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Hi everyone iam a new member just signed up today, I have lost weight before in the past but always lost it quickly and always end up putting it back on so I have decided I need to do it as a lifestyle change so iam going to do the NHS diet plan and lost it the healthy way. I would like to lose 5 stone so have a long way to go have been reading through the community so I think I will get lots of help and advice on hear to looking forward to chatting to you all.

Em x

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Hi Em! Congratulations on your decision to embrace a healthier diet. I too have been a yo-yo dieter but since I received a referral from my GP's surgery for a free 12 week WeightWatchers subscription, I've really enjoyed eating cleaner, learning about portion control and loving myself enough not to fill my body with eating rubbish. Since mid July I've lost 3st 4.5lbs - realistically I should lose another 4st, so I understand when you say you have a long way to go, but it really is achievable and by following a healthy eating plan you will be making choices that can stay with you for life. A little tip I have found is to swap pasta for courgette - I bought a spiraliser, which cuts the courgette into ribbons, steam it for 2 mins and you have courgetti! I make my own sauce with passata, garlic, onion, peppers and a can of tuna and you really wouldn't notice that you're not having pasta, it's very filling and saves a lot of calories! Well done lovely, you can do it! x

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Hi Em and welcome :-)

The nhs 12 week plan is very easy to follow and will give you a really good kick start to your weight loss journey. When I began using this I lost 35 lbs in the first 12 wks, but I still had a ways to go and have continued with my journey still posting and I am now on week 41. This plan has taught me so much and has changed my life for the better. I have not lost just over 5 and half stone in that time so it is achievable. Planning every single day will be key to your success so make sure you plan ahead and even prepare meals in advance.

In my first week I made all the important changes to the way I ate and walked every day for 30 mins and lost 7 lbs the second week I lost 5 lbs and increased my walking to 40 mins every day so my advice would be to take full advantage of the first week as this will be where you see the biggest weight loss and try and change things up every single week with regards to what exercise you do and for how long.

Don't stop believing in you and your abilities to make a positive change in your life as you will be rewarded for all of the hard work you put into this journey.

Good luck :-)

Trafford1 x


Hi Em, this really is a very supportive forum. I think, for me, this has made the big difference. It's like making a public promise every week and every day cheerleaders cheer us on to stick to this promis. It really works! Post and reply to posts. By doing this, I have concentrated on my goals, kept to plan and just enjoyed the journey so far. Good luck to you this week.😄

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Good luck Em! I've found the community very supporting and encouraging, there's always someone on hand to offer advice and motivation. If you've lost weight in the past, you know you can do it again, and think how fab you'll look and feel this festive season!


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