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Celebrate the good things

Most of us have yo-yoed on our journey to lose weight. So we know the good feelings when things are working, as well as the depression when they're not. Here are a few little and light-hearted things that make the struggle worth while

- When your wedding ring fits again (and you don't have to inch it painfully over that knuckle with the help of soap!)

- When you're out walking in summer and realise when you look down that your huge belly no longer sticks out further than your boobs!

- When you can drink wine or eat a huge meal without fear of indigestion/heartburn

- When you no longer snore (I claim I never snored)

- When you come back elated from a run, on a high because you were fast and a guy delivering pizza to your neighbours is really happy for you. After a short conversation he says "great body" (not true, but made me laugh!)

- When you can run for the bus without getting out of breath

- When you can - almost - keep up with your marathon-running friends when you all go hiking in the Alps

And the classics

- When people comment on your weight loss, or ask how you did it

- When favourite clothes fit again

- When all the medical problems have vanished at your next check-up

Everyone will have their own list. There's a thousand other things which are better when you're lighter. Those are a few of mine. But I still have a way to go......

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You are way fitter than me but maybe one day I'll identify with some of the other good things but I certainly know what you mean about your belly sticking out further than your boobs :D Made me chuckle. Pleased to say mine are back in the right place - definitely makes you feel more womanly that way!

Oh and yes the snoring - at my biggest mine was terrible, luckily it stopped very quickly after only shedding a little weight. :)

One of my favourites is the fact my hubby doesn't have to slow down or wait for me anymore when we are out walking :) Oh and the extra choices in shops as your dress size goes down. :)


:-) My snoring was terrible in the last few weeks of pregnancy. My husband had to sleep on the couch for the duration downstairs and I still woke him up most nights !

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Your list is similar to mine. I need reminding occasionally of the positive things, it helps keep me going. Thank you.


A lovely set of cheering thoughts. I think I'll share it with my dieting chums. Thank you for making me smile. You missed my all time favourite, going into the attic and finding another pair of smaller jeans, and they fit.

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