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I started last July by joining the NHS My Weight Matters 12 week scheme. Lots of good advice and a realistic goal of weight loss. From there I joined a gym, started regular exercise, walking, swimming cycling. I went from 15st 9lb to 14st 2lb. Now I have a new goal. I'm planning to do a wing walk for Charity in July. Weight limit is 12st 10lbs and this morning I'm at 13st 7lb. Loosing approximately 1lb a week. Got myself a Fitbit which is helping enormously. It's a long slow process as I was overweight and terribly unfit this time last year. I'm a Full Time Carer for my Mother and so free the is very limited but I manage my 30active minutes every day. To anyone who has had a wobble, who didn't loose this week, who gave into to temptation and ate cake, I say SO WHAT. Weight loss is time consuming, long term, exhausting and can take a lot of thought. Celebrate every tiny victory. Above all else, do it at your speed, do it your way and do it for yourself.

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Oh my - you are brave and thank you for the motivating words!


You have lost over 2 stone! Well done! That wing walk will give you a target to motivate you for the final stretch - but rather you than me! And as you say, one day at a time.


Hi twiglet65, what an inspiring post! If any of us need to know just what IS possible! You've done amazingly so far! And your planned wing walk! I'm positive you'll get to the required weight! Losing excess weight is very difficult and anyone saying differently is not being honest ( didn't want to say lying! ) I hope I can do as well as you and fitting everything in with also being your mum's full time carer! Well done you! As you say you've got to do it for yourself and don't beat yourself up if you sneak a treat now and again! I sincerely hope you meet all your goals! Well done!! 😁🌼😊


How brave you must be,I certainly couldn't do it but it will be something for you to be truly proud of.Wishing you luck x



Could you please tell me the name of the company who offer wing walking at 12st 10? My dad is desperate to do it but we can only find companies with limits of 12st 2.



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