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Its goodbye from me and the buzzards. I'm doing well, and its been great to meet people but since joining slimming world, I don't seem to have my attitudes in common with a lot of members.

I read a lot of tosh from people who knock sw without ever trying it, and I have better things to do than sit here arguing the toss with people who are misinformed and set in their ways.

I'm pleased for you all if you are happy with the Nhs plan, personally I think its a load of crap, but that's just me.

Anyway, I am now leaving the forum, so bi bi everybody, its been nice meeting you and I wish you all good lives.

Goodbye x


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35 Replies

  • Libby, I hope you're not leaving on my account, because you've totally misunderstood my point.

    I was never dissing SW, I was trying to say that my attitude when I was a member of SW was all wrong.

    I was still seeing dieting as a temporary fix to get me to a correct weight, only to then return to my "normal" way of eating.

    I'm thrilled that SW has been the answer that you were looking for, it's just not my answer.

    I am so sorry if I've hurt or upset you in any way, that was NEVER my intention.

  • Moreless- I havent been around these parts all that long but I dont think you could ever intentionally hurt anyone- I think as you rightly said that this is more likely a case of "misunderstanding".

  • Thank you so much MR, your support means a lot to me, because to be honest, I'm feeling absolutely horrible at the moment.

  • No Moreless it's not ok for you to feel bad- this has all been blown out of proportion because Libby has misunderstood someone (we dont know who- but it doesnt really matter)- i've read back through numerous posts and cant find a trace of anyone saying anything more than sw didnt work for them personally and giving their personal reasons why- last time i checked we live in a democracy of free speech but moreless you've said nothing to feel bad about and I wont have you- an absolute pillar of strength and kindness our community feeling bad about something that is not your fault. Now take a breath, put on a smile, make a herbal tea and try to find the specsavers advert online of Basil Fawlty - that should sort you out : )

  • Oh bless you MR, you're a real tonic and just what my aching heart was needing :)

  • moreless please don`t feel upset you honestly would never hurt any one , you always go out of your way to support others and the help you give people is always a blessing.

    I haven`t been around for long but long enough to know if you thought you hurt or offended anyone you would be devastated. Keep your chin up hun and have a nice little cycle to lift those spirits! :-)

  • Thank you so much MM, your words of support are worth more to me than all the tea in China. I'm so glad that you realise that I would never intentionally upset anyone and I'm so grateful for your empathy.

    I have been pounding away on my pedals, trying to take my mind off this :)

  • You have always been incredibly helpful and a great asset to this site moreless and all those you help,I think on forums a lot can get lost in translation, I completely get that you would never intentionally hurt or offend anyone and hope you are ok , keep yourself busy , and tomorrow is a fresh new day! :-) If you are anything like me I dwell and worry but please don`t as having different opinions on things is what makes life interesting! If everyone always agreed it would make life very dull ;-)


  • Thanks MM, yes I too am a dweller!

    I just wish we could have "chatted" about it, because I fear libbydaniels88 has gone away with a bad taste in her mouth, when it really wasn't necessary.

    I do so appreciate your understanding and concern MM :) xxx

  • Unfortunately we can't save everyone and each person has their own journey no matter what we think is right for them.

    I, like others, couldn't find a single thing wrong with anything you have posted so I think really has been a big misunderstanding. I can see Libby has not responded to any of these posts so I assume she is gone on her way. All we can do is hope she finds something that works for her and keep on with our own plan:)


  • Thanks so much for your kind words Dave :)

  • Please try not to take this too personally moreless, I'm not even sure it was you who prompted this reaction. IF it was, it could be possible that pain and lack of sleep amplified the response to any misunderstanding. I know this can happen to me when I am tired and hurting. Not saying it IS the case, just throwing it into the mix as a possible contributing factor. You do a fab job here, and I hope that Libby will come back and talk it through with the relevant person/people. :-)

  • Thanks so much for your words of wisdom WW, that's definitely a very plausible, contributory factor :)

  • Well put Marmite.

    Moreless, Don't feel put down. You are a great person. It is just a sad situation where someone feels like lashing out. It is best to keep this forum upbeat with all of you good people. It is helpful to share ideas, opinions and way of life.

    I enjoy your posts. Keep them coming. We should actually share all our ridiculous experiences for a laugh. Like me eating two diet meals per meal and expecting to lose weight! Because after all they were diet meals, right?

  • Thanks so much for your encouraging words nhs2015.

    I agree that the forum should be upbeat, positive and encouraging. I think I was taken aback by such a negative reaction, as it's so rarely witnessed here and of course, I felt tremendous guilt, as I could only think that I was the cause.

    I'm sure we all have crazy "diet" stories. I used to eat a whole punnet of grapes/day, like sweeties, as well as about 8 other pieces of fruit, because, of course, fruit is healthy, right?! :)

  • Hahaha 😛😛😛

  • Moreless you are the most supportive and encouraging person, you said nothing whatsoever offensive. I'm sorry Libby's got the wrong end of the stick here and I will miss her posts, but it's not your fault. I tried SW but it wasn't for me, neither was the NHS plan! but I'm delighted if either of them work for someone else, and this forum is amazing whichever route you take for your eating plan ☀️

  • Thank you so much for your support Fran. I tried to put over the same points as you, but obviously I failed miserably.

    I think I need to brush up on my forum skills :)

  • Your forum skills are perfect, just stay exactly the way you are ☀️

  • Aww, you're so kind :)

  • Hi Fran,

    Hear, hear you are so right about our fellow pal moreless😃

    Sometimes one plan works for one and not the other and when we hit on the right plan that works for us it's empowering !!

    At the end of the day this forum is about like minded people coming together to support, inspire and motivate for all of us to become healthier fitter folk😃


  • Interesting Fran. NHS did work for me but I adapted it to my needs. Like getting off sugar. No low fat stuff. Less carb. I listen with interest to every one ideas as some may suit me and some may not. I think we each are the only one who know what works for us and what does not.

  • Thanks for your support - keep it up☺ x

  • Thank you 8811, that's so kind :)

  • Hon you are totally entitled to your opinion and I'm sorry if you've come across sw bashing- personally i havent witnessed any bashing on here but then i dont really discuss my way of eating. The NHS plan to me personally is a starting point or useful guidelines along the way because for most of us our journey evolves a lot as we continue with it so when we find something that works we're so excited and relieved we think we've found the answer for everyone but we all need to keep in mind that this is a very personal journey and what works for one doesnt work for another. Personally I've tweaked my plan several times over the last few weeks and it seems to be changing almost organically as i grow more respect for myself and what i nourish myself with- but that's just me and what works for me. I'm so pleased you've found something that works for you right now and i wish you all the luck in the world with it- its sad that you feel you need to leave because you're having to justify your eating plan (I must admit I'm surprised as I find everyone here so incredibly supportive- but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened) please remember we're all here should you change your mind : )

  • Hi Libby, don,t go because of a difference of opinion. I,m struggling with nhs plan too. It's not for me either but the forum is. Lots of interesting discussions,ideas,encouragement and most importantly somewhere to have a good whinge. Stay with us, your input is valued and i for one would be interested to see how you get on with SW. My daughter is doing it and it's working for her. She is trying to educate me in its ways as we speak. Xxx

  • Will miss the buzzards - don't go. I read somewhere that ANY diet is usually successful for a while at the beginning. Just because we're being more careful and maybe shaking up our metabolism. So most standard diets work and that is more than enough justification. And everybody is tweaking their own personal diet on here - but there is no "one size fits all". You find your size and ignore anyone who's trying to force their size on you (probably unwittingly). If SW is your size - that's brilliant. Rejoice and tell everyone, celebrate your successes.

  • It's very easy for people to misunderstand one another on-line.

    As best as I can see, noone here is actually following the NHS plan to the letter. A lot of people seem quite critical of some of the stuff it suggests, and most folks seem to have tweaked it so that they've actually ended up doing their own thing to a large extent. Or maybe I'm the one who's having trouble understanding!

    Glad that SW works for you. People I know who are doing it seem happy with it, too. Whatever floats your boat! ☺

  • There is no need to call the Nhs plan "crap" it has helped a lot of people on here and its more of a healthy eating plan that more people can stick to long term.

    I can come on here and chat to a lot of people and ask questions and share positive thoughts whenever i like, but if you prefer to go once a week with people that live by you and spend £5 thats up to you.

    Also i can give my opinion on this as i have been to slimming world many times and i found it very much as if i was paying £5 for one hour and i was left to struggle by myself for the rest of the week. I know you can ring the consultant whenever you liked but its just not the same as all the people that are on here helping you out.


  • Horses for courses, no?

    It all sounds like a storm in a teacup and certainly not something to get het up over.

  • I love the NHS plan........... And I love my NHS buddies 😚😜😘

  • Oh dear Libby, I am surprised.

    Yes Libby, I believe you are right. If you feel you do not like this forum, do not like the people and you get upset then It is best for you not to be part of it.

    One word to remember "endorphins" = positive = happiness. Exercises or even meditation gives "endorphins" which gives positive feelings which in turn make a person healthy and therefore more happy and positive.

    Sometimes a specific diet, which may lack something or add on chemicals, will create a situation where people although losing weight will become unhealthy, stressed, negative and can snap at other people therefore losing friends, becoming lonely and unhappy..... They are lacking the right mixture to get "endorphins". It is really a viscious circle. The less endorphins, the more cranky, the more cranky, the less endorphins.

    Maybe looking at a program like the 12 week NHS where one can learn healthy eating habits maybe the answer? As this gives a person a lot of positives. One can adapt it to suit and this forum is great at helping.

    This forum is fantastic. The diversity of opinions interesting. The sharing of information fabulous. AND you guys out there are great. You are stars. Keep posting.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Moreless, you are encouraging always. I lost 3st 8lbs with SW, but as soon as I stopped going it all came back and more! I believe this was due to not being taught about healthy eating for life. This forum supports all sorts of healthy eating plans (I prefer not to use the word 'diet'). My membership is only a month old, but this site and those who contribute have already helped me approach losing weight with a different mindset. Long may we all support each other in our endeavours to become and stay healthy.

    Libbydaniels88 - if you feel this forum/website isn't for you, good luck and goodbye.

  • Thank you Anon-E-Mouse :)

  • Hi Libby, I hope you will end up coming back and talking things through with the relevant person/people. It all seems like a bit of a misunderstanding, although I've been pretty awol this week so far, so I haven't really been completely up to date with what's going on, just came on today trying to catch up with things a bit.

    Over the months, I have read various opinions and approaches to food consumption on here. I've seen people who have joined slimming clubs, people who are following the NHS plan, people who advocate high fat, low carb, etc. In fact, there seem to be so many schools of thought that it would likely be impossible for us all to agree on what is the "right" way of doing things, because everyone's personal needs and experiences are unique.

    One thing I think we do all agree on is that we want to help and support each other along the way to lighter, improved versions of ourselves. I am delighted for you that you seem to have found your answer with SW. Won't you please come back and keep updating us with your famous "Buzzard Bulletins"? I hope you do, as I for one would be happy to read of the successes you are having with your personal choice of dietary plan. Every success I read about on here inspires me and helps to keep me motivated.

    Hoping to hear about more disappearing buzzards very soon, and hoping that you currently are not having as much pain as you were having. :-)

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