week and look forward to catching up



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