Its here ! 2016 !

At last its 2016, and I'm not sad to see the back of 2015. Its been a rotten year for me, starting with breaking my wrist, and then having trouble with my leg, back, hip bursitis, arthritis, or whatever they say it is. I'm up at 6.30, for no reason except I could hardly sleep all night from pain in my leg, and I'm getting back to the Dr when they open up. I'm sure its nerve related. If a kiddie had an electric crayon ( 😊 stay with me on this, I know its early ) - and got my leg, and scribbled up and down the length of it ( not much work involved there - I'm short) - and the scribble was a pain like an electric shock, well THATS what it would feel like. It darts about, round and round, up and down....grrrr!!! SO fed up with it.

Still - I am determined not to let it spoil my progress. My daughter who also goes to S.W. Has got her stone award, and is totally committed as well.

I think everybody on this forum is helping me to stay on track, and I'm so glad to have met you all. The cement/seal analogy is great - it really comes home when you look at it that way. Wgen I was at work, we were told not to lift things above a certain weight, and yet I carry similar weights every day. Maybe I'm getting old, but I keep thinking how wonderful our bodies are to cope with it all, inside as well as out, kidneys, liver etc, plodding away, dealing with the stuff we happily put in our food chute.

Anyway - its been said, but - HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, its going to be OUR year! We can do this all of us together ! Hugs to you all ((( )))


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  • All the best to you as well for 2016. Hope the sciatica gets better soon.

  • Thank you jish - I think the magic word here is sciatica - back to Dr on Monday !

  • So sorry to hear of your pain - ongoing chronic pain is ghastly, particularly when you don't believe you've been correctly diagnosed. What a positive post however, despite your pain! Thank you, and a happy new year back πŸ˜€

  • Thanks to you as well - we can do it together 😊 x

  • Happy New Year Libby, Onwards and Downwards! :)

  • You bet moreless - we all want to see "less" of each other - in the nicest possible way of course ! X

  • So true! :)

  • Hi Libby,

    So sorry to hear you've had such a bad night, and I really hope that the doctor can help you with some pain relief, and sort things out so you can manage ok today. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things, but particularly with such pain on top - horrible.

    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year, and hope 2016 has lots of great things in store.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you - I will crack this !!

  • Happy New Year Libby - I hope lots of good things happen for you but above all I'd wish for you a good nights sleep soonest!!

  • Thanks gonti! I've had a sleep in the chair nearly all day and might do that tonight yet πŸ˜ƒ

  • Libby - your pain sounds like sciatica which I had in the past from lower back problems. It would feel exactly as you describe and would come on quite suddenly, often if I'd started walking too fast. I fixed mine with Alexander Technique, which I was given on the NHS when I was a teenager when I had the bike accident that original injured my back. The sciatica didn't develop until 10-15 years later, but Alexander Technique worked for me again. You can pay for a course of treatment, ask your GP to refer you, or just find it online. The position I use is called 'semi-supine'. You lie for ages with a book under your head and your knees up equal width to your hips and shoulders, and then 'consciously relax'. I'm sure there's a website somewhere that could tell you more - or ask your GP.

    Good luck for 2016 by the way. Yes the seal/cement anaolgy is great, but lots of us also liked your buzzards analogy too. Hope you are freed of many buzzards this year :)

  • Buzzards?! Seals?! Cement?!!! Can you tell me what the analogies are please?


    Hopefully these should clear things up for you rainshine :)

  • Thanks more less- it's the buzzards which will help me I think! I need lots of pats in the head! I have liberated 12 buzzards πŸ˜€πŸ‘‹

  • Thanks moreless - hadn't realised how bizarre I'd be sounding to the uninitiated!

  • LOL! :)

  • Thank you Ruth - and thanks for the info about the alexander technique. I have heard of it, and I will ask the Dr about the chances of nhs help when I go. It could well be due to an accident in my case too. Although I've had back problems for years, all this really started up when I broke my wrist in feb. Prior to that, I was walking normally, and even cleaning for a lady. When I fell I completely went down spreadeagled on the pavement and landed on my right wrist and right knee. My knee was badly bruised and swollen for ages. I'm thinking they x rayed the wrong bit ... Anyway, 2016 its going to go, I'm determined of that because just sending me away with a vague arthritis diagnosis is not cutting it. I cant contemplate my future with this pain all the time..

    Thank you again for your concern - and yes! We will give the birdies their freedom in 2016 ! X

  • Keep asking for more help, its no good to feel fobbed off. But in my case I found it helpful to do a lot myself too, as my lower back pain seems to pop back from time to time if I don't stay on top of things. Hope you solve all these things in 2016, and lots of good luck this year, sounds like you had more than your share of bad luck last year :)

  • Thanks Ruth - i looked on youtube last night and found a clip about good sleeping positions for sciatica etc. It advised to sleep with two pillows,on your side and arms round the pillow and another between the knees to support your hip. Or on your back, to have a pillow beneath your knees so they aren't dead straight out on the bed. I tried it under my knees and i did actually get a much better sleep, so thanks for the pointer about sciatica. I'll be taking extra pillows to my daughters tonight when i sleepover.

    - the youtube clip actually said that you could ditch the pillow and cuddle up to a partner - anyone know Richard Ayoade's phone number ? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • I do that thing with the pillow between the knees when lying on your side, in fact I double up the duvet and put it between my knees, it definitely helps. I didn't know about putting it between your arms too, maybe I subconsciously do that somehow too... I do back exercises before I go to bed and they really help. I used to just do my Alexander Technique (which is more a position than an exercise) but now I incorporate the NHS lower back exercises too - worth a look - I think running made me more susceptible to lower back pain hence having more of a routine these days. But it's been several years since I had the sciatica (which was way worse) so I reckon you can beat it :)

  • P.S. Richard Ayoade is definitely cute - but I think he's taken... :(

  • Haha - and that must be a great source of comfort to him if I come chasing after,him as a pillow πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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