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Disheartened and absolutely gutted :-(

mannikaurRestart July 2020

Hi people

As you know i been on this 12 week plan with a fractured foot, its my 9th week and i've been really trying hard. I thought i was 82.2kg and been using scale at work and it measured me as 78kg this week. I'm doing 10,000 steps and trying to watch what i eat with my fitness pal. So i started my PT sessions to boost the weightloss as i have lost inches from 39inches ot 32 inches.. but still clothes are a little tight and now not lost much weight.

Today i was told i was 85.5kg ..... So that means ive not lost anything... in fact put it on ... and i know i have been eating properly more 5 day and lot less sweets and chocolates.

dont know what to say... but i am determined with PT and back in the gym.

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Hi and well done on those inches lost

It may be that you're developing muscle and losing weight and pound for pound, muscle takes up less space, hence your shrinking size, but no change on the scales. I am sure the scales will start to change real soon, you just have to keep at it :)

I have seen on here that some people have scales that also show fat and muscle - maybe worth a look to help you

Wishing you all the best and you can do this :)


Please don't feel despondent mannikaur You are more than a number on a machine 😕

Different scales weight different amounts so if one set are saying you have lost 4.2 kilos in 9 weeks then I would believe that. That is a perfect rate to lose fat, and that is the intention, to lose FAT not muscle or water.

Inches lost is the true measure anyway as we all want to be 'smaller' rather than lighter. It is also worth trying to get an accurate fat % measure if you can. As you maybe know, my weight has been fairly static for about a 8 months following a hysterectomy but my fat % is slowlyncomin down.

With all the obstacles you have had, foot injury etc, just to have not gained would be an achievement.

Keep smiling lovely 😊

mannikaurRestart July 2020 in reply to IndigoBlue61

thank you that means alot

If you have lost 7 inches you definitely have not gained weight. As others have said you have to compare results taken from the same set of scales. 2 sets can differ wildly. My scales at home and my GFs scales are 3kg different. My old scales could vary in result by up to 2 kg depending where in the room you placed them.

mannikaurRestart July 2020 in reply to Rignold

yes I had that this morning 82.4 and then I did again 87.4 how can that be ?

I'm going to weigh on the normal ones i been using throughout the 9 weeks but that said yesterday's weight was by the pt at the gym

Always go by the same scales, and try to weigh yourself in roughly the same clothes and at the same time of day. We all fluctuate throughout the day, and added to that different scales will give you different answers.

That doesn't matter normally, but when you are trying hard to lose weight every gram counts! Go with your 78kg as that's the scales you started using. Thats a total of 4.2kg by the'll be able to exchange your newbie badge for a 5kg one soon! And by the way - thats a really perfect weight loss for 8 weeks - steady and safe.

Look at the measurements with your PT as a separate thing, compare those weights week to week perhaps, but not against your work scales.

4.2 kg lost forever, 7 inches off, and 10,000 steps a day with a fractured foot - I think you are doing really well!

mannikaurRestart July 2020 in reply to JiminyCricket

thank you so much ... your words means so so so much

Just so you know I always weigh myself as soon as I get up after I have been to the toilet. This way I have got any waters out of my body etc so should be lighter. Also, I haven't got dressed and never move the scales as getting dressed means clothing could weigh different daily. Because I also do this before drinking and eating anything this also adds weight on as well which is why doing this at different times of the day your weight will fluctuate and if you don't eat the same things everyday as many of us don't it will be different. Don't worry about this for know and this is why you would be told to measure yourself with inches as well so that you know it's not as bad as you think. It is only a number and at least you know now as many of us have said about the differences. Good luck overall with your full journey. Take care.

mannikaurRestart July 2020 in reply to HubbysMissMouse

thank u so much

Although we all aim to be a certain weight. The fact is that unless you are using very expensive calibrated scales, your own scales are unlikely to be giving your correct weight. However, it doesn't really matter because if you keep using the same scales in the same spot and at the same time of day, then if they say that you are losing weight you are. So stick with it and you will get where you want to be. Focus on the loss rather than the weight you are at this point in time. James

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