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Definitely been on denial

I thoroughly accept that I needed to lose weight, and still need to lose more, but i have definitely been in denial about how much.

At my heaviest I was 100.5kg (even the fact that I weigh myself in kgs is part of the denial as it doesn't sound as real as stones) and have lost bits here and there. I was chubby, but always thought of myself as curvaceous and slightly overweight, not fat and obese. In September last year I weighted 99.1kg. That was when my doctor had to change my contraceptive pill as I was too overweight for the other. That was a real wake up call! I WAS fat and i asked my doctor for help.

One of the things she suggested was an NHS 12 week weight loss programme, which I've signed up for and start soon. Quite big headed of me, but I was thinking how much slimmer than I will be compared to most of the other attendees. I may be be obese but I genuinely don't look as heavy as I am.

I have been doing well, I have lost almost 7kg since Septemer, and actually managed to lose weight over new year rather than gain it. This puts me just 2lb away from being out of the obese category for my height.

I decided to join this group last night as a bit of support and motivation to continue. I have to admit, it gave me a bit of a kick up the backside with regards to my denial again. I thought if I lost 4 more lbs I'd be laughing. But I've come on and seen that some peoples starting weight is around 13 stone. I'm still about 14 and a half after already losing over a stone!

I know everyone's weight loss journey is different, but it's given me (a probably much needed) reminder that I shouldn't be satisfied by just being 1 or 2lbs outside of the obese weight range.

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I think many people found themselves in the same place as you, so you are definitely not alone.

I haven't liked my shape for years, but never thought I was THAT big. Seing photos of my last holiday, and squeezing myself into a wetsuit ( please don't laugh too loud 😁) was a big wakeup call.

I had to look reality in the face 👀, and reality wasn't pretty.

I have lost weight before, down to 87kg, but always gone back up to 93-95 again.

I can remember being 77kg years ago, thinking I was overweight - but somehow over time things just changed. A lot of it was comfort eating, as my husband went through bad depression and I tried to keep things together. Lots of other things happened too.

Anyway, finding this place, realising how big (and in effect unfit) I was, learning that only I can change it, but also learning that there is support to help me- all this has made the biggest difference.

Not dieting - but healthy eating and healthy portion sizes - getting more active ( from exercise dvd to walking to starting couch to 5km ) - having found this place for support, encouragement and laughs - knowing that lots of people are on a similar journey WITH me - all that has made ME stick with it, made me finally believe that I NEED to, CAN and WILL do it. I've gone from 95ish to 87kg, and just entered 'overweight bmi' but I have a long way to go yet.


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