The after :-)

Today 155 lbs

For those who did not see this pic from a previous post here goes..

I've lost 6 stones and 1 pound since beginning the nhs 12 week plan which got me off to a brilliant start. I lost 35 lbs in the 12 weeks and have continued my journey and now onto week 48. I feel it has been a real life changer for me and I hope that everyone else who is on their journey see's the their own potential and don't ever give up on yourself. You must believe in your abilities to succeed and believe in yourself. I have found health and happiness and made many friends along the way with much support from this community. I just wanted to share these two photo's with the new starters to show you that it is all worth it. Even if it doesn't happen in the 12 weeks stay strong and continue the journey here with us on the forum. Stay strong and focused on your goal. My goal is to lose 92 lbs in 52 weeks and already I've lost 85 lbs and have 4 weeks to go to reach this goal. The finish line is in site for me now and I'm running toward it every day that remains.

Don't stop believing :-)

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  • I've said it before and I'll say it again WOW !!

    I never saw the "before" until now. I can only admire you for your true determination and ..................... no I can't add any more. I'm pretty gobsmacked at the moment. If we were to be picking teams, I would want to be on your team :)

  • Thank you Tewson, I'd want to be on my team too :-) I have loved every minute of this journey and still do and when I look back at the old photo's of myself I just never saw myself that way, but that was me. I really wasn't happy and was kidding myself into thinking I was. Well now I'm a changed person. I love myself now more than ever and this journey has all be so worth it. Thank you again for all your lovely words Tewson :-)

  • Absolutely brilliant result, well done! An inspiration to everyone.

  • Thank you jane_ski :-) I hope that by posting this that it helps to motivate others on their journey x

  • Blimey trafford - you look like you've lost about 20 years, as well as 85lbs :-D Well done !!!

  • lucca, lucca I love that you have said that because not only have I lost 85 lbs but I feel I have gained 20 years back of my life, my daughter says I look younger than her now and that we could pull off being sisters. It's amazing to see what losing weight can do for your overall look and I now look younger and I'm fitter than ever.

    Thank you lucca :-) you've made me laugh LOL as always x

  • Ok - now I am going to say blimey once again - you have a daughter ?!! :-O That's so funny - for some reason I always thought from your posts you were probably 'older' (i.e. 30+) - but then when you posted that 'after' picture a couple of days ago, I thought, wow, I was wrong, she is obviously just a young un' and in her 20s !!

    I genuinely mean that - clearly I'm wrong again !! You are truly looking fab then !! :-D

  • I thought exactly the same!! :)

  • Ha Ha - I think she's telling porky pies and she is only 18 after all ;-) :-)

  • She hasn't got a daughter, she's got a twin :)

  • You two are making me have a right laugh over here teehee :-)

  • Are you winding us up? :)

  • NOPE :-)

  • It's true moreless I have 4

  • OMG I am literally gobsmacked! :)

  • I have 4 children lucca lol :-)

  • I am truly stunned, traff - you look amazing :-D

  • WHAT???!!! That's not even possible!!!

  • 9, 10, 16 & 20 years old.

  • What and you were like 3 when you had your first??!!! :)

  • I am laughing out loud right now OMG you are so funny moreless :-)

  • You just can't be! You could sell your secret and make a mint! :)

  • If you saw my daughter you wouldn't be able to tell I was her mum LOL I look just like her now :-) How old do you think I look in the after pic ?? go on let me have it ...

  • I honestly would have thought about 23 max! :)

    You look at least 20 yrs older in the before :)

  • Teehee :-) I like that moreless you've made my day :-) 23 COOL :-) I'm no spring chicken but I must say since I lost this weight I feel like one now :-)

  • I'd like to think I'll look 20 yrs younger in my after pic, the truth is probably the opposite. The only good thing about fat is that it fills out the wrinkles :)

    Never mind, I'll have to be content with being the healthiest wrinkled old prune this side of the black stump! :)

  • I disagree moreless I believe you will look amazing when you reach your goal and look a whole lot younger too :-) I've seen first hand on the biggest loser how people are transformed when they lose weight to the point where no one even recognises them. You will look even more beautiful no doubt about that honey :-)

  • Thanks for the positivity Trafford, but I've already got the bingo wings and turkey neck :)

  • Never give up hope. Only time will tell how you will look when you complete this journey :-) You will be amazed and transformed. The results will definitely be worth it hun x

  • Wow ! you've done brilliantly you should be so proud of yourself 😊

  • Thank you toomumsey :-) I am very proud and I stand taller these days too with a lot more confidence :-)

  • You look fab, your post has made me smile to know what great results are possible for those with a plan and the determination to put it into action.

  • Thank you hggirl, the key is to plan and I plan every single day and with good planning comes all the successes. Glad I made you smile hun :-) x

  • Another fantastic,heartwarming, inspiration post Traff πŸ’‹

    OMG how different do you look about 30yrs younger !!! Everyone thinking about changing their life should see this, it is powerful evidence that we can all bring about change !!

    Yes it does take a lot of time and effort but the rewards, well just look at you and it's not about size/shape it's about how happy and positive you are πŸ˜ƒ

    You should be on tv, Lorraine Kelly or something similar you would be a huge boost for all folk who will be thinking ' I need to loose a few pounds' in January!! and best of all you've done it for you by you, no 'clubs', no gimmicks and no faddy foods just good principles and a heart the size of a lion😻(nearest I can find to a lion lol)



  • Aww flossie thank you honey, no clubs no gimmicks no faddy foods. I like that :-) I have given this my everything and if everything is me then that's all I have to give. I am worth it and I believed in myself for the very first time and I struck gold. I'm a winner in every way for taking control back and being in control. I just want everyone to know that it is possible :-) and I am a true believer in working hard to achieve goals and setting goals to achieve. It's not been easy, but it has been worth it :-)

    A heart the size of a lion aww :-) so sweet thank you hun x

  • Well done girl! I'm so excited for you.πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ

  • Thank you Ikpe35 :-)

  • what a total inspiration x thank you and well done x

  • Thank you smudgersmith, I am finally brave enough to post the before and I am glad I did now cause if it inspires just one person then it's all worth it :-)

  • WOW!!!

    I've never seen your before picture, you are truly amazing. You have surely greatly improved your life expectancy but not only that you must feel terrific.

    Your personal story is a true inspiration and your determination to succeed is phenomenal. Thank you so much for sharing with us, tonight for the first time I really didn't feel like going to pilates. Having seen what you have achieved I am now going to get off my backside, get changed and make the effort. Good luck on reaching your goal, you very much deserve deserve it.

  • Thank you mrsg3, I have improved my life expectancy and yes I do feel terrific :-)

    For every bucket of sweat and pain I have endured over this period of time it has all been worth it. I have done my best and my best has been good enough to see me to where I am today. I have given 100 % week in week out I have run marathon after marathon to get me here and I am truly happy :-) I am so happy that you have decided to go pilates after reading/seeing my post that's one more person I have inspired today which makes me even happier. Thank you so much for your support mrsg3 x

  • I'm back from Pilates and really enjoyed the class. I just feel like I made that little bit more effort tonight all thanks to you. You are a true star, thank you.

  • Well done mrsg3 I am so pleased you went and made that bit more of an effort too. What a star YOU are :-)

  • Wow, you look amazing, well done you!!!

  • Thank you 8811 :-)

  • Wow, you have been on a long and very successful journey. Maybe in a year's time I will be able to post such impressive "before" and "after" shots!

  • Hi LotToLose yes the journey has been long for me as I had a lot to lose but I'm almost there now and I can't wait to achieve the goal I set myself at the beginning of this year. It's an exciting time for me because I have stuck with it week after week and never given up on myself and it's all been so worth it and to look and feel so much younger is massive :-)

    Thank you so much for your support hun x

  • You are an inspiration. I hope I get to make a post like this one day.

  • Aqua thank you hun. I am certain you will make a post like this. Follow your dreams and make them your reality :-) anything is possible

  • Well done you look fab, fantastic achievement ,you look fab πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Thank you Pj53 :-)

  • Wow! I just want to echo lots of what everyone else has been saying! You must be a very determined person. Are you going to write a book/blog/become a motivational speaker? You really are an inspiration.what are you doing/eating? So impressed. Your family must be so proud. PS: I also thought you were in your teens!

  • Thank you Frankie53. No not in my teens any more, but I feel much younger and have so much energy now. Not going to write about it. I will just share my journey with the forum as this is where it all began for me and hope that my journey helps someone on theirs :-)

    I work out everyday I do strength training, running and walking everyday at the moment. I eat porridge for breakfast, crackers & humous for a snack and a fruit. Lunch is just a turkey/egg salad sandwich and dinner I have a half cup of carbs, such as brown rice, bulgur wheat or whole wheat pasta with fish or chicken and plenty of veg. I eat fish about 4 times a week and chicken the rest and have one day off the plan every week to eat what I want. I workout before work and after work so I do put in a lot of time to achieve my goals. Oh and I walk on my break at work.

    The family are so very proud and yes I am very determined :-)

  • Wow!! very inspirational!

  • Thank you Tinkle72 :-)

  • Trafford you look absolutely amazing hun what a huge inspiration you are to us all :-)

    I actually thought you were so much younger similar to my daughter whos 24! You look like a completely different person , you are looking so gorgeous well done !! :-)

  • That's so nice of you to say thank you Midnight-munchie. It's a total transformation for me and one which I am proud of. All good things come to those who wait and I have been very patient throughout and am seeing the rewards of all the hard work I put in :-)

  • Its so special to cherish all that hard work Trafford and the huge difference healthwise xxx:-)

  • Based on that photo it definitely seems impossible for you to have four kids...maybe a case of Benjamin Button?! Congrats and well done on your amazing weight loss!! Any tips for recipes/lifestyle changes that were achievable and worked well for you? Inspiring story!

  • Sorry I just saw your daily routine a few posts above. Wow that is disciplined! Do you take any rest days? All that exercise must make a big positive difference though and I'm sure you'll be able to reduce it once you start to maintain. Not far to go now :)

  • I will reduce the routine down once I reach my goal to 4 x a week if that is even possible or just reduce the times of the workouts. I am not sure as yet what is going to happen. I need to reach the goal and then decide on what's best. I will seek advice from my fellow maintainers at that point :-)

  • Thank you food_lover :-)

    I eat at set times so I never go hungry and have gotten used to this so it's become routine.

    I eat porridge for breakfast

    lunch is turkey or chk salad sandwich on brown or a bowl of fresh salad with a sliced boiled egg and sliced turkey or chicken with a quarter cup of quinoa or bulgur wheat.

    Snacks are crackers & humous or small bowl of fruit such as grapes & strawberries

    Dinner well that varies, but is always fresh home made food such as fish, trout, king prawns, white fish or salmon seasoned and baked with mushrooms chopped tomatoes onion and peppers. This is mainly served with a half measured cup of carbs which is either quinoa, bulgur wheat, brown rice or whole wheat pasta. You have to be strict with the carbs keep it to a half cup you'll get used to it. Add a nice colourful salad on the side.

    Turkey spag bol with a half cup of whole wheat pasta and salad

    Jerk chicken drumsticks no skin and baked with bulgur wheat and gungo peas

    Sunday roast with one carb such as sweet potato and the rest veg

    King prawn stir fry with blue dragon whole wheat noodles 1 nest

    Scrambled eggs with nothing extra added with 1 slice of whole wheat toast and two table spoons of baked beans

    Chicken curry with salad half cup of brown rice and quarter nann bread

    There are so much more. I can really cook up a storm, but portion control is something I had to learn over the weeks and it took a while. Drink plenty of water throughout the day which is a must.

    Prepare and plan your food every single day in advance. I tend to prepare, season all foods the night or the morning before I go to work so it's ready to be cooked as soon as I arrive home.

    Planning is key and knowing the correct portion size is also key and counting calories is a must. I log everything into myfitnesspal.

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Incredible, inspirational, amazing, stunning.............the list is endless!!! :-)

    You are fab, congratulations.

    Elsie :-) xxx

  • Thank you Elsie, you see it is all worth it :-)

  • WOW! I wasn't expecting thatπŸ˜€Dearest Trafford I am so pleased you found courage and posted these you are such a role model, and it's great that you can help and inspire others to achive as you have done, I cannot believe that was you! Well I can see the similarities only you look so much younger, now, one more request a post 2nd week in feb please from your wedding, in the dress and those lovely shoes! Well done girlfriend what a difference a year can make, newbies take note!

  • Thank you Prin :-) I finally got brave enough to post the before and after to help and inspire others and I am glad I did it now. I do look and feel much younger and I do love taking photo's now whereas before well it was just a case of let's get it over and done with so we have a memory for the album. My life has been transformed by the journey. By that one day when I woke up and found the strength and the courage in myself and believed in myself and my own abilities to succeed :-)

    I will defo be posting a pic of me in my wedding dress and shoes for everyone to see the complete picture. I didn't start this journey thinking I would ever get married the following year, but everything has all just fell into place including the big day which awaits me in my near future. Wicked :-)

  • Well done fantasticπŸ‘™

  • Thank you Louisthecat :-)

  • Hi

    Could you give us an example of an average day please? Your food intake and any exercise , this would be great to see how you did it and it was very difficult?

    Thank you

  • The answer to this question isn't as straight forward as it may seem as it all depends on where your at on your journey with regards to the exercise. This needs to be built up over time like for someone who is new to this they would need to start from scratch like I did with walking briskly and introduce jogging when they feel comfortable and go from there and for someone like me who has been doing this for quite sometime I would say up the anti and push yourself to do more week after week. Like when I started to build my fitness up it was time to really set some challenges for example I couldn't row for more than 2 mins so my first challenge was to row for 5 min which is 1000m then 10 taking me to 2000m then 4000m and onto 5000m. When running I built this up from 1 min to 5 then onto 10 mins till I built up to running a 5k then 6, 7, 8 until I could run 10k. These are just a couple of examples and it hasn't been easy, but I got there. I never kept one week the same I always mix things up or push myself that bit further the following week and this has really worked for me. I took up roller skating and am the proud owner of a retro pair of quads and skateboarding with the kids and cycling with my other half. We have a gym membership to go do cardio on the bike, cross trainer and rowing machine. The list doesn't stop for what I have done and all I have put into this journey. I feel like a machine some days, but I do find time to relax and when I'm tired I make sure I find time to rest. It's so important to find a good balance fitting in exercise, work, dinner then exercise and rest. As I am so organised I find this really easy I have a schedule I stick to everyday and have set times to eat. It works for me and I wouldn't change anything :-)

    So build up your exercise and set goals for yourself to achieve make every week different change it up and try new things. My calorie intake now is between 1300 - 1350 which is fine for me because I eat foods high in protein such as fish and eggs turkey and chicken. I have lots of salad and veg and a half cup measure of carbs so always feel full and I eat porridge everyday for breakfast.

  • the transformation is amazing! you have done so well and like th others say you look like a younger happier person!

    the only thing I will say is this don't be too hard on yourself if you don't reach your goal in the time frame - I know your on track to do it but theres still xmas - focus on how much you have lost and how well you have done (I have done this before - been a few lbs off target and think im a failure, whilst forgetting all the rest)

  • Thank you hydrogirl and for the advice. One thing I have learnt on my journey is accept the result what ever it is as I know I am doing really well and have achieved so much. I have a plan in place over the holidays and don't party anyway. I have some meals planned but nothing I can't handle so still going to go for gold and even if I don't reach the 92 lb goal I have set there is still week 53 and 54 that will follow. I would never see myself as a failure especially now as I've come to far :-)

  • great attitude to have! go you!

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Wow, what an amazing photo - you are an inspiration to us all, and I am so happy to hear how close you are to achieving your ultimate goal. Wow, to think you've lost 6 stone 1 pound since starting your weight loss journey - incredible.

    This is a lovely post - thanks for sharing your progress and I was so happy to get back and read this today.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and thank you :-) good to have you back with us I just got a real surprise right now getting in from work and seeing your post :-) Glad you got to see the before and after. I have had some great results on the scales since you've been gone and I made it passed the six stone milestone which is great :-) next milestone to get into the 10's and I can't wait :-) going to continue trying real hard this week to reach my goal before Christmas and have been busy doing just that.

    Great catching up and hope you had a nice time :-) Trafford1 x

  • oh no I have been away from the computer for 3 days and I have missed the inspirational pics? Could they be put online if only for tonight then back out again? I'd love some inspiration too!!!

    In any case: congrats to you you have worked so hard and 6 stones in 48 weeks is just wow. Very well done!!

  • Thank you I have just put the after back on for you hun. Will have to take it back off though bit shy

  • Oh dear have I missed it? My internet didn't work yesterday night I wasn't able to connect again till now :(.

    I will stay here for one hour till 9am. If you were able to leave it till then that'd be fab although of course I understand your shyness. You're doing sooooo well!!

  • I know I should be but some people just are :-) will pop it on now

  • now Im back home and will be retrying all evening regularly hehe hope you are well!

  • GREAT!! I keep refreshing but nothing.... :(

  • Trafford!! Wow.

    I totally confirm you look 23 haha wow!!!

    I mean: wow.

    What a great source of inspiration. Thanks a lot. I definitely won't stop working towards my goal. Thanks again for the encouragement.

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