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I need help

I have come to the conclusion that I desperately need to lose a lot of weight. The problem is that I have complex health problems which means that exercise is extremely difficult for one reason or another!!

Lots of people would say that I am making excuses but I am not.

I have COPD


Extremely poor balance

Anxiety and depression

I'm currently 171 cm tall and weigh 14 stone 12!!

I know that some of my issues could be helped by losing weight but with over 4 stones to lose and a very low income I'm really at a loss as to the way forward.

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hi Winnie to help lose your weight is portion sizes, first you need to cut them down slowly, also cut all fat of meat before cooking it, stop eating any naughty things and you will be surprised how much weight you can do just by doing that, i lost 11 pounds in three week and at 6 ft 3 inches and now i'm 20 stone dead from 21 stone, and i'm still at it, once you get your body trained you will see the pounds drop of hope this helps Alan


I think that your first sentence nailed my problem totally.

Portion size is the bane of my life!!

Makes me laugh sometimes because I have been on benefits for the last 10 years and have a lot of pets BUT I have never seen inside of a food bank and my weight is only going up and up!!


hi Winnie well if you want those pounds of your body and back into your purse then i hope what i'm said works take care.......Alan


Hi Winnietyson,

I am the same height as you and started the new year weighing 15st 6lbs. I hope tomorrow on my weigh-in to be 14st 6lbs after 7 weeks of using an online calorie counter to track my calories. Still a way to go, but I feel in control.

You can use the NHS 12 week plan which does the same thing by allowing you to eat foods you like but keeping within a total calorie amount - usually of around 1400 calories per day. This system works!

You don't need to do masses of exercise - although do as much as your health allows. If you can walk a circuit of your house - try and walk two circuits. If you can walk to a local shop - try and walk a little further before turning for home. Take it one day at a time - and you will find your clothes getting looser and your mood lifting.

You have written a list of the negative things in your life - now write yourself a list of the positives - list what you can do (knit, sew, paint,write poetry)? rather than what you can't. It is good to keep your mind busy so eating isn't your only source of pleasure. There are a lot of people on this forum who will listen and help and encourage you. Good luck & let us know how you are doing!


Hi Winnie, I agree totally with this, 😊 Concentrate on what you CAN do . . . Just a couple of minutes movement several times a day can really help. 😊 Couple this with smaller portions therefore less calories and you will really see a difference 😊 A year ago I could hardly walk, I feel Like a different person now 😊 good luck 😊


Hi Winnie I also totally agree with Anna61 and Dartmoor dumpling. Make a list of the things you can do and pick a few of them. There is definitely a plan that will work for you and it is the one you develop for yourself. Other things may get easier once you get going.

I am a huge fan of the NHS 12 week program. You have nothing to lose by trying this for a few weeks.


Hi Winnietyson,

Welcome to the forum, and hopefully you'll find the support you're looking for here - it's a friendly and supportive community. I'd like to give you a link to a great Welcome Newbie post that Moreless (a lovely forum member) has put together:


Hopefully you'll find some useful tips and suggestions in there, as well as links to the NHS 12 week plan, which I would recommend. If you'd like to join in our Monday group weigh-in sessions then the next one will be on 7th March (Monday of course!) and will be posted first thing. We have another session at midday, so we're around all day to respond to people, and it's a really supportive group. Free as well, so that should help with your budgeting!

Hope to see you around and about in the forum, and have a great weekend and a good week ahead too.

Lowcal :-)


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