losing weight

I have lost 2stones but I need to lose more and it gets harder. I can easily do without breakfast as I am retired. I live alone and I eat a small lunch (healthy) and a perfectly normal main meal, but I tend to watch TV evenings and the desire to nibble at anything often defeats me. not because I am hungry but because I long for some sugar, crisps, nuts and stuff. Any ideas on how to combat this?

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  • I would stick with earring breakfast and stop putting the other stuff in the cupboard. I could not live with it.

  • I think the only real way is just not to have the stuff in the house. I can be strong - or at least disciplined - for weeks, months even. But at some point I'll lose it and eat it if it's there. Triggering off weeks of being weak every evening.

    You could put together a little "package" of goodies that you allow yourself in the evening and take your time eating them slowly, enjoying the taste, dragging it out. But easier said than done!

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