37 Year old guy , 18 stone and it keeps going up

Hello Everyone,

I am 37, Male and have been saying I was going to sift my weight for over 5 years now, 5 years ago I felt over weight at 14 stone, now I'm 18 stone.

What I am finding difficult is to motivate myself, I say I will loose X stone and then look at the challenge ahead and give up before I start.

I know what I need to do, cut out Beer (alcohol) , Sugar Drinks and smaller portions and exercise ( i get almost none) .

I don't have a bad back, or anything that should stop me. I am starting to wake up 3-4am now worrying about how I'm not getting any younger and I feel like I am slowly killing myself, I wake in the morning after I loose a couple hours sleep thinking today is the day, then come night time I have an overwhelming feeling of failure so I give up, this is everyday for me know :-( .

I would be very gratefully for help and advice from anyone, I want to get motivated, maybe a small step how to, or how you did it or doing it.

I know its all down to me but it's to the point now where I need help.




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12 Replies

  • Welcome!

    Don't tell yourself you have x number to weight to loose as you will never be able to it is too big you will give up straight away just tell yourself 2 lbs a week. Their are tons of people here who have to loose 6 stones so you are not alone.

    Just do it you can do it. The fact you came out here means you want to. So just eat smaller portions cut out sugary foods , Limit beer, go to the N.H. 12 week plan for guidance and remember baby steps. I hope I have helped you!

    Good luck with your journey it is fun! Keep posting as everyone here is so supportive!

  • Thank you bakersdozen, since posting I have had a dig around the NHS site and found my BMI is 33.2 making me obese (yikes) . I have looked at the 10,000 step challenge. I may well start with this. I walk maybe 1000 steps a day as I work from home so no chance of walking to the office. As I am out of shape I will aim for 5000 steps as a goal first then move on up to 7 then 10,000 and instead of doing what I have been doing for the last 5 years and saying I will start tomorrow I will start now, I am going for a walk after typing this message.

    I think 2lbs is a much better goal as well.. no point in doing to much at once, this is why I see myself as a failure, you right.

    Thank you for the advice and of course I will keep posting, Thank you :-)

  • I forgot to mention Lowcal post every Monday morning weigh in thread. It is so supportive and has helped me tons. If you are interested go to Lowcal or look out for it.

    Enjoy your walk.

  • Hi Bob,

    Welcome to the forum.

    One of our forum members (Moreless) has compiled a really useful 'Welcome pack' which has a lot of the things that are enjoyed by many of the people in this community, and it's definitely worth a read:


    Like Bakersdozen said, I do a Monday group weigh-in post - so if you're interested in joining us, you'd be very welcome. I know group weigh-ins aren't for everyone, but if you think you'd like to join in, then please do. If you read the thread that I've sent you a link for, then you will also see the details of the Monday group weigh-in within that, plus many other Challenges and great things within the forum.

    Wishing you a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Bob,

    Welcome to the forum. This is such a great place to come for advice and help! Take baby steps, each thing you change will help however small. It does have to come from you but by coming here, I reckon you are more than ready! I'm on week 10 of the NHS plan and have lost 1 stone 2lbs in that time. It's been a revelation!

    Get started and you'll be amazed how quickly you start to succeed! I don't set any goals because they scare me too much and I seem to end up failing so I take each week as it comes.

    You CAN do this!

    Elsie xxx

  • Hi. I can identify with your thinking. My best advice is to plan your food with the help of the nhs plan, find some sort of exercise which you can fit into your world and stick with us on the forum for motivation.

  • Hi Bob,

    You may be interested in the 'Around the World in 80 Days' challenge - we would love to have you join us. Here is the latest thread;



  • Hi Bob, take it one step at a time, just make small changes at first and move on from there. Also, don't think of the whole amount you need to lose, just set lots of small goals at first.

    You can do it, I was 19stone and I am now under 16stone.

    Join in the fun activities here, it is a real morale booster and keeps you motivated.

  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself and allow yourself little treats now and then. I just substitute for lower fat varieties or smaller treat size versions. Learn to love fruits and veg and lean proteins and the pounds will soon drop off. I have started the NHS plan which is working for me but I'm only two weeks in so we'll see how successful it is further on down the line. The hard part is starting though, once you get into the habit it will be much easier. Good luck

  • You Can Do. It... believe in yourself. X

  • Sleep! Its key to weight loss.

    Not only does our body burn more fat if we sleep more but we also eat more if we are tired or drained.

    I don't think anyone can motivate you for you - its something you have to find but for me what I found this time around is really helping is kind of simple.


    Now instead of thinking "I should exercise" or "Don't eat that" or "Get up you lazy slob" - all of which tend to be negative, I have just started to think "Make A Change".

    WHich can be quite positive and you decide what to change right then whether its getting off the lounge and going for a 5 minute walk or choosing yoghurt over chocolate or standing up and doing a star jump - something, anything as long as it changes what you are doing.

    Hope that helps :) We're all in this together and your success helps our success :)

  • Try not to rush it or change too many things at once. Set yourself regular targets however little - it'll motivate you to continue and make you realise for every pound and inch you lose, YOU have made it happen. Good luck

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