Around the world in 80 Days - Please post kms/steps/miles for Sunday 24 January (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 Days - Please post kms/steps/miles for Sunday 24 January (Part 2)

Dear Travellers

Yay we made it to the top - look at how far we have come!

I must admit I'm not a fan of stairs - going up or coming down. But at work, I have choose to take the stairs rather than the lifts to get to my desk (I am on the second floor) and to meetings. Not yet done this in the company of colleagues but I will do it.

Any more travellers to check in for Sunday 24 January, please do so here. Monday's thread will go up sometime this afternoon/early evening.

Happy Travels everyone :) :)

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40 Replies

  • I was stuck in a car for most of the day, barely managed 0.5km :(

    About walk into uni now though :)

  • Oh dear Steve, but never mind, you can do double today :D

  • Wow thats some view well worth the climb 😰

  • Oooh I feel slightly queasy looking at that :-( I used to work halfway up Canary Wharf, and it was a killer when we had a fire alarm and had to evacuate the building - even going down all those stairs was a nightmare.

    Anyway, km for yesterday was 6.6k dog walk and 2500 steps on the mini stepper :-)

  • I felt bad enough going up the tower at Blackpool, with the glass floor, but that looks a lot higher! :o

    Wow you're really mastering that mini stepper! Is it easier now? :)

  • Easier - yes. Interesting - NO !! Thank god for Frasier :-)

  • I'm the same on my indoor bike! Must get some more DVD's :D

  • Fantastic view! 6.9k from me for Sunday. Got the sun here this morning, so off out to make the most of it.

  • Ooh, lucky you Mrscaw :)

    Great number :)

  • morning lizzie 7kms for me, a bit lazy at the weekend

  • 7K's isn't lazy Linda! :)

  • Sunday just 1.3 km for me but on a positive note I did get another box packed!!

  • Woohoo! Well done veganista! I hate packing! :o

  • 11.5 km for me Sunday. dog is still knackered and refused to go out this morning. lol

  • hahaha! Looks like you're on your own now then Carpo! ;)

    Fabby number! :)

  • Ha ha. I'm sure he will still come with me tonight:) he's an English border collie. lol

  • I have a border collie cross and she normally seems to be tireless, but when I walked her riding my bike and she had to run the whole time, I thought she was about to peg out! I don't do that any more! :)

  • Hi Lizzy

    What a superb view, well worth the effort on the stairs. My km for Sunday was 3.8 km.

  • Well done Mrsg :)

  • Phew, glad to find this post a manageable size! Struggling to access long posts at the moment :(

    I have 5k to report for yesterday (Sunday). It wasn't an easy run but I was determined. I was running with my new running partner. We spurred each other on which was great. Also it was my first run round a busy park, lots of weaving in and out, especially as we didn't realise there was a 10k going on there! But I'll definitely go back again - nice to have the green and the feeling of space :)

    Hope everyone's getting on okay with getting their kms in :)

  • I had an email from the tech team today, saying they're working on all the site glitches and we should start seeing improvements within the next few working days. Yahoo! It's taken long enough! :o

    Great running Ruth and maybe one day, you and your running partner may be part of the 10K :)

  • That's great news about the IT team working on the site glitches. I was dealing with a full-blown phone crash this morning. I sent my post off into the ether for the weigh-in and it never arrived, and in the meantime my phone went blank, froze for ages, then finally responded to all my proddings by switching itself off!

    Me and running partner are def planning to reach 10k at some point this year. 10ks are full of all sorts anyway. Not everyone runs the whole thing, and a serious percentage seem to just sing their way round. I could definitely manage that :)

  • Others have reported that their posts just "vanished" and there are still numerous weird and wonderful things going on.

    It appears that they've been working on the notifications first, because they seem to be sorting themselves out now.

    haha, even I might be able to manage singing my way around 10K's! Well done for giving it a go and good luck with preparations. I think Lucca's hit the nail on the head by saying longer days and more daylight will certainly help :)

  • Hurray - well done on that 5k Ruth :-)

  • Thanks Lucca - you've overtaken me so fast you're merely a dot in the distance these days - but very much appreciate the encouragement :)

  • I guess it's more a matter of circumstances :-) I'm lucky that I'm working at home so can arrange my running times to suit the daylight hours - now you are hard at work in an office, it makes it a bit more difficult. Roll on the summer :-)

  • 23083 steps or 18.14k for yesterday. Did include a short run & lots of walking between places.

  • We've been waiting for you Lexi and your terrific numbers :)

  • 4.38km for Sunday,

  • Well done jenni :)

  • Sunday; 1.4km dog walking

  • Well done Concerned :)

  • 3829 steps (3.1km) first day monitoring my steps and if 10k is recommended then I'm going to have to crowbar in a dedicated walk, far too sedentary a lifestyle desk job and travel by car between sites. 🐢

  • You can only do what you can do. You will want to do more and get in that dedicated walk but only when its right for you :)

    Well done on your Ks

  • Thanks Liz 👍😀

  • Bloody knackered longest run yet, 14.5 miles so

    fit bit records a total for Sunday 26.4 kms mostly the run and then shuffling round the house

  • Surprised you even managed to shuffle after 14.5 miles of running - you planning a marathon at some point Prin? Or was that just for fun? :)

  • Yes - Paris marathon 3rd April 😳 My first and last me thinks. We have the Stafford half in March too this is us last year, had what I thought was cramp for the last bit but it turns out it was calf fatigue

    DH did Paris in 2013 (while I looked round the Louvre) never in my wildest dreams did I think I would run for a bus at that stage never mind a race

    My son isn't doing Paris he is currently in NZ, however my sister is flying in from Barbados to join us it will be her 3rd she did Berlin in 2013 and Chicago last year

    DH is running with me I aim to get round under 5 hrs would be great 4 anything will do

  • Wow Prin! Will it be televised? We could all sit in front of our screens cheering you on :)

  • Lordy, lordy Prin! I'm surprised you weren't hospitalised! That's mega!! :o

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