Week 1 done!!!! Evening exercise inspiration needed!

Hooray ive managed a week! 3 lbs off :) between working long hours and looking after my boys I haven't exercised much apart from a couple of short walks at the weekend so that's my goal for this week - to exercise 3 times. Better dust off the Davina DVD!!! What else do other people do when they can't get out to the gym/ classes of an evening? Inspire me!


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14 Replies

  • You done good girl 💐


  • well done. that's great

  • well done that's great

  • Well sometimes I go swimming, Sunday eve, I try to go twice a week, the lure of the sofa calls..........I just say no you need to do it, and go!

    I work shifts, so sometimes It's tough, and sometimes I get up at 4.15am, lots of 6 am starts too, I decided swimming is the way yo go for me.

    I'm on my feet a lot at work, so that helps too, good luck and see what realistically you can manage

  • Well done for your 3 lbs off, every 1lb helps

  • I've dusted off my Davina DVD too! Good luck ;) How much are hoping to lose? I've also just started the plan. Shall we support each other? Its really hard balancing exercise with parenting I know.

  • Great first week :)

    I walk around the house (if you've got stairs, you could try running up and down them a few times). Strength exercises can be done in your sitting room eg squats, lunges etc

    There's heaps of things you can google.

    Good luck :)

  • I've an exercise bike that I'll hop onto during the evening, especially when the evenings get dark and the weather rubbishy. I'm kinda happy just to clock up the miles, but am going to be looking into following a high intensity interval programme using the bike.

    Maybe. (or not)

    Davina sounds like more fun!

  • Exercise when and where you can but don't beat yourself up if you don't get the chance. Just said on an earlier post that due,to injury I have not exercised at all in the last month but yet my weight loss per week has remained the same ( around 1.7 lbs).

    I have done some walking during this time but usually do 4'high intensity workouts per week. During the first 6 months of my diet I did not exercise other than walking and lost loads of weight.

    As long as you make the healthy choices you will still lose weight. Exercise is great and I can't wait to start again but food and what you eat is uLtimately the biggest reason we lose weight.

  • Well done you for loosing the 3lbs, it quite hard to exercise in the winter with the dark nights however, at home I try to do the beginners Pilates programme by Cassey Ho (http://www.blogilates.com/) and I am hoping my husband will get me a turbo trainer or rollers for my bike for Christmas (fingers crossed) so I can do indoor training.

    I also go swimming/cycling at the weekends and I do a couple of classes at the gym midweek (spinning/Pilates/fit ball).

    Good luck with your journey we are here to support you 😀

  • Good weight loss indeed. I too Davina DVD, and Pilates. Also sounds a little crazy but if watching TV with adverts in, when they come on I jog on the spot, skip, twisty jumping thing through them, then sit back down and carrying on watching!! Treat yourself to a weekly class that you really enjoy, aqua aerobics, yoga, zumba whatever takes your fancy give yourself that special time just for you as that's very important. Good luck

  • Hi, well done on your weight loss, that's great! If you can't get to the gym, you could try YouTube. There are loads of workouts videos on it. When I can't get to the gym, I like Jessica smiths power walks. You can do them in your lounge!

  • Exercise.....is not just about set routines at a gym. Housework counts. It is a moderate exercise. Think about it. How far do you travel with your vacuum cleaner? Walking up and down (running machine). Walking up and down stairs (stair climber at the gym) Making a bed, throwing the blankets over, dusting, shopping (arm exercise with weights). Exercise is what you make it.

  • Hi - I'm a newbie here. My eating is rubbish but I do love the gym and exercising.

    When I can't get to evening classes I use You Tube as it has so many variations of any form of exercise you want for any length of time that you can fit in. I also got from Father Christmas last year a kettle bell, set of dumb bells and an exercise mat so I can mix it up at home and make my own circuits session. Then I really feel as hot and sweaty as I do at the gym!

    Good luck!

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