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Losing Weight

Hi everyone! I have been struggling to lose my weight. My weight hasn't been stable for the past few months, i have gained about 20 kgs since the beginning of 2015. I have tried to get my self into some diet programs but still not get any progress yet. Sometimes I feel so depressed until I consider to do the liposuction. Could someone help me to lose my weight without doing liposuction? Anyway, i'm 18 years old female. Thank you:)

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Hi HufPuf,

I don't believe liposuction is the way to go and my understanding is that it's for targeting "problem" areas, such as hips and thighs.

If you genuinely wish to lose weight, then you need to control your portion size by calorie counting and undertake some form of exercise.

I'll give you some links to help you on your way :)




Good luck! :)


Hi hope good,start by gradual stages.perhaps you could do a journal .Ok it is a good way to "check how many cals you are eating .This forum is really cool and I STARTED, not so long ago andhave been getting a lot of plus..Back to how I did it I made my self focus either on a Lovely Dress to fit ontoI love Clothes makeup etc. What other dream you have for yourself self love is important even if you can't think just try sweetie.lol Anyway try walking for 5DAYS a week for 35 /45 mins .I feel good when the endomorphins .i.e. feel good factor in your body is boosted!Calorie counting is important increase water /herbal teas your Fav to quell hunger pangs plan ahead make your effot your meals clear the Cupboard of Processed foods crisps.cake biscuits etc "no temptation" Wish you lots of Courage!☺😇😊


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