Around the World in 80 Days - Please post step/kms/miles for Sunday 17 January

Around the World in 80 Days - Please post step/kms/miles for Sunday 17 January

Dear Travellers,

Wasn't yesterday so much fun - broomstick ride, Taj Mahal, a game of Quidditch, cocktails and Lindy hopping on the dancefloor.

Our stats for the weekend are as follows;

Friday - 511 kms

Saturday - 396 kms (more travellers to check in)

Its now Day 23 of our voyage. Today I have just found out the railroad stops up ahead at Kholby. I have managed to hire 68 elephants to take us the rest of the way to Calcutta. Before we start the journey, we will have an elephant riding lesson so we know some vital tips and then away we go.

In a few hours, we say goodbye to the elephants and go in landrovers to the Sundarbans National Park, where we are glamping for the night. Firstly we are all having bum and leg massages and then its cocktails in the treehouse. Its an early start tomorrow morning for the tiger safari.

Please post your kms/steps/miles for Sunday whenever you have finished your day.

Happy Travels :) :) :)


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148 Replies

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  • Ooh so excited never ridden on an elephant before !!!😎


  • Yaaaay! :D

  • Just in from work and about to crash in my lovely welcoming bed, so though only 11am my ks from midnight to now are 16.5km. Night, night all - I hope not to see the world again until 8pm when I have to get up and go back to work. Life is very tedious and monotonous sometimes, I suppose it makes you appreciate the good times better. 😊

  • Wonderful number, Shellie.

    See you in the treehouse for a well-earnt cocktail and massage :D

  • Good times ahead for you Shelliel - hope your next shift goes well...

  • Hi there checking in for sat 16th 4926 steps and 0.5 mile swim. Hope elephant riding is easier than being on horse all that up and down on your bum nearly as bad as the new hula hoop on your waist, I think in the old days hula hoops were lighter or something was different!!

  • Have just the thing for you - a masseur and a barcadi and coke with lots of ice. It's hot out in the jungle :D

  • oh yes

  • Only 1.5km yesterday as a lazy day in work x

  • Thanks for checking in - glad to get your K's.

  • Hi everybody, Only 2.5 kms for Sunday. Had family here from 4pm, great bbq - steak, bacon & sausages, Potato bake, loaded cauliflower bake, big salads too. All perfectly cooked and super delicious. I probably won't need to eat till Wednesday now. :)

  • 2.5kms is a great number and that BBQ sounds delicious :) :)

  • A walk around the shops. 1 k. Every little helps. πŸ˜‰

  • It does indeed - thanks for checking-in :)

  • Oh elephants, they are bigger than I expected. I will have to pay a close attention in the riding lesson so I don't end up falling off.

    2.4km (3.529 steps)

  • You'll do just fine and the trunk is there to save you :D

    Great numbers and so pleased you have joined the challenge. See you in the treehouse :D

  • 3.5km for me today before the heavens opened. My new wellies enjoyed their first outing.

    I hope the elephant doesn't mine hauling me around!

  • Ooh, lucky you for getting wellies that fit, my legs are too fat! :o

    You still managed a good walk before the rain though Sueper :)

  • They are ankle ones Moreless - only Β£10 from Shoezone. I can't get normal ones to fit my fat calves.

    They also have nice ones at Yoursclothing but they're about Β£25 :)

  • Ooh, what a great idea! Thanks :)

  • When it comes to plus size shopping - I am your woman. Although hopefully not forever ;)

  • This time next year, we'll both be shopping skinny style :D

  • 9.65km today

  • Great numbers K-O-G. You have checked in every day this week and your average daily kms are 10.34 kms. This is an increase from last week when your average was 9.93 kms.

    :) :)

  • I blame Elissy for keeping me moving!

    Great to have the stats- thank you.

  • I think I need to book the strongest elephant for me, please!

    Today, I went for a long walk and a strength-training session at the gym. The walk was a bit of a challenge again, as there is still snow lying around and some deadly patches of ice. No falling over today, yay! Also, I managed to do more reps with the weights, so my muscles are getting bigger, which is encouraging. I will be able to help you all mount your ellies!

    So, I clocked up 12.15Kms today (I nearly forgot to say, argh).

  • Great number LTL and a great week. You checked in every day without fail and managed a daily average of 9.02kms. This is an increase compared to last week when it was 8.65kms.

    You're doing so well :) :)

  • Thank you Lizzy, that is great to see!

  • Hi Lizzy, you can count me in and include my first contribution of 13 kms.

    Looking forward to my travels.

  • Welcome JayseeSkinny and a great number to start you on this voyage. See you tomorrow for more adventures before we board the steamer to Hong Kong.

    Happy Travels :) :)

  • Hi Lizzy & Everyone,

    My results for today (Sunday 17th January 2016) are as follows:

    Walking: 9km

    Total = 9kms

    I think I'll need that lesson on riding the elephant. Never done that before!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Great number, Lowcal. I was about to tell you your daily average but reckon you may be one of the highest this week. So unfortunately you will need to wait until tomorrow's thread for the big reveal.

    Not long left on the elephant. See you in the treehouse for a massage and cocktails and I forgot to mention the infinity swimming pool.

    This is turning out to be a very special adventure.

    Happy Travels :) :)

  • Hi Lizzy,

    Thanks, I will be excited to see tomorrow's 'big reveal' - and I am excited about the infinity swimming pool - sounds so relaxing!

    This is definitely turning out to be a very special adventure, and thank you so much for organising it for us.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I have a few days to catch up but had to take the flight home to run the Liverpool winter run today.

    After the heat in India it was freezing. Thankfully no snow on the ground in Liverpool but nevertheless b****y cold.

    I will post my distances later after my flight back to join you

  • Wow! What an exciting life you lead, can't wait to hear how many K's you've clocked up, we're already missing you :)

  • Clearing snow so couldn't get out to gym today but still reckon I burnt a fair few calories. Did about 1.5k.

  • Well done Saga :)

  • Sounds for more exciting then my current home life. 0.4 miles from me and fooling around in a ball pit at a child's party earlier today.

  • That sounds like fun to me Mrs Booboo :)

  • Not ventured out today at all. Cooking and cleaning this morning and catching up on recorded programmes this afternoon.

    I did manage to fit in a 30 min exercise bike 'ride' and clocked up 11.3km, my best so far on the exercise bike 😁. Didn't have my phone on me whilst cleaning and cooking so I have no idea of steps today, sorry πŸ˜”

    Have a lovely evening peeps

    Nic ☺

  • Wow, that was good going Nic :)

  • Love the idea of a bum and thigh massage especially after sitting on an elephant all that time. it would be a good thing to have after trekking through all this snow. Slowing the mileage but hopefully toning something! 10.4 kms for me today and ordered a new pedometer as my faithful Pacer is no longer 😞

  • RIP Pacer :(

    Great number in spite of the snow Bu-dog :)

  • 2km today as had birthday party x sticking to calories though so hoping for a loss tomorrow πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆx

  • Well done Claire :)

  • I won't look down, elephants are very high up !

    7902 steps so far today, posting now as I'm having an early night and won't do much more.

    Plus 7 km on exercise bike. - legs could have done a bit more but bum bones protested! β˜€οΈ

  • OUCH! I can sympathise with that Fran! :o

    Great number :)

  • hi, sadly 1.7kms today, busy on computer today. 17th

  • All K's are good K's Marianne :)

  • thank you moreless.

  • 1.5 km dog walking

  • Thanks Concerned :)

  • Just got back from my walk today and my total kms for Sunday are 6.3 kms walking

    Quit a nice evening over these sides not too cold :-)

  • Chilly reception from Merseyside :-D

  • Well done Trafford :)

    We're at -4 at the mo, just a little chilly :)

  • We got it good then -4 now that's cold

    Still a nice day today by the looks of things and hope it stays that way :-) Hope to get my kms up this week had a busy weekend socializing

    The legs have had their rest now :-)

  • I can't even see what kind of a day it's going to be here yet, it's still pitch black out there! :)

    Those legs will be flying soon then :D

  • Hi Trafford- what were your stats for Saturday? 😊😊

  • Hi Lizzy sorry those were 3.2 kms walking around town :-)

  • 6.5k today which includes a 3.5k run. I ache...

  • Oh poor you, but not to worry, the massage and cocktail will soon sort you out :)

  • I like the sound of that!

  • I'll post today's kms tomorrow, but Saturday's were me - 7k walking - couldn't do c25k because I was scared of going 'a over t' in the snow :/ Jog-on was a bit more active with 6k jogging on treadmill and 10k walking :) x

  • Great numbers for both of you Kate :)

    My poor grandson came a cropper yesterday, whilst out walking with me and I was terrified I would follow suit! :)

  • Only 5.1 km for me yesterday πŸ˜„

  • There's no "only" about that number lynalla :)

  • Oops wrong thread, that was Saturday's figure!

  • :-) such fun - i did Lindy hopping lessons last year - more difficult than it looks. Hoping to master the paseo doble - going over Spain:-)

    I like elephants and especially like glamping- much more civilised.

    Now on the km from -My wee brain cells simply cannot keep track of what i have posted where.


    Yesterday (Sat)- did 7km

    today -(sun)13km :-)

    looking fwd to tiger safari - due to a family bereavement - lots of family around at moment - we played a game today - what animal are you when angry.... Tiger for me----I feel Grreeeat:-)

  • Oh crumbs Suzy, I think Lindy Hopping even looks difficult :)

    Great numbers :)

    Sorry to hear of the family bereavement.

    Ok Tony, calm down ;)

  • :-) Thanks- grrrr

  • Hi all only 1.5 km for me today had a lazy Sunday but back to Normal walking tomorrow x

  • Just the way a sunday should be Es :)

  • Kolkata here we come!

  • Ahhh - cocktails in a treehouse sound lovely :-) I can almost hear the sounds of the crickets and tree frogs chirruping away...

    Anyway, you will all be pleased to hear that I decided to do some pancake avoidance this morning, and went out for a run instead (really - was that me - avoiding pancakes - who'd have thought !!).

    So for today - 6.6k run and 4.4k dog walk = 11k total :-)

  • I think you're needing a trip to the doc's Lucca, you must have some dreadful lurgie if you're avoiding pancakes and running instead! :o

    Great number too :)

  • Hi Lizzie, I've been holiday so apologies for not having posted. I reckon I've done an average of 4 km a day since 3rd January. I've not done much Sunday as travelling. Hope to be more consistent with posting here on in.

    Kind regards

  • Welcome back Frankie, hope you had a great holiday :)

  • 5:4km...lazy Sunday! :)

  • Not that lazy Cazmaz!! :)

  • Just 6.3k today.

  • There's no "just" about that number Phil :)

  • 4.61 kms for me today

  • Well done Beryl :)

  • Well just in from the gym - mainly weightlifting and stretches so yes please to the massage. I may not have many km to report but I could definitely bench press the elephant trainers (can lift 97.5kgs) and one day will be able to lift the elephants (in my dreams)!!.

    I got lifts everywhere - no bike - so my kms today are only 4.8km. - mainly to Sunday farmers market to buy pinto beans and spinach!

    Stay cool everyone.

  • Holy mackerel Gonti! Remind me never to get into an argument with you! :D

    That sounds like an exciting trip, but it did clock up some K's for you ;)

  • Hi all, what a day! I wanted to keep my elephant, what a sweetie he was :)

    Really needing that massage and cocktail now, because as sweet as Eric was, he wasn't particularly comfortable ;)

    Can't wait for the tiger safari tomorrow :)

    Today, I managed to clock up 19.6K's :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Wow, that's a fantastic number of kms - well done you!!! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal :)

    What's even more fantastic, is that my grandson was with me and loved every minute :)

  • 9.4 miles today including the Liverpool 10k.

    What a great day and running for a worthy cause cancer research

    Managed a few beers to rehydrate on the flight back to join you

    5.1 miles Friday and 4.8 miles Saturday.

    I just synced my fit bit for the latest mileage

  • Wow Daddio, what a great thing to do, you must be feeling great, if little tired :)

    That's some serious K's you clocked up there, great to have you back with us :)

  • 9.19 km for Sunday, managed to beat my weekly target of 56k again. Definitely more focussed being on the challenge, would not have done 1/2 of what I have done without it. Roll on the massage!

  • Woohoo Determined! WTG you! :)

    I doubt I'd have done a 10th of what I have achieved, without this challenge :)

  • A cold but companionable 6.6km walking in the mud and snow with dogs and my son. I'm so lucky to have had children. Both my sons are such special, wonderful people πŸ˜€ Had a great time on the elephant, thank goodness for that massage though!

  • What a perfect sunday rainshine! :)

    What a great number too :)

  • Massages and glamping - just the biz!

    Made up for Saturday today! A game of netball and a busy afternoon means I have clocked 10. 9km today, my best to date I think.

    In bed light out to meet my pledge. 😊

  • Woohoo asics, wtg you! :)

  • WHoops sorry posted in the wrong thread - 8 kms!

  • With a very nice 8K's Dave, you can post anywhere you like :D

    Welcome aboard :)

  • Hi there Dear Lizzy and Travellers.

    Sunday = only 1.4 km again.

    Tomorrow i must get out, I'm going stir crazy being stuck indoors, so tomorrow's km's will be higher 😊

  • There's no "only" about your total veganista :)

    I can understand you feeling a bit stir crazy. Wrap up warm and even if it's just a trip around the block, or to the local shop, you're sure to feel better for it :)

  • THANKYOU hun you are so right 😊

    I've already been out brrr so cold out there ❄️⛄️ But it did me good πŸ˜€

    Hope you have a lovely day !!

  • Hi fellow travellers and elephant riders,

    Clocked up 4km today, although not my best number its pretty good when my feet didnt want to do what my brain was telling them. I was very happy to see my elephant for lift to the treehouse for the massage and drinks.

    The dog went manic with the snow, I just hope he didnt scare the elephants, wouldnt fancy getting thrown off!

    Am at work now (night shift) so am looking forward to the relax on the safari (I hope we see plenty of the wildlife, have my camera ready) on our onward journey.

    I am planning to walk more this week I have no excuse not to; and my daughter has persuaded me to get a 'dance' game for their console, so we are going to do this together even with my poor coordination. If nothing else it will be fun and I might not bump into everyone on the dance floor like I did with the Lindy hop.

    have a good day everyone.


  • Great post Ruth, how lovely to be travelling with someone who is so positive and has such a keen sense of humour :)

    4K's is a great total and I'm sure you're going to smash it this week :)

    Look out for those tigers and get snap happy :)

  • 7km for me yesterday including a couch to 5k run. Never thought I would say that I really enjoy running πŸ˜„πŸƒ

  • Woohoo lynalla, that's fab :)

    I was the same about cycling! :)

  • I walked at normal pace for 2 hours today but forgot to wear my pedometer. Not sure how far that is!

  • If we say 3 miles/hour, that would be 9.6K's. Does that sound reasonable? :)

  • 13125 steps or 9.38k for me. Hope to be back out on the bike this week or at least in a nice warm gym!!

  • I know what you mean Lexi, I can't wait to get my bike outside again! :)

    Great number again :)

  • Morning fellow travellers! Just checking in for Sunday...10.4kms walked yesterday....have a good day πŸ˜€

  • Ooh, nice number Quin :)

  • Sunday 5.33km

  • Well done Jude :)

  • Sorry gang did rubbish, spent to long on the elephant!!πŸ˜•

    Kms for yesterday 2.5 !!!πŸ€”

    I'll do better today


  • Flossie, you did not do rubbish!! :)

    You do fabulously every day :)

  • Who-hoo!! My record since the start of the challenge 11KM! And I was trying to do just 10, but I measure everything only after the walk, with a map and a measure tool... So I didn't know, haha!

  • Woohoo Diadhuit! Wtg you! :)

  • Hi all. 11k for me for Sunday. Yipee! didn't think I'd ever do it. Got to keep going, now where's that tiger? want to get a photo........

  • Woohoo! Wtg you Mrscaw! Everything's possible :)

    Yes, for goodness sake don't miss a photo opportunity with a tiger :)

  • All that exercise must make you thirsty, don't get thirsty

  • Thanks for your advice Lolol :)

  • Hi all fellow travellers πŸ˜€

    My sunday figures are 3.03km walking and 5.25km cycling so total for the day is 8.28km.

  • Great number kars :)

  • Changed the battery of my Fitbit took my son back to Uni went to a shopping centre to pick up a jacket went to the supermarket and Fitbit said zero steps. Not happy! gave it a good shake and then did 30 mins on my treadmill it now reads 3.19km for Sunday but I think we can add 2km for the missing steps

  • Aarrgghh!! I think your fitbit needs a servicing jenni! :(

    We'll happily go with 5.19K's :)

  • Sunday 17th January 11.53km :)

  • Great number keep-on :)

  • Hi Lizzy383040

    Only 5k for Sunday will get a bit further Monday running away from the Tigers.

  • Lol Mimsta, well done :)

  • Pardon? I didn't quite catch that, love.

  • hi there, I did 6910 steps plus 2 hours of dancing but forgot to put fitbit on for dancing!! Definitely need the massage after all the hula hooping.

  • What day was it that you did 2 hours of dancing, then I can look back at the thread and copy the figures? :)

    Can you get the hula hoop to work? I got one for an early Christmas present and haven't been able to swing it yet! :o

  • I did the dancing on sunday 17th and yes this hula hoop is ok I can do it and so can the 10 and 12 year old grandchildren its from argos Β£16.99 hula hoop pro 1.3 kg with a wavy foam covering. Just doing one min at time as there are warnings from the reviews which say you get bruises. its 104cm across and so has a bit of momentum as you swing it!

  • Oh that's right, rub it in how useless I am, I have the exact same hoop and haven't been able to swing it once! :o ;) :D

  • 12.5km for me little run in the snow but had to call a halt as too tricky so kms made up of that walking and ballroom dancing class πŸ’ƒπŸ½

  • Walking gingerly in the snow is dodgy enough Prin, never mind running! :o

    Ballroom dancing classes on a sunday! Crumbs, you never get that in this neck of the woods :)

    Great number, as usual :)

  • Hi all :) I managed to do my c25k yesterday so my totals for walking and 'jogging' (lol) are 10.45k. Jog-on did 7.5 walking, 5 jogging and 5 rowing so 17.5 total :)

  • Wow! Fantabulous both of you :)

  • Hello everyone,

    Hope you don't mind me joining your journey - yesterday I walked

    5.8 km and 8440 steps :)



  • Hi Nichole, it's great that you've decided to join us :)

    Great numbers! :)

    Welcome aboard! :)

  • Sorry for very late posting - but tricky weekend away.

    Fri - 3.66km

    Sat - 4.52 km

    Sun - 4.37 km

    Mon - 4.22 km

  • Thanks Gill, that makes you more up-to-date than anyone else :)

  • Sunday distance 6.214km

  • Well done Flab2Fab :)

  • So, first post on our travels. Total for Monday 12.5 km. A walk before and after work, and a fair bit of dashing around the office. Looking forward to seeing how far we get - just hope it stays warm. I fancy a swim in the infinity pool.

  • That's fab JaySee :)

  • Did 3km today just wandering around at work. But pedometer is playing up. What kind of tracker are people using? Seems to be the fitbit is the most popular on here... what would folk recommend?

  • Are we adding today's numbers here? 11.65km for me

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