Around the world in 80 days - please post your steps/kms/miles for Monday 8 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days - please post your steps/kms/miles for Monday 8 February (Part 1)

Morning Travellers,

I hope everyone enjoyed the 70's disco last night on board the steamer.

Well done for clocking up oodles of kms. I'm sure we will have enough for day trips all the way to San Francisco.

Today our day trip is to Kamchatka Peninsula in the eastern point of Russia. There are hot geysers, volcanoes, bears and plenty of snow. It's going to be an action packed day to kick off the start of the week. See you at the top of the ski slope :D

Happy Travels everyone 😊😊😊


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  • Sunday; 1.25km dog walking, 2.25km run. 15 minutes lawn mowing too; don't know how many steps for that :-)

  • Good grief Concerned, how were you able to manage mowing the lawn at this time of year? You are in the UK aren't you? You could do with some kind of step counter, for just such activities :)

  • Wow! My lawn is underwater!

  • Same here!

  • Hi Concerned, I hope everything's ok, only we haven't had any Kms from you for a week :)

  • That's cos I haven't done anything for a week :-) . Seriously, I lost track and knew I'd have to back-track to find when I had posted.

    Monday; 1.25km dog walk

    Tuesday; 1.25km dog walk; cycle to business park 2.8km

    Wednesday; 1.25km dog walk

    Thursday; 1.25km dog walk

    Friday; 1.25km dog walk

    Saturday; 0.6km dog walk

    Sunday; 2.2km dog walk

    Friday and Saturday we helped my daughter move, so once again I've missed an opportunity to monitor steps, heavy lifting, climbing fences, and back-ache.

    No running :-(

  • That's not nothing! :) Great memory and great totals, thanks! :)

    Take care of that sore back and I'm sure you'll get some runs in soon :)

  • Good morning Lizzy, it's cold but beautiful and I've got 4km of running to report for Monday so far. I think that'll be it for today, but hope to send loads more kms your way during the week. Happy travels :)

  • Well done Ruth! You're sounding very positive today. Here's to all those K's you're going to clock up :)

  • Morning all!

    Put me down for 29km today.

    2km cross stepper

    1km treadmill

    26km spin class

    Hope everyone has a good week :)

  • Fantastic total Geza! WTG you! :)

  • Ooh skiing in Kamchatka - brilliant. Hope I don't hurt my knees though. And hope nobody is taking pictures as my cheeks will be all red from the cold.

    Will post kms on the later thread - when I've done them!

    Happy traveling!

  • Would that be from falling on your bottom JC? ;)

  • No, the spanking..... Well we won't go down that route I think.

  • LOL!!! :D :D :D

  • hi everyone saturaday 23km and sunday 10052 steps

  • Woohoo prettylady, that's another day trip, for sure! :)

  • Morning Lizzy

    Apologies I didn't get around to posting my weekend km's on Saturday or Sunday.

    Saturday - 4.96 km

    Sunday - 3.11 km

    I'll report todays km on part 2 of this thread.

    Once again thank you for the fabulous images of our trip.

  • Not to worry mrsg, thanks for your weekend totals :)

  • Crikey - came adrift from you all somewhere in the Pacific Rim I think!!!

    Footsteps I haven't logged were:

    Yesterday (Sunday) - 5000

    Saturday- 4000

    Friday (stuck in a car for the day - just don't talk to me about the M5!) - 2000


  • I think we need you on a lead Runningsoon, to make sure we don't lose you again ;)

    Thanks for all your steps and we won't mention the M5 :)

  • Early for today :) Monday 8th Feb....2.5kms

  • Well done qd, we like early just as much as late :)

  • Walked 9km today.

  • Good show arbitdude, see you again tomorrow :)

  • WTG gezasauras that spinning class must have been hard work!!

    Monday morning:Hit the machines with a vengeance.

    5.2 km run

    720 floors climbed-- 670 steps

    3.2 km cross trainer Total 8.4 km

    800 calories burned - ' spending money' for my holiday!!!

  • Fantastic Suzymac, you're going to be able to have a terrific holiday :)

  • first day of new rowing machine........there are muscles that obviously didn't get used on the old crosstrainer. manage to clock up 5kms today , going to take a while to get up to 10kms or more on this baby! hubby reckons he is training for the Olympic rowing team now and he never does any exercise

  • You're doing a heck of a lot better than me Linda, I can barely manage 5 metres!! :o Well done you :)

  • 1k

  • Well done Suzy :)

  • 4.7 km for me today. Didn't do much walking tody. Planned too much but ended up with hardly anything! I guess it is one of those days. Anyway found a trick I should only wear the pedometer out doors.

  • Still good K's bd :)

    What happens if you wear the pedometer indoors bd? :o

  • If I wear the pedometer indoors than it is one figure and than I go out with it. It jumps. They are not supposed to be very accurate for indoors unless I will come home write down the figure and than wear it indoors and ad that up. I guess I will have to keep experimenting.

  • Hmmm pedometers are a bit unreliable, especially indoors. You're maybe as well just wearing it outside.

  • That way I will get some frest air! :)

  • It's a win, win :)

  • I knew learning Russian for a year would come in handy! 7665 steps for today.

  • Spacibo Saga, otlichno srabotano! :)

  • Blimey this website is playing-up today!

    2 miles & 2km and no stick insects today just a very fit muscly guy (Idris Elba look-alike) on my treadmill- it has to be monday , no make up and blurry eyes when you encounter these people doesnt it? aah tis a cruel world sometimes... ; )

  • That's why all the sticks attend the gyms in full make-up and designer lycra. It's nothing to do with getting fit! ;)

    Well done MR :)

  • Tee-hee

  • Evening

    Exercise bike for today 10.4km πŸ˜€

    Steps 4532

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • WTG Nic, that's fab :)

  • 11km battling the wind today!

  • Oh well done Steve! It's bloomin' hard work isn't it! :)

  • Today 6.4 km, first time out since Friday feels goodπŸ˜ƒ

    Slow and steady catchy the kms !!!


  • Oh that's great Flossie, I'm so pleased for you :) Just don't go doing too much, too soon though :)

  • You still not over Daniel? Glad you're feeling better and getting some fresh air πŸ‘

  • Lol, just made it worse have watched all his Bond films over past few days as recuperating!! Phew😜


  • Yup, recuperating can be exhausting lol πŸ˜‰

    Bet you are feeling better πŸ˜‹

  • Evening - quick post on my kms before I forget !

    Me - 5.1km dog walk

    Mr L - 2km dog walk


  • Well done Mr and Mrs L :)

  • Reporting in for the evening with 12.1 km on the pedometer (most of it skiing down mountains in Kamchatka). No really 1 excellent run this morning and 1 good walk after work. Was surprisingly fast today. We're getting the wind over here in Germany now - should be interesting tomorrow.

  • Skis on and the wind behind you and you should go like a rocket! :)

    Great K's JC :)

  • 10.5 km today

  • Lovely K_o_g :)

  • 9.56kms for me today πŸ€—

  • Perfect Beryl :)

  • Hello :)

    2.1km for me - managed to avoid the rain and didn't get blown away :) I am sure I burned some extra calories walking into the wind!

  • I'm glad you didn't get blown away Sue, we need you! :)

    Well done for the K's and the extra cals :)

  • Fantastc day action packed. kms for the 8th feb 2.37. lovely evening to Everyone.

  • This certainly is an action packed trip Marianne :)

    Thanks for your K's :)

  • Thank you moreless. Going to have a lot to tell the family.

  • They'll be so jealous! :)

  • Thats for sure, but we deserve it.

  • 3.2 Km today, I hope to get more when I am at home!

  • You're doing well Britdiane :)

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    I'm looking forward to reading this thread through tomorrow, as I love seeing how everyone is doing - very motivating. But in the meantime, here are my results:

    Walking: 1.5 kms

    Rowing: 4kms

    Total = 5.5 kms.

    I didn't go to the gym today, but hope to get there later this week!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Lowcal, the gym bunnies will have missed you today, as you're a regular now :)

  • I decided to go back up the slope.

    After a ****ty day at work, and finding out the roof is leaking into my bedroom, I hit the spin classes again.

    I did a double session after work and clocked up a further 51km in 90 minutes.

    Therefore my total today is 80km.

    I am currently stuffing my face!

    I will require someone to carry me for the next two days, which I will be using to rest!

  • Oh my good golly! That's beyond ridiculous Geza! I'm lost for words and that doesn't happen to me often :)


  • I'm lost for everything after that, haha! Just put me on the cruise ship and let it take me somewhere! :)

  • I have a sun lounger reserved just for you :)

  • Awesome! Can I have an extra long straw that reaches to the bar? I will just ask them to attach it to the beer tap! :)

  • Never mind a straw, let's just go for a hose! :D

  • 3km for me x

  • Well done Claire :)

  • Today 7.36 km

    Fantastic activities ahead, looking forward to exploring the wilderness 😊

  • Of course you do, my little chameleon :)

    Great number Elissy :)

  • Awww, thank you 😊

  • We had to leave Rosie behind in Queensland so I was wondering if we could maybe take a bear with us?

    Me -definitely not a day for cycling - or anything else outdoorsy!

    I make it 6.88k today - walking (distance as measured per Walk Logger) plus 2.1k swimming.

    Have a good day 2mrw everyone.

  • A mascot called Yogi, or perhaps Yuri :)

    Even when you don't venture out Gonti, you still clock up great K's :)

  • 5.7k for me. I'm so looking forward to the skiing as I've always wanted to give it a go...and with no chance of injury either!!!

  • You're braver than me Phil, I'm going for a big rubber inner tube :D

    Great K's :)

  • Hi all

    20.64kms for me Monday.

  • Woohoo Mimsta, what a star! :)

  • Fantastic numbers from everyone today πŸ˜„ 8.3km for me (8th)

    Pity the Pilates does clock up km; certainly feeling it today.

  • Fantastic number from you too Ruth :)

  • Just 6.3km today Lizzie & fellow travellers, very low with virus. Take care all

  • That's still a fantastic number, rainshine 😊

    Just be sure to take it easy if you can 😊 hope you feel better soon 😊

  • Evening Travellers

    4.3 km for me today, I'm going to set myself a goal of at least 7 km tomorrow. I need to challenge myself to improve my daily totals.

  • Good luck with doing your 7km today, Mrsg3. :-)

  • Skiing not my style but I am up for vodka cocktails, today walking to and from gym a couple of times and general shopping 22km,,and one spin today at 15.2 kms 30,000 steps for 2nd day on the trot - thank you Lizzie for setting up the challenge! Total 37?

  • Do you go through a lot of pairs of shoes Prin? :o

    You're loving every minute of this, aren't you? :)

    Who needs One Man and his Dog, when we've got One Woman and her Fitbit?! :D

  • Loving the analogy have new gel asics am wearing them on long runs but not anywhere muddy I need to keep them nice for Paris😳 I tell you once this marathon is done you won't catch me running - not even for a bus

  • Oh, running hasn't become your "thing" then! :)

  • 12.6km to add. All those hills in San Francisco should use up a few caloriez

  • Fantastic henlady! :)

    I don't like hills much! :o

  • Hi All...11.8kms today...5k run, plenty of housework and a bootcamp class tonight πŸ˜€

  • Wow quin, you're an eager beaver :)

  • Hi quin, is everything OK, because we haven't heard from you for almost a week? :)

  • Hi Moreless! Im good...had no broadband since tues evening!!! Been lost without it 😱

    My results all week were Tuesday - 6.8kms, Wednesday - 10.6kms, Thursday- 11.3kms, Friday - 12.4kms, Saturday - 10.5kms and Sunday 5.3kms!

    So sorry for not being in touch....broadband back on this morning so all back to normal now πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Aarrgghh!! What a nightmare for you! :o

    Really glad to have you back with us, thanks for all your lovely totals :)

  • Today's total is 11.96km for me. I think I am finally rid of my sinus infection :)

  • Great news about the sinus infection RAF_girl and great number! :)

  • 6.9km for me. It might have been a few more had I not left my raincoat at home this morning and felt inclined to take the bus this evening : )

  • What a silly billy you are Garfield ;)

  • We've had another exciting and exhausting day. Boy am I glad of this cocktail or three :)

    My totals today are:

    Cycling - 17.28

    Rowing - 0.72

    Total - 18K's :)

  • Fantastic Kms, Moreless. :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal :)

  • Gutted. I have fallen at the first hurdle. I have not made my planned mileage of 10kms 😞 I have only managed11213 steps, 7.6 miles. I am looking after another dog and it's easier to walk them on the moor than do a road walk were I walk further. I should be back to normal after Wednesday but not a good start to my week.

    I'll shake my feathers, tomorrow is another day......and another target. Bring on Happy Tuesday!

  • Loving the enthusiasm and positivity Bu-dog :)

  • Er, that would be 11213 steps, 7.6 kms. Wishful thinking it was miles lol

  • It's still a great number Bu-dog and more than your 10,000 steps/day :)

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