Fab 5'ers Monday Group Weigh-in Thread: Did you have/are you having any difficulty accessing the threads on 22nd February 2016?

Hi everyone,

I'm writing on behalf of the Fab 5'ers (myself, Prin, Suzybenj, Ruth_Canal_Runner and Moreless) to ask if any of you have had difficulties/are having difficulties accessing or using the Monday group weigh-in threads - the date is 22nd February 2016?

If you did, could you please:

a) click 'Like' next to this post - if you had any difficulties.

b) Please add a comment regarding what kind of difficulty you had.

Your feedback would be much appreciated. I will acknowledge when I've read your feedback by clicking 'like' next to your post, but I won't reply individually - we can collate the responses clearer that way - many thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. I will pass on the feedback to the Tech/IT department.

Many thanks,

Lowcal (on behalf of the Fab 5'ers) :-)


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27 Replies

  • I'm still struggling with the whole site, not just the weigh-in thread.

    It took me half an hour just to get onto the site this morning, it just wouldn't load.

    I find it very slow, especially on the popular threads.

    It freezes frequently and doesn't do anything, so I have to constantly use the refresh button, which is a real pain, because if you're in the middle of a long thread, it brings you back to the top and you have to find your way back.

    It only posts replies when it feels like it and I have to copy and paste a lot of my replies and refresh in the middle.

    Sometimes replies mysteriously vanish, never to be seen again.

    My notifications are all mixed up, ie names, replies, profile pics and times aren't always right. More often than not, I have to refresh to sort them out and if I'm transferred to the correct thread, I'm not taken to the correct reply and have to refresh again to get to where I need to be.

    Red indicators don't disappear when they should

    Sometimes there's no notification at all.

    I only very rarely get a message come up about an error, it generally just refuses to obey.

    I'm using a laptop with Google Chrome, which I downloaded specifically, as the tech team told me it was best for use on this site!

    Thanks for your help Lowcal :)

  • being a newbie I really believed it was me

  • Glad we posted this thread then, as I wouldn't want you thinking it was you! :-)

  • Can you list everything that's been happening to you then Nuttynanny? :)

  • moan, moan, moan ... ;-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, I was unable to reply to some posts, even after refreshing the page and scrolling, scrolling to get to where I was, it wouldn't let me.

    Some of my "like" presses didn't appear to work, but were there later.

    Also, the notifications goes a bit wonky with the wrong names/icons and, again, is slow to load.

    I don't think the tech team did anything to improve the site last time! :(

  • I found problems when typing, there was a major lag, I would type then a few minutes later the text would appear, and when clicking reply etc nothing would happen for quite a while, and I would not have notifications for at least 15 mins after a comment or a like. also after posting my comment would disappear and not reappear until the 3-4th refresh

    I find that these issues happen quite frequently

  • hi,yes I was typing and it was coming up on screen like it was in slow motion , also I think the site was freezing up on me , being a tad slow on computors I thought it was me not doing it right, but relieved now I know it wasn't x

  • Hi Lowcal, I seem to have exactly the same problems as LotToLose! 😕

  • Very slow and almost impossible to access the weigh in thread this morning (hence why I've not replied to any of you lovely people that replied to my weigh in post this morning - I just can't get into the thread again !!) :-)

  • I know I said I wouldn't respond individually to people, but these glitches are worse than I thought! That's really not good. Thanks so much for all your feedback, and do keep comments coming everyone, as all feedback counts. :-)

  • Personally I think it's that moreless causing the problems - she's talking too much and not cycling enough ... :-)

  • Ahhh, is that how it works? She's pedal powering the site...!!!! That makes it all clear now... :-)

  • It can't be me, I've just had my first message and it told me I couldn't reply, because I'm not a member!! :o

  • Keep getting cannot run script etc, please debug and lots of locking. I have also found over the last couple of days the only way to open many of the links to reply posts on the list by the bell is to right click and open another tab. It no longer takes you there.

  • Similar comments to others. In particular time delay on typing and letters appearing. I use my phone, via email. This one has been much quicker to type, so seems to depend on the number of posts on the thread?

  • I had quite a lot of trouble getting to see my notifications earlier and the screen kept freezing while I was trying to follow posts. I thought it was my kindle at first but perhaps that is not the case. Anyhow, glad I have joined the group and look forward to everyone's posts and to keeping on track. Thank you.

  • The Monday morning thread is one I find particularly unwieldy. Even responding is difficult. If I "type" too fast on the phone the words appear out of order.

  • I cant load up the responses to my reply or use the like button to acknowledge others posts. When I try the system logs me out.

    Only a problem with the Monday morning weigh in thread.

  • I had no problem this morning however this evening I just replied to you on the thread.

    Typing the message it couldn't keep up with my typing - each letter laboured, it took ages to catch up. Now I writing on this thread, normal speed has resumed.

  • Hi everyone,

    Many thanks for providing feedback. I will ensure the Tech/IT department get the feedback, and ask them if they can make the threads run smoother for us.

    Many thanks,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi - accessed 22/2 afternoon thread this morning. It was very slow to accept my typing - may be one character every 2 seconds. Thanks for doing what you can about these issues!

  • Thanks Runningsoon,

    I have sent the IT/Tech department an E-mail and linked to this thread, so that any further comments will be able to be read by them, so all feedback is gratefully received - many thanks!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I mostly access the site from my phone (while at work/out and about), meaning long threads are out of bounds for me. My phone used to crash if threads were about 20-30 replies long. Now it seems to manage longer threads e.g. 50-60 replies, but it's slow to load. So for me it feels like something's been improved, but it's very slight. Anything more than that and it crashes. I have the same issues (on laptop and phone) that are described above of mixed up notifications, wrong icons next to likes/replies, notifications not opening a link unless I click on the url bar and press f5, and as a result I've had crossed wires from people, have misunderstood responses, or been unable to reply to things I can preview in my notifications but can't access on a thread anymore. This site is invaluable to me. It's amazing in so many ways but the glitches are very frustrating!

  • Hi all,

    Lowcal and I have been discussing this issue via email but I thought I would update you all on this thread as well.

    HU are very aware of this issue. It is a problem that has arisen because the site is now much bigger and gets a lot more traffic than it did when we first started developing it- we need to update our system to cope with more users.

    This is a really big task for our tech team. We have done lots of work towards resolving it, but there is still quite a lot that needs to be done. As our site is growing, it is becoming an increasingly important priority to us.

    I know that this problem is very inconvenient, but just have to ask you to bear with us while we work on it (and lots of other things too!).

    As always, any of you are very welcome to discuss this or anything else with our Support team at this link: support.healthunlocked.com/...

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Vesa,

    Many thanks for this update, which is much appreciated.

    Best wishes,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you so much for coming and chatting to us about the site problems Vesa, because I have to admit, when there's no feedback, it feels as if we're being ignored.

    We can all appreciate that there's a huge amount of work that needs to be done, but we're patient people and are prepared to wait now that we are sure that our pleas for help haven't fallen on deaf ears.

    We all love this site and it's extremely important to us. If the tech team are able to restore it for us, we will all be eternally grateful.

    Thanks so much for all your help and especially for taking the time to speak to us personally :)

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