my plan

Monday-Friday 1 hour exercise class

1.2 Litres of water every morning.

breakfast - porridge with skimmed milk, non fat greek yogurt, honey and bannana

snack - wholemeal rolls with low fat cheese, lean ham, and salad

lunch - slimming world soup carton

dinner - low fat spag bol or fish with noodles and veg or slimming world sausages peas and homemade mash...

I'll also add a few sessions of my callanetics dvd because it helps my back.

What do you guys think?


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11 Replies

  • How far into it are you the exercise classes and diet seem a bit boring for me sorry if that sounds harsh. There's 100s of different foods to eat with a bit of planning the hairy dieaters books are a God send to me and coach to 5 k where you walk out the door and start straight away. Good luck Gareth

  • This sounds like something you might do for a while and then stop rather than a new way of life, unless you are the kind of person who prefers to have things exactly the same all the time. Will you enjoy it?

  • If you are actually following slimming world you have two hea's on that meal plan and you are only allowed one,so you will have to count one as syns, why not use quark which is free on sw instead of the low fat cheese.

    Personally I wouldn't waste syns on that as there are so many free foods to choose from and I need my syns for wine lol.

    Add in some more fruit as snacks otherwise you are going to be hungry especially if you do all that exercise.

    And don't forget to have your syns.


    I have lost 4 stone with sw so I do know what I am talking about.

  • I prefer to go with calorie counted real food rather than processed. Is this a 'diet' or a lifestyle change?

    Have you looked at the NHS 12 week plan?

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • Morning :D Sounds good to me - but all that water in the morning? Shouldn't we be spreading it over the day?

    Callanetics - what's that?

  • Well I've never tried sw, lots of lovely food out there, I'd be inclined to make soup myself, after all it's child's play!

    Need a lower carb breakfast ( as have menopause bloating at times), so tend to eat eggs or nut butter on toast, and as I work shifts fills me up too

  • Sounds like a great plan to get going but you will definitely want real food rather than packaged meals after a few weeks. good luck!

  • I agree with the others re the packaged food, these can be convenient occasionally but eaten regularly may be lower in nutrients than "real" food. It's worth reading the labels on them as even meals sold by a weight loss brand can be very high in sugar and salt (especially if they're labelled low fat) which an leave you craving more instead of satisfying. For me your meal plan would be too carb heavy, I'd feel too full after one of those meals but hungry again not long after. However if you like to feel well filled after a meal it might work. Best to give it a try and tweak as you go along. You'll see lots of different suggestions on here because different approaches work for different people so worth trying suggestions and see what works for you. Good luck ☀️

  • Try finding out which foods fill you up for longer and chose those foods. Crumpets with honey on for breakfast keep me going. Flapjacks made with oats give a slow release of energy too. Protein makes your metabolism quicken. Try to eat sliced bread rather than rolls. For some reason in any 'diet' rolls are more calories or points than sliced bread. I know you're not counting calorie's or points and it's a great start for you keep up the good work.

    You can go onto the Heart Foundation website and look at their diet suggestions for free. They ask for a donation for sending things out but your GP nurses should have the booklet to hand out free anyway.

  • For me I wouldn't have any processed food and would certainly have less carbs but as I said that is for me.

  • Come on guys; we're meant to be supportive!

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