New here and stressing where to start want to start from Monday

Hi everyone

I am new here I'm Melissa I work full time in a job that is not very active.

I have lost weight before lots of it but lately I'm just ballooning in size and it doesn't help that my family keep making comments about it. I need support not judging comments.

Last time I got weighed I was just over 17 stone daren't step on the scale now that Xmas is over but the comments I get doesn't help me either!

I do eat crap but I don't eat regular I snack most times and due to my job what I eat is repetitive cause I sometimes don't finish til midnight.

I am wanting to get healthier and get back to a weight I feel comfortable with.

My brother has qualified for a gastric sleeve to be done to me this is an easy way and everyone's telling him how proud they are of him but judging me I want to do it the normal healthy way I'm just unsure how to start and getting stressed about it.

I am going to hopefully start Monday otherwise I'll just get bigger and bigger.

Thank you for taking your time to read my post.

Melissa Hewitt


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15 Replies

  • Bravo Melissa! A round of applause from me and I'm sure many others. You've taken a really brave and sensible step towards a new and healthier you :)

    This forum will provide you with all the non-judgemental support you could ever need.

    Don't panic about direction, the secret to losing weight is planning, planning, planning :)

    First of all, download the NHS 12 week plan

    Then plan your menus for a week and shop specifically for them. If your job makes things difficult, on your day off, do some bulk cooking and freeze calorie counted, individual meals.

    Join us for our Monday group weigh-in

    This is last Monday's to give you an idea of what goes on.

    For motivation to get exercising, join us on our trip Around the World

    You will always have someone here to ask questions of and get support, encouragement, motivation and inspiration from :)

    All that's left is for me to say 2016 is going to be your year Melissa :)

  • Thank you for your reply and the good advice I will read into these when I get more time I'm determined that determined that me

    And my partner bought 12 donuts yesterday cause they was cheap I've not touched one to be honest I ain't keen on donuts see I'm good like that I'm not really a chocolate fan take it in moderation but I'm chucking them out today cause I won't eat them. Im a money waster 😂

  • A good start would be for you to only think, say and write positive things about yourself.

    You're not a money waster, you're embarking on a healthy lifestyle and doughnuts don't fit in with that :)

  • Hi Melissa,

    Sorry that your family make such hurtful comments - why do people not realise this never helps?!

    I would suggest you plan as much as possible so that if you have to work late you can still eat sensibly. Maybe you could take some homemade soup in batches. Also try to squeeze in a 20 minute walk everyday if you can.

    Lots of people here have changed their lives this last year and many more will do so next year. This is a fab site so use it as much as possible.

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you for reply I will try and read into it more when I can and print those NHS sheets off I really want to try I've done it before and that was hard but I'll just have to stay at it but I will try and use this thank you ☺️

  • Hi welcome. I always have soup and a roll at lunchtime on a week day. That fills me up with something healthy. It has helped me loose weight.

    Can I just add that a gastric band is not an easy way to loose weight. I have been informed that it is very hard.

    I am glad you are here to loose weight with us.

  • What I'm meaning by easy is that you don't really have to do much the sleeve he is having will make his stomach smaller so therefore he just gets filled up easier his friend had 1 spout and 1 roast potatoe and she was full I'm against it but if you qualify then go for it but end of day it's for those who don't want hard work I know many people who've had it and many who are getting it and they all still eat crap when they're meant to cut down before the op then there's people who work hard watching what they eat do exercise try hard not to put it back on so to me it's just having less hassle but I wouldn't want my whole life changing completely having to depend on vaccinations so that I get vitamins for rest of my life due to having the sleeve each to their own I guess 😊

  • I'm with you Melissa, the thought of having that done makes my blood run cold, but as you say, each to their own.................said the woman who kissed the cow ;)

  • I think it's an easy way to lose weight, but the long term you need to re-educate and that doesn't always happen

  • Hi Melissa, I'm starting Monday too, this time we can do it, good luck 😁

  • Good luck to you too ☺️

  • My advice Melissa weigh yourself you don't have to share but if you don't know the weight is in control and you need to be, don't let it upset or depress you, just own it good luck!

  • Hi Melissa,

    Just wanted to welcome you, and say that I think it's great that you've joined the forum, because hopefully you will receive only positive and helpful comments from the people here.

    Having unhelpful comments from friends and family can be really hurtful, and I don't know if people always realise the impact of their comments. Sometimes I think they are said with good intentions, but often can be said without much thought as to the impact of such statements. We can also feel more sensitive when we're feeling vulnerable about our weight - which means that comments can hurt us more at such times.

    Brilliant that you're starting on Monday, and I hope you'll really enjoy joining in things on the site, and if you choose to join us in the Monday group weigh-in, then you will be very welcome.

    Whatever you decide to do, have a lovely week, and good luck with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Ok so I never did start on the date I said I would start lol typical me however I have now officially started to cut down,

    I've been having agonising pain in both my hips and bottom spine down the legs turns out its sciatica so currently off work the dog said it would be best for me to leave a couple stone then she will try help me some how

    Got to go for physio and had bloods taken as a precaution I'm determined now it'll be hard as I'm in far too much pain for exercise like gym so I'm

    Gonna be walking more and taking the dogs for a longish walk

  • Hi Melissa, sorry to hear you are in pain. I can relate to this, I've had a slipped disc, sciatica, etc, and I know how it feels to be in pain 24/7, it wears you down and can really affect your mood. I'd say, if this is only a recent development, it could be important that you make sure to take charge of your diet immediately. It sounds like you are doing that already, which is great. I had depression to start with, the slipped disc added to my low mood, and I comfort ate myself to an even heavier point, which obviously doesn't help matters. I wish I had joined this forum and started my dietary changes before I'd had the slipped disc as I might not have reached the weight I did, because I find the people here supportive and motivational, it really helps keep me on track.

    I'd say, until you see the physio and get to the bottom of EXACTLY what's causing the pain, be careful about what exercise you embark on. When I had the slipped disc I had to stick to the very gentle stuff the physio set me, and was told to avoid this, that and the other, including any exercise, even swimming, even to the extent of hoovering and bending to the kitchen cupboards to get food out! This is because everything like that was just irritating the nerve and prolonging the agony. Thankfully the disc reabsorbed but I still have a weakness there and arthritis and leg troubles.

    I guess I just want to reassure you that you can still lose weight without exercise, because I've been doing it since September. I've had ups and downs, but overall I've lost 2 stone 4 and I am really not very mobile at all, at the moment. Hoping that will improve as I lose more weight.

    So, planning is everything, be your own boss, don't let family and friends encourage you to eat anything YOU have decided that you can't. I allowed myself to take a few days off at Christmas, was encouraged to take more time off from my eating plan than I had originally planned for, and it showed up in nearly half a stone gain in one week! So, be strong, stand up to people and let them know that YOU decide what you eat and you won't be swayed or coaxed into eating those things which will pile weight onto you. I'm finding allowing myself a 100 cal snack every single day, which I save for the evening, is helping me to get through those times when the family might be eating crisps etc during TV viewing - I don't feel left out, and I'm still losing weight on it.

    Good luck on your journey, keep talking to us, and I hope you get your pain sorted very soon. xxx

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