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I'll be back soon!!

Hi guys!

I have not been around for the past couple of months, due to family issues.... But I am still here!

It's 'that' time of year, where everyone seems to over-indulge on food and alcohol -and I am including myself here!!!

However, I have not given up! I have not weighed myself for some time (scared of what it will say!!!) and I have not been dieting properly - i strongly suspect that I have put a large portion of the weight I had lost back on 😢 On the plus side I can no longer stomach full fat coke or Pepsi or sugar in my tea!😊

In the run up to Christmas, people would ask me what I would like for Christmas. Normally my response would have been " oh, I don't know! Slippers?" or something similar, which usually infuriated people!!! This time, I actually thought about what I would like, and what would be helpful. Therefore, I am now the proud owner of a Fitbit Flex (to count calories, exercise and sleep), a soup maker, low cal soup recipe books, a wok, a rice cooker, a voucher to buy trainers and a waterproof jacket (to stop me making excuses when it rains!)

So, I WILL be back, but I intend to enjoy the rest of 2015, but when January arrives, I will be back on the healthy eating plan, refreshed and refocused!

I hope you have all enjoyed Christmas, and hope you have a great New Year!

See you all in 2016!!!!


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Woohoo great haul of pressies. Nice to see you back!!

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Hi NC,

I hope your family issues are sorted.

It sounds like you have a good plan for 2016. I am looking at the weather now planning a walk but hoping the rain stops first!

Glad you got some nice helpful presents :)

Enjoy the rest of 2015 and good luck with 2016 :)

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Hi Nic,

Lovely to hear from you,you sound all planned and ready for action, I'm right behind you

2016 bring it on !!! 😃


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What a haul! You sound absolutely set for 2016. Especially loving the waterproof jacket. I also own waterproof trousers and they make the difference between whether I cycle or not on a day when it 'might' rain. I take the waterproof trousers with, and more often than not, I end up managing to dodge the rain and don't need them. In the meantime I get a load of cycling in that might not have otherwise happened. Enjoy all your other goodies too :)

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Hi NiCherry,

Welcome back, and I love the sound of your Christmas pressies - they are brilliant!

Good luck for your goals, and see you in 2016!!!

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks for your support, everyone!

I hope and pray that all family issues are now resolved, and I'm actually looking forward to getting back on the healthy eating.....all thought I must admit I am quite happy to assist it getting rid of all the goodies left over from Christmas!

2 days to go, and I'm ready for my New Year, New Start......and New Me!


I've been "otherwise engaged" also. Back with a vengeance on Jan 4. I also got a fitbit flex. Onwards and upwards 😊


Welcome back NiCherry and misstippytoes :)

Now that you've both got sparkly new fitbits, there's no reason for not joining us on our Round the World trip, so come and sign up and start the new year, best foot forward :)


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