Saturday weigh in

Bah - no change. Not one sodding gram/ounce. EXACTLY the same as last week - which is an achievement in itself! But at least no gain. I really hope spring is going to help things (boost my hormones, kick-start my metabolism or something!) cos I'm a bit stuck at the moment. I can't do any more exercise without knackering myself. And I won't reach my pledge at this rate.

Roll on the salads, berries and yummy tomatoes. Will go for a run today to work off my frustration.

Onwards and downwards๐Ÿ˜ฌ


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4 Replies

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  • Hi JaySeeSkinny,

    Well done for maintaining - like you say, it's better than a gain! I'm sure Spring will help - once the weather improves and there's more opportunities to get out and about, it will be really great!

    I love tomatoes too - they are sooooo tasty!

    Enjoy your run today, and hope you have a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done for maintaining , as local says it's better than a gain

    I usually find if im finding it harder to train cut the cals on those days by a little more and it helps as a bit of a kickstart :)

    Good luck


  • It is hard to stick to a diet while it is so cold and wintery, but keep at it, you will see progress, I am sure!

  • Well done on maintaining your weight this week :-) be patient on your journey and take it one day one week at a time and you will see the weight will continue to drop off. I have been on my journey for over a year now and have loved every week of this journey apart from the weeks where I have had an injury which stopped me from working out. I am looking forward to spring and welcome some better weather.

    Have a great week and I will look out for your post on Sat :-)

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