Back again !

Hello all, I havnt posted for a bit but I've started at slimming world 2 weeks ago, and have lost 5 lbs so far. Years ago,( 1970s) I went to a club run by the Slimmer magazine that was out at the time, and the leader there had made a rule that, if a person did not lose at least 5 lbs in four weeks, they would be suspended for a month. The thinking was that anyone who is really trying, can lose that much, and those who didn't, were suspended to make way for others who were serious about loss.

I'm not sure if she was right, but its always stuck in my mind, so I'm really pleased I've achieved my personal goal of at least 5 lbs.

Having yo yo'd with weight all my life, I wondered if other members could pinpoint a time in their life when they realised they had truly lost weight??

I remember in 1987, having lost a few stone, I was amazed to be able to put my arm up inside the neck of my sons "EMU" puppet toy! Sadly emu toy has now left the earth along with Rod Hull, but ill always remember the wonderful feeling of fitting into a previously too small space.



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  • Well done that U.S. a good start.

  • oh l did laugh about the emu x

    l have a body like a god,just a shame it's buddha!!!

    lve done slimming world too and think that it is an excellent idea about suspending people if they don't lose weight.dont you find though that these clubs are wonderful but are full of people with massive eating disorders who need real help and support??

    years ago l realised l could get changed in a changing room without having a meltdown.when l go in now to one l get very angry with myself at what l see xx

  • I do agree with you smudgersmith. Even though the plan is simple as- people still find it hard to understand....they say...but some people have other issues than just over eating. I was ready to blame lots of elements myself for a long time, and of course, things DO have an effect on us, bad parenting, horrid husbands, unsympathetic relatives etc. But I suppose its really US that chooses whether or not to respond by overeating. I've never been in a situation where somebody said " I hate you - now here's a plate of fish and chips, you must eat it" but, I've had it said to me, and in response, gone out and bought my own plateful....

    At the moment I'm happy I've lost my personal target of 5 lbs, my aim for next week is to lose 1. Not much. But, at 5 lb a month I could be 11 stone by next September 😊 xxx

  • we all have our own reasons for overeating x l have recovered from the depression/s and l feel lm left with overeating/binge eating as a side effect of coping with my painful thoughts and feelings x l want to get my head round this as the pain is gone but the eating habits are very deeply ingrained!! it takes time and support x l have had a very stressful week and lve been eating good grub so lm hoping this is the start of something different for me xx

  • I have the university societies dinner tomorrow. Who knows what they are going to serve up. As I have ticked the vegetarian option I bet it will be cheese. In which case I won't eat it. Let's hope there are vegetables ! 😳😳😳😳😀

  • Pooh cheese- the easy option...what do they think vegetarians are a load of mice??? I hope there are much nicer things for you to enjoy. What happens if your vegan ?? That'll confuse them !

  • I should have asked for vegan.

  • Take some nuts nobody will notice you eating those

  • That seems harsh suspending people, everyone needs different support. We had a talk about drug addicts and on average it takes them 7 goes to beat their addiction, on programmes etc. We are or have been food addicts, wrong food, portion control,.........

    Promoting failure doesnt seem too helpful in the long run!

  • Your right prin, and I'm sure no slimming club today stick to that idea, but it was 40 yrs ago and our ideas change. At the time it was the only one in our area, a "new" idea, and there would be a queue going in which stretched to the next street! So it was a way of weeding out people who weren't really interested. It just stuck in my mind tho, and I'm aiming for the 5lb a month thing as I do think it is do-able if you stick to the plan.

    We hope !!!! Only time will tell 😊

  • It was all different in those days I remember going somewhere where they called out your weight

  • Yes!!! That's right skinnielizzie, I think at the club in talking about you had to call out your result when your name was called. It was quite embarrassing and the leader was like a school teacher. Funny how things affect your success tho, when I got to that club, I realised the leader was someone id known as a child, and she had been horrid then. She took me to play at her house and locked me in the bedroom once. I DID lose weight at her club tho, I was determined to just to get back at her 😃

  • Well done. Good luck for next week.


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