So pleased

after very slow progress last week, 11st 8 lb yesterday, I passed my next target which was 11.7 and today was 11st 6and half pounds, how can that be? Was it the magic purple and green cocktail I made in the nutri bullet or the dreadful experience at the pilates class or was it my body catching up? Beginning to think there must be something to the juicing I added spinach??


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7 Replies

  • congrats on passing your goal!

  • Personally I always find my results always lag behind my efforts....and it works both ways. When I am naughty it takes a week to catch up too!

    Well done on smashing your goal! Come on let's head for those 10s together! 😊

  • yesss!

  • Hi Lizzie,

    That's great! Really good. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • What you made was a smoothie hun, not juicing. A world of difference as you have just blitzed down the whole product which has then given you so much more goodness than juicing can. I always mix fruit and veg together when doing a smoothie and spinach is one of the staple veggies used, the taste can sometimes take some getting used too. Beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, celery leaf, etc.. are good veg additions to the fruit. I like to use frozen fruit as this naturally ices my smoothie and I also add a little oat bran and/ or spirulina ( though the spirulina does turn the smoothie a vivid green!!). My daughter had a fresh mango, orange juice, spinach and oat bran smoothie this morning before heading out to college. ( 1 mango, 200ml pure orange, a big handful of fresh spinach and 1tbsp of oatbran - blitz until smooth).

    Congratulations on the loss, it feels good to be moving doesn't it? 😊

  • thanks for the tips, I tried spinach blueberry strawberry and red grapes this morning, I cant say I like it yet, however I think I have to persist in getting spinach down somehow , weight went up half pound today even though still counting and only had 860 calories yesterday maddening!! Hoping to shift it today but not sure what to have today, no carbs I think.

  • You may be having too few calories hun, it can sometimes make the body act like famine is here and conserve it's energy store. Try upping the cals and see if it works, 860 is really really low. 😊

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