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New years resolutions....again!

Hello, I am new to all this. I am a 33 year old male who is about 5 stone overweight. I have done diets before like slimming world and have had success, but that was 10 years ago. I will start the day off ok but by the evening i have fallen off the wagon. I have also suffered from anxiety attacks which causes me difficulty travelling in a car (I do not drive) and i often have a burning throat usually in the evenings which has got so bad the last two years i have mainly slept downstairs on the sofa because if i sleep in bed i wake up gasping for breath which is obviously causing problems in my marriage. Is there anyone who has or does suffer from anything similar and/or would have any ideas on the weight loss front, thanks

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Hi Oli82,

Do you mind me asking your current weight?

I'm a lot more overweight than you are, and 9 years younger, and I have had my issues in dieting and never really lost weight on them.

I would go to your GP re the breathing thing, I'm no doctor but I would say that you have sleep aponea (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Sleep-apnoea/Pages/Introduction.aspx) as you'll read, it's caused by the fat in your chest area pressing on your wind pipe in your sleep causing it to collapse and for you to stop breathing, you then wake up and find yourself gasping for breath.

It can be very dangerous so I would get it checked out.

Hope this has helped! :)

Happy New Year 🎉


Rob :)


Hi Rob i am currently 16 stone and my height is 5 foot 7. I am going to the doctors on wednesday afternoon about everything and i have no doubt losing weight would help the sleeping issue as the sleeping issue has coincided with weight gain

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Hi and welcome Oli :)

Have you seen your doctor about this burning sensation in your throat? It sounds a lot like acid reflux, but I'm not an expert and therefore wouldn't want you to take my word as gospel. I used to suffer from it and I think it was due to my huge belly. Now that it's a little less huge, the problem seems to have gone :)

Do you eat in the evenings because you're bored or hungry, or is it just a habit that you've got into?

In a way, not travelling in a car is a good thing, if you can walk, or cycle, because exercise is a great way to kick start you on your road to health and happiness.

How about starting the NHS 12 week plan and see how you get on?


Then join today's Monday group weigh-in. There's no time like the present :)


Then for motivation for exercise, join us on our Round the World challenge :)


This should be plenty to get you started, but remember to keep logging on, because it's the support from the community that will keep you on the straight and narrow :)

Here's to 2016 seeing the end of those unwanted stones :)


Hi Oli,

Try to work out what causes you to fall off the wagon in the evenings and then work on a plan to sort it out.

I have always eaten way too much in the evenings so took a lot of steps to fix it but took about 3 months. One thing I do now is eat very little during the day so basically save as many calories as I can for the evenings. This works for me as I am rarely hungry when I am working but of course we are all different.

Also do see the GP as Rob has suggested & good luck :)


Hi Oli - we need you on the Around the World in 80 days challenge. See my post this morning.


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