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Hello - I'm a newbie

Hi everyone. I'm going to give this a go. Ive tried endless diets and have lost weight, but not kept it off. I've been full of cold and generally feeling unwell for a few weeks now and I know its mostly because I'm not eating properly or drinking enough water.

I'm doing this mostly for my kids. I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancies so, if i stay the weight I am, Im likely to become diabetic in later life, and Id really rather not! So, I'm hoping this website and forum will help me stay motivated.

Hope you're all doing well

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Sounds like you need a good dose of healthy eating and lots of water to try and get you feeling more like your self:)

Its a very supportive group and you will not be left wanting for support and inspiration

Tracking your food can give you a real insight to your eating habits and is also important so that you can learn how to stay within your calorie range for the day. Myfitnesspal is a free app that many of us use to count calories. You can scan barcodes, it will search for foods you enter, store favourites...its extremely simple and useful .. and did I say its free? I like being able to find a recipe on the web and it will then import it and it figures out calories etc - no idea how but its awesome :)

Plan, plan, plan. I am sure its hard with kids but an essential part of changing your eating is making sure you are not left high and dry with no healthy snacks or meals - these are the times you will likely find me plunging into the biscuit barrel!

Making a promise to yourself to get 30 minutes exercise a day for 30 days can help you get rolling when it comes to moving more often.

Finally, there is a group weigh in each Monday that you might like to participate in....you'll see it posted by @Lowcal and she and he team of misfits errrr helpers :P do a great job of keeping us accountable and motivated.

You can do this. I know you can. :)

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Great - Thanks. Ill try and join in with that weigh in! Excited to start being good (again)


Good luck, just remember you can do it!😀

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Hi pandjmum. I'm new on here in the COPD group. I too have been battling with weight issues all my life. I'm 63!

I've tried them all and yes all worked until I started eating what I thought was ok. NOT.. Lol. I joined SW and lost over 2st then suddenly gained a stone. Went to Doctors and hey ho I have diabetes. Still I now combine SW with a NHS Plan for healthy eating and have now lost 1st 8lb. Take Dave1961 advice too.

Good luck and this group in all categories is brilliant xx

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Good luck... It Sounds like you have a lot of positive motivation :)

It's amazing how what we eat can influence our while system... Just spent a week residential with lots of coughing, sneezing people and seem to not have picked anything up... II think good food might have played its part. And the disinfectant hand foam ;)

Do it for your kids... But also do it for yourself, you deserve to feel good and energetic. It's a lovely feeling to take care of yourself... And a great role model for the kids :)


Home made soups are lovely when you feel unwell but don't want to eat rubbish; you can fill up and it's easier to avoid some of the temptations. Also explore 'new' ingredients which are good alternatives to cream and often high protein (nut butters etc). I am reducing wheat (bread, pasta) and trying to reduce dairy a bit (love cheese too much!). So this soup thickened and made creamy with addition of cashews


is actually a lifesaver for me; I don't bother with the croutons, they're a bit of a faff, but the soup is fantastic. Leave out the sundried tomatoes if you don't have any, it's lovely in a simplified version also


The best training I ever received was for pre-diabetes, aimed at prevention of full-blown diabetes. The essential principles were to eat a balanced diet keeping carbohydrate intake to between 100g and 140g per day. If you follow NHS/BHF guidelines that's equivalent to the proportion in a 1200 kcal diet.

When you no longer need to lose weight, consider a Mediterranean eating plan that is higher in natural fat, so you won't need to increase your carbohydrate intake and risk worsening the condition again.

Good luck!


Hi you are on the right site there is plenty of us with the same problem with our up and down weight and need support but every one behind you good luck you will never look back 😃👍


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