Evening walk

Hurray, hurray the days are getting longer! By leaving work an hour earlier than usual (it is Friday after all) I was able to walk home through the park in daylight. Much nicer than skirting it in the dark on the road. I found myself singing "I'm on top of the world" (Imagine Dragons) so my sub-conscious was definitely chuffed. Looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow morning as I've been quite good this week. After all I promised to lose about 8lbs by Easter and I've got to start somewhere.


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5 Replies

  • Spring is just around the corner!

  • It's brilliant isn't it? The crocuses and snowdrops are out, the days are getting longer - and I am so looking forward to a year of getting fit and healthy!

  • Good going JaySee! Read Robert MacFarlane's The Old Ways for more inspiration.

    From starting out at 30 mins a day walking, I am now at about 2 hours a day. Walking has given lots of health benefits (lower cholesterol, low blood pressure) that have eclipsed the weight issue. Tell us more about what you seen when you walk.

  • I walk a lot, not as much as you but at least 70 mins a day. In the summer I try to go for long hikes, regularly over 25 k. So I know what you mean. Has also helped me with weight loss, blood pressure and mood. My Friday walks back home after work are 9 km, it's nicer through the park, but I don't mind pounding the streets of Munich either, exploring new side-streets, just looking at the buildings, always see something new. Yesterday was just good, because the park is now an option again.

  • Nice to read about pounding the streets of Munich. I do the same in Stockholm. The light is slowly returning here (sunset abt 4pm instead of 2pm). We have lots of national forests in the area, besides the Baltic Sea. Take care!

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