I'm going nuts

I'm going nuts

After having a craving for nuts over the past week or so, I thought I'd buy a couple of bags of mixed fruit and nuts. It's been ages since I ate nuts and used to have the salted variety. Harking back to the days of my childhood, I quite used to like a bag of nuts and raisins from Woolworths.

I remember how my mum used to hover around the weighing scales if someone was about to use it LOL

The whole shop could see how far the needle went round the dial, and the weighing machine used to issue a ticket with the weight on, plus your fortune printed on the back. My mum used to ask me as a 5yr old to go and retrieve the ticket if someone discarded it :D

Anyway, back to nuts, are they good or not good for a diet? There's conflicting information on the world wide web of misinformation. All thoughts welcome.


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  • Nuts are good! For sure. But calorific I'm afraid. I mix them into stuff to get the most out of them without overdoing the calories. I have a few cashews, raisins and dark chocolate shards mixed in a small bowl with my evening cup of tea, or you can add walnuts/chestnuts in with roast veg. I add peanuts and sunflower seeds into my granola mix, they get stuck to the clusters - delicious. Also can put cashews in stir fries, add walnuts into homemade Waldorf salad - go easy on the mayo though...

  • Good, good, good. And oh so nice. Unsalted always, not too many as calorific, packed with so many nutrients and very versatile. Can you tell I like nuts? Just 2 brazil nuts give you 100% of your daily need of selenium for example. They add crunch and texture to many dishes, oh I could go on and on....... ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Nuts are great as long as you can stick to a few and not scoff the whole packet! :)

  • I'm afraid I will probably scoff, but I shall try not to :) Fingers crossed :)

  • I admit to being a scoffer! :)

  • Hmmm - lovely ! I eat a handful of whole almonds with my porridge every morning to get that protein content (and healthy fat content) along with my carbohydrate in the morning. I think the health benefits of enjoying (in moderation) nuts far outweigh the disadvantage of the calorie content :-) It's the dried fruit in your mixture that you should be more concerned about - lots of sugar !!

  • I like the idea of nuts in porridge, it was while I was eating muesli that I was thinking about what I liked about it. It's the nuts :)

  • Had a few flaked almonds on my porridge this morning ๐Ÿ˜„

  • I avoid salted just because I have terrible portion control on those. I have walnuts or pecans on top of my smoothie bowls. I've cut a lot of others out at the moment. I also use ground almond in my pancakes. I say good! Just in moderation.

  • It's the moderation thing I'm going to have to get to grips with :)

  • Nuts are delicious with salads and fruit mixed together. Nuts are so filling and full of protein.

  • You got me thinking about combining some in my couscous next time I have it :) Perhaps a few cashews.

  • I know they aren't nuts, but what about mixing some chickpeas in with the cous cous as well ? They have a nice nutty flavour and aren't so calorific.

  • Wow you guys are really teaching me that one can have nuts or chickpeas with anything one fancy. You are making me hungry!

  • healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    This one has made me hungry :D

  • For a more nut like chickpea that you can eat on its own as a snack I recommend this recipe:

    drain, rinse and dry a 400g tin of chickpeas. coat in 1tsp of veg oil and 1tsp of chilli powder. spread out on a baking sheet and oven cook at 200C for 25mins.

    and boom crispy flavourful chickpeas. if you divide into 4 it is 80calories per portion with 4.5g of protein 10g carbs and 2g fat


  • I will leave out chilli but thanks. Interesting though as my Mum comes from Moroco and I am the only one in my family of 11 who does not like chillis

  • Thank you so much for the suggestion :) I shall be roasting some chickpeas later on today. The idea really appeals to me. I like chilli and cayenne and will be looking at other options :)

  • Nuts are fabulous but in itsy bitsy moderation

  • You are nuts !! and made me laugh so much it's a brighter day๐Ÿ˜Ž



  • I enjoy monkey nuts cashew nuts, salted peanuts and roasted one's. But only have a very small portion as they are very calorific. Don't get me started on the peanut butter jar OMG love crunchy peanut butter :-)

  • Someone just had to mention peanut butter at some point!

  • Oh yes :-) I came home today and what was staring right back at me, a jar of peanut butter....I took a small taste teehee :-) naughty but nice

  • At least no one has mentioned MARZIPAN yet.

    Ooooooops :D

  • Love a battenberg, don't get me started Tewson

  • I'll fight you for it !!!! Love it ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


  • It's all mine floss :-)

  • Ooh selfish or what lol xx


  • My (lovely, but not fully understanding the concept of a diet) husband bought my 3 large bags of mini Reese's peanut butter cups for my birthday :-)

  • Ah... mazing.

  • Oh how lovely of him and how lovely were they :-) should have posted them to me for my birthday I would have gobbled em up

  • Not a chance ;-) !! 25 cals each I reckon, so perfect for a little treat now and again with an afternoon cup of coffee !

  • I googled and they're 44 cals each, you'll have to share now :)

  • Mine are obviously a bit underweight then :-)

  • That's not something you hear a lot on a weight loss forum :)

  • Well, I can confirm that I had a handful of mixed nuts this afternoon. All feelings of peckishness disappeared about 30 mins later. Two hours after that I had my evening meal. Instead of being more than ready for it (hungry), I could have easily held off an hour or so.

    I ate my meal but was slightly lighter on the portion sizes. :)

    In future, I shall carry a small packet of nuts with me when I go out shopping or down the park, for those times when I feel "really hungry" and can't get anything suitable.

    There were many wonderful contributions to this thread and it's given me plenty of ideas of how to add further interest to some of the meals I put together.

    Thank you everyone :)


  • Nuts are brilliant for keeping you going till mealtime. I get hungry at about 4pm, but dinnertime in our house isn't till at least 6pm, so I weigh out 30g of mixed roasted nuts from Sainsbo (they are salted, but I don't seem to go over the salt limit on MFP as I don't eat processed foods generally) and that gets me through for about 180 cals. Something about nuts just stops hunger, and they are SOOOO healthy. Yes, they contain fat, but importantly it's the right kind of fat. Yum!

  • I was on a three mile hike, pushing grandson in the pram today, and a handful of nuts came in really useful. I'm going to have to organise myself so that I have them handy at times when I expend a lot of energy.

    The general consensus seems to be that they are worthy of incorporating in a healthy diet.

    Thank you for your good opinion :)

  • I have some cheap little 8-for-a-pound from the pound shop plastic boxes which fit exactly 30g of nuts. Cushty!

  • I shall be round our local pound shops tomorrow.

    Thanks for the tip X


  • I opened a large bag of nuts today and the bag split. There aren't many left in what's left of the bag now LOL. About 100g left out of a 500g bag. Oooooops

    I shall certainly be in the pound shop tomorrow, even if it's to buy a pencil case. :D

  • I like the ones that have rolled into the corner of my coat pocket. The ones I'll find in a week or so time.

    It reminds me of the hardboiled sweets I used to find in my pocket as a child. Quite alright once you've sucked the fluff off. :D

  • You lot r gross!!!!

  • nuts are protein so I would imagine if you weighed and put that in you calorie count it would be as good as any other protein? Protein doesn't break down into glucose so it wouldn't get stored immediately as fat, unlike excess glucose from broken down carbohydrate.

  • All nuts are equal ....................... but some are more equal than others lol


    Sorry, I got interrupted and hit send.

    I've been looking at the nuts in my mixed bags and now know that some nuts are better than others. I think I may have to go to a health food store to get the ones I want and make up my own mix :) The nuts I bought had a high percentage of peanut and Macadamia.

    I'm sticking to my diet but am interested to see what's going to happen once I start including nuts into my daily diet.

    Time will tell and I'm going to look at a whole months results. My initial feeling is that it's going to be beneficial to my diet, as many have said, because the extra calories are in part offset by a duller appetite when it comes to my main meal.

    The calories are mainly derived from oils.

    They are great for reducing/eliminating hunger during the day.


  • I add non salted nuts to my dull no sugar muesli and have Sainsbo mixed salted nuts for my afternoon energy gap snack. Not the cheapest, but I'm a Sainsbo girl ...

  • With no food in sight whilst out today from 08:30 to 13:00 and having been up since 6:00, I was so pleased I had some nuts with me and I think they sated me more than if I'd had a sandwich or something.

    See the link in the previous post, some of the mixed nuts are extremely high in fat and calories.

    Food for thought :)

    I've got a feeling I'm going to be a nut case from now on :D

  • Ha ha I think you already were!

  • Macadamia

    per 100g 718 cal and 93% fat.

    The figures don't look good here though :(

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