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Getting anxious (and excited!)

I am off on holiday tomorrow. All inclusive two weeks and I am really excited. Friends I'm going with are very keen on the gym so that's going to help, but I am worried about the food and drink that is going to be on offer. Any advice? Also, how do I contribute km to the round the world thing? I should manage to do some while out there; and I'd like to contribute. Will there be a post to reply to on a daily basis like the Monday weigh in? (I might weigh in now for that as a baseline.) Any advice about eating and drinking would be helpful. Many thanks.

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Hi Frankie,

I hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday - it sounds great! All inclusive two weeks. I hope you'll enjoy every moment.

I'm sure Lizzy or Moreless will get back to you about the Kicking the Kms query. I know that when I was away for a while, Lizzy was happy to have my Kms total when I got back - so that could be one solution - but maybe you can access the internet and record it that way.

Regarding eating and drinking on holiday - it can be really challenging to have all the foods in front of you, especially the all-inclusive scenario - often there are buffets, and those are notoriously difficult to cope with, but try to pre-plan as much as possible, in terms of thinking about the kinds of things you'll allow yourself to have, and how much you're going to consume. Water doesn't have any calories, so space out your drinks maybe with water - if you drink more alcohol then you may end up consuming more because of feeling less inhibited.

When I'm faced with a buffet, I try to ensure I maybe choose a bowl of soup to start off with, as that is filling, and I'd try to choose fish, or maybe some chicken, choose lovely vegetables, and maybe a jacket potato or some wholegrain bread or wholegrain pasta or rice. I'd avoid processed foods wherever possible and choose freshly cooked whole foods - hopefully they'll have some delicous things for you to choose from.

Have a lovely time, and look forward to catching up with you when you get back. If you weigh in on the Monday weigh-in group when you get back, we can divide your result by the 2 weeks you're away, so you can contribute to the weekly stats, so don't worry about weighing in until you want to.

Happy New Year!

Lowcal :-)

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Oh you lucky, lucky thing you! :)

Don't worry about your K's while you're away, as Lowcal has said, you can keep a count and log them when you get back. The challenge will be running for 80 days, so you'll be back in plenty of time :)

There will be a daily thread, so if you wished to log daily, that of course, is your choice.

I can't really add to the advice that Lowcal's given you about food choices, but I'm sure you know yourself what you should be eating and drinking, it's just a case of remembering when everything's laid out in front of you in all it's tempting, mouth watering glory :D

I hope you have a super time and can't wait to hear about it when you get back :)


My tip re food is to put the veg/salad on the plate first. I went to an indian buffet recently with a friend and we both put salads on our plates first. She's very healthy and it's her job to be healthy being an eco-botanist or something. Me - I'm still learning. But if there's limited space on the plate, then that works in your favour at buffets, it seems pretty obvious to me psychologically to make it 'look' full with healthy stuff, and it seems to work, you still feel as full. Just try not to go back for seconds, thirds etc... Good luck :)


Thanks! That's a really good idea!

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