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Do this for a bit of a kick up the bum

So my enthusiasm/motivation has been waning a little between all the Christmas get togethers and chocolate and cheese seeming to be in constant supply in the office.

But i saw this on the BBC this morning and seeing how I stack up to other people my age was a real eye-opener! Give it a go if you (like me) need a bit of a kick up the bum to get back on track:


I especially liked the part that read "If everyone in the world had the same BMI as you, it would add 67,078,833 tonnes to the total weight of the world's population." Quite shocking!

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:-D Are you really trying to upset moreless Rachel ? :-) (see the thread below yours - Global Fat Scale).

I agree though - the whole thing is putting me off the mince pies just yet !


Ok, that does it, I'm going into hibernation!! :(


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