Around the world in 80 days- please post your steps/kms/miles for Wednesday 10 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days- please post your steps/kms/miles for Wednesday 10 February (Part 1)

Dear Travellers

We are on Day 47 of our epic voyage around the world. Today we are going to enjoy everything that the steamer has to offer. There is a gym and classes including spin, Insanity, Zumba and Pilates. The spin instructor is Daniel and Insanity is being taught by Idris. And of course there are the infinity pools, lazy river and the water slide at top of the volcano.

The spa is open all day for massages including hot stones, mud wrap. reflexology, pedicure and manicure.

Sun loungers are aplenty - the weather forecast is a calm sea, sunny and hot. slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Will, Rachel and Brad will administer suncream.

Happy Wednesday everyone πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


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63 Replies

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  • Now that looks relaxing :-D

  • I agree with Lucca, it looks like a really relaxing day on the steamer. :-)

  • The insanity class was great and I even managed to join in the 15 minutes abs following spin 😬

  • Thought I'd get the legs moving again today, and join you at the spin class.

    Jot down 32km for me today please!

    Now to the sauna, spa and then back to the hose attached to the beer pumps! :D

  • Woohoo Geza, glad to see your priorities are still in order! :D

  • Liz, you must be psychic like Lucca, because you have perfectly described the day I'm sorely in need of. Sore being the operative word!

    I'm afraid I've had a minor catastrophe today. Having psyched myself up to take my bike outside, for a trip around the block (8K's), I set off in slightly windier weather than I'd hoped for, very closely followed by a hailstorm (freezing cold and very painful). I cycled down the hill, past a neighbouring farmer, who looked slightly bemused by the sight of me foolishly braving the weather, down the terrifyingly steep brae, over the tiny bridge that spans the burn, part of the way up the hill, then off to push. Back on for another 1/2 mile, off again up the hill, back on again and onto the main road! Talked myself into braving being overtaken by 2 lorries, 15 cars and a tractor. All was going swimmingly, apart from the puffing and panting, then just as I felt I was on the home stretch, road works! I tried to will the red light to turn green, but it was having none of it! Slowed down, stopped, swung leg over saddle to dismount, SPLAT!! Fat Granny and bike face down on the road! OUCH!! Shooting pain in knees took my breath away and I was unable to get myself up. A young and very concerned workman rushed to my aid and fortunately I was able to get to my feet. Hobbled into the village hall car park and phoned the OH to come and fetch me.

    I wanted to be able to laugh at the ridiculousness and humiliation of the whole situation, but I'm ashamed to say that pain outweighed humour this time. I'm sure I shall find it hysterical next week and please, feel free to laugh on my behalf :D

    I'm afraid my total K's for today are 6.4 and I'm not sure how long it'll be before I can add to that this week. I'm living in hope that I'll wake up tomorrow morning and feel absolutely fine, but it doesn't seem likely at the moment. Could someone please wheel me to a sunlounger, a massage and a cocktail? :D

  • Oh my goodness !!! Am I allowed to do both :-D and quickly followed by :-( :-( !! That's sounds just like something I would do on a bike :-)

    Anyway, hope you are ok and the pain starts ebbing away soon. You definitely need to take some rest and have someone rub in some coconut oil (anyone except Ricky or Bear - I'm not feeling THAT sorry for you ;-) ) Hope it doesn't put you off that bike - next time you'll know the pitfalls and take it steady !

    And yes, next time, please film it... :-D

  • Lol Lucca, I knew you'd see the funny side of it! Please, laugh out loud, because it was something that should have been televised and aired on You've been Framed - I could have earned myself Β£250 and bought myself a bath chair! :D

    Don't worry, I shan't borrow Ricky or Bear, I'm pretty sure Jon will hear my pleas :D

    I shall try and be brave and attempt it again, but maybe I'll wait for the sun to shine first! :D

  • In all seriousness though - it's lovely that someone was quick to rush to your aid. Restores my faith in humanity that does :-)

    But I am still slightly crying with laughter over the 'Splat - fat granny' bit of the story :-)

    Anyway, I'm sure Jon can offer some 'Bad Medicine' :-)

  • He was so sweet and so concerned AND he wasn't laughing, which I thought was quite heroic! :D

    That description is exactly as it was. I went face first, half on the verge and half on the road. The peak of my helmet even stuck into the mud which had been churned up by a tractor! I so wish it had been filmed :D

    "Bad Medicine", just what the doctor ordered! :D

  • :-D :-D Oh I wish I'd have seen it !!!

    (Sorry, must be more sympathetic... !)

  • I'd have preferred to be a spectator too! :D

    Nah.... that just wouldn't be you Lucca! ;) :D

  • wow Moreless; 6.4km on a bike is still amazing. Hope you are now recuperating soaking up the sun on the lounger drink in hand. you deserve it!

    Shout when you are ready for a top up

  • Aaw thanks Ruth :)

    I think I might take a leaf out of Geza's book and get a hose from the bar! :D

  • Ouch moreless, I hope the sunlounger, massage and cocktail help to ease your aches and pains.

    I have to admit that you have painted a very detailed picture which I find really difficult not to find amusing. Had I been there I'm afraid I wouldn't have been much help because I would almost certainly have caused my own humiliation by losing control of my bladder through laughter.

    I hope a few days of rest have you jumping straight back in the saddle, take care.

  • Mrsg, that's exactly the response I'd been hoping for! I'm such a numpty! :D

    I'll be back! ;)

  • Oh dear moreless. Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Thanks Carpo, I'm improving all the time :)

  • Oh, Moreless, I am so sorry. Once when I fell off my bike, I was so embarrassed I told everyone I was fine and they all left me and I fainted!

    I hope this doesn't put you off, you must get out there again tomorrow to show that bike who is boss!

  • Oh no LtL, that sounds dire! I did tell my rescuer I was fine and fortunately my OH was home and could come and pick me up, because there was no way I could have made it home by myself.

    I shall get back on the bike and I will make a better job of it next time! :)

  • Oh no Moreless that definitely sounds and looks very painful!! But erm I have to admit I did laugh too. And some of the answers also made me laugh, like Lucca not feeling sory enough to share Ricky. I do hope it will remain only as a funny memory to think of and not as a painful scar to look at. I am planning on taking the bike tomorrow as my kms have not been that great so far, will try to be very very careful!

  • We have to laugh at some of the things life throws at us Nussaybah, or we'd be a pretty miserable bunch! Apart from the pain and humiliation, it was hilarious!! :D :D :D

    Yes, be very careful on that bike of yours, because you've had a couple of spills of your own! :)

  • Loving your new profile image. Yes my two falls were not a pretty sight either that's for sure lol. I shall do my best now really as last time it was aching for a good week, ouch!

  • We'll both take extra special care...............or buy padded suits! :D

  • Aww, Ill come and get you and take you for a nice massage and then the sunlounger with a tall drink. When I was at my heaviest I tried out my bicycle forgot to use the brake and tried stopping with my foot as I hurtled towards a main raod and came off. My Hubs was following and had a job and half to get me up so I know your pain and send hugs. Take it easy.

  • Oh my goodness Marianne, what a clumsy bunch we are! I think we should have a thread for crazy bike incidents! :)

    Thanks for the offer of TLC and the hugs, I very much appreciate them :)

  • Take care and make sure you are pampered. Whereabouts are you, we had a calm day today.

  • North of Scotland. It did brighten up after my tumble and on a normal day, I'd have gone for a long walk :)

  • Oh you can have some rough weather, Im Cambridgeshire. Sleep well and hope you are not too sore in the morning.

  • I think we've all had our fair share of iffy weather this winter Marianne :o

    Thanks so much :)

  • Welcome to the strange feeling of shame and utter ridiculousness that accompanies the sheer pain of falling off a bike! I hope you'll be investing in some knee pads and practicing your emergency braking. Also maybe aim for a slightly less ambitious route next time... Sounds terrifying with those lorries overtaking you! I've got no doubt that you're hurting a lot, and the least of your worries right now is what you'll do when you get back to riding again. Do you know the RICE routine? Lots of rest and raise your legs, apply ice, and compress anything that's swollen. The better you recuperate now, the sooner you'll be up and about again. Sending healing vibes! :) and loving the very sweet new pic πŸ’ˆ πŸ’‰ πŸ’Š πŸš‘ 🚲

  • Tried to find a RICE link and the NHS pages actually recommend PRICE - hope you don't feel you're paying too high a price right now!

  • Thanks Ruth, I thought I was the only numpty that had managed to fall off a bike, but it appears to be a regular pastime of the amateur cyclist :D

    I have a problem in that I don't have any simpler routes around my home. It's not like I live on a housing estate and can do a nice short, level trip around the block. It's all hills, single tracks, or the main road. The shortest round trip was the one I attempted and got wrong! :D

  • Oh just caught up with this thread. A hair raising read. Poor, poor Moreless, no one becomes a cyclist without a bit of humiliation and pain but Ochoa. Thank goodness you had a helmet. How are you feeling today?

    While on the sofa, start scanning maps and plan for spring. Try and workout walk-cycle routes so that you push the bike for some bits but the route includes a safe two-three mile bike circuit. Safe means no lorries or serious traffic -have you got any farm tracks or big ol houses - with private drives or parks? The nearest bike shop might check out your brakes and seat height but will also have booklets on local cycling routes and the blokes in the shop should know different routes.

    BTW I find that it is easier to walk up hill pushing a bike than walking uphill without a bike!, For the longest time my bike was also my Zimmer frame.

    Ps love the new picture.

  • Thanks Gonti, I feel such a wally! :D

    My saddle height and brakes are just fine, it's me that's no good! :D

    I was hoping the bike would afford me indipendance, that is when the OH is away with the car, I'd be able to cycle off and do my own thing. My dream was to have a little dog trailer, so that the pooch could come with me and we could both be well exercised. Unfortunately, I'm going to need a lot more practice before that dream becomes a reality.

    I am surrounded by cycle tracks, but unfortunately, the closest is 5 miles away, so I've either got to cycle those 5 miles, to cycle the tracks and leave the dog at home, or I've got to wait until the car's free and put the bike and the dog in and drive to the cycle path. There's also the problem with the serious rutting and bogginess of the tracks at the moment, following the flooding. I fear another tumble! ;)

    I guess it would be better to wait for the spring and better weather.

    I'm feeling much better today, thank you :)

  • You're doing great and you are very brave! I would myself be wary until spring -dry weather but by next year you'll have all this figured out. You'll know the tracks, traffic flows.

    When you get a doggy trailer do please post a pic. How big is the dog?

  • Or stupid! :D I hope I shall get it all figured out soon :)

    She's 15Kgs, so not huge, but too big to fit into a bike basket unfortunately. At least I've lost more than that amount of weight, so with a bit of luck, dog and trailer won't weigh more than I used to :D

    I shall certainly post a picture, if my plan comes to fruition :)

  • Way too big for backpack then -shame because that would have been a great photo!

    Awesome amount of weight loss..

  • We should have got a chihuahua, there'd be no problems then! :)

  • Oh dear, that was not good I hope you feel better today and less injuries. Is your saddle too high? In this horrid cold wind you perhaps could put it on the stand and watch a dvd inside, that's what my hubby does when weather is bad. I am contemplating getting my bike out but not till it warms up a bit. I haven't ridden it much for 3 or 4 years now but less weight could mean it hurts my bum less!! I think today it will be hula hooping only.

  • It only happened a few hours ago Lizzie and I'm lying in my bed feeling very sorry for myself.

    I think the problem was that my legs weren't as strong after the effort I'd exerted cycling and I just didn't lift my leg high enough.

    I have been using it on the stand every day, but wanted to get out. I maybe should have waited for a bit, but hey ho, hindsight's a wonderful thing :)

    As for the sore bum, I am definitely going to get some padded cycling shorts, because losing weight and a sofa saddle haven't improved things! :D

  • Hope you feel better soon, rest is very good for the body , hope someone is bringing you nice cup of tea and painkillers. x

  • Thanks Lizzie. I'm all alone now, but I'm well dosed up :)

  • Oh ML you poor thing- its such a horrible shock when these things happen- but youre right you'll be giggling about it in no time once the adrenaline has worn off.

    Keep smiling and consider alternating hot and cold heat packs on your knees if you need to : )

  • Thanks MR, I wish I had a video of it, cos it would make a great party piece! :)

    I seem to have jarred my whole body and set off my arthritis, so what I may do, as an larger version of your heat pad idea, is have a few hot showers today and see if that eases things :)

  • ML you do whatever works and take it easy : )

  • ... sorry what did you say... Idris Elba is teaching insanity?! Not until he's finished rubbing coconut oil into my back he isnt- mine!

  • You and Lucca are absolute terrors! :D

  • Just a penchant for coconut oil really- its all completely innocent honestly /:

  • I'll believe you, thousands wouldn't! ;)

  • Is this still near Commander Islands? The water is so blue, for a second I thought it was Computer Graphics :)

    I walked for 90 min covering a distance of 9km.

  • I'm pretty sure it's not computer graphics arbitdude :)

    That's a great walk! :)

  • This all sounds beautifully indulgent, I might do the Zumba class, followed by a shower and a swim and then a manicure, thank you :)

    Only 3kms today, Wednesday 10th

  • It's not "only" qd, it's more than you usually do and therefore to be congratulated! :)

  • Hi everyone, just done over 4 hours walking.clocked up 28,241 steps. Gonna need that massage now. My feet are aching.


  • Woohoo Karen! No wonder your feet are aching! Wtg you! :)

    Come and join me next to the pool, we can catch up while we get our massages :)

  • Love to

  • Grab yourself a cocktail :)

  • Hi there, not a bad week so far Monday-16.25 miles Tue-19.83miles..πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ

  • Not a bad week Veronicaby?? I'd say it was a terrific week so far!!! :)

  • Hi Veronicaby - what have been your miles for the rest of the week?

  • Sorry couldn't get on the thread yesterday!! So Tuesday 3.4km and today 3.5km x

  • Thanks Claire :)

    If you're having problems with the site, make sure you report it to the tech team :)

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