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And so my battle begins, im 5ft 9 and 14 1/2 stone, my goal is to lose 4st 7lbs, before i had my 3 kids i dropped from 22st to 8st having 1 tin of tuna a day thats it, not the best way but i was desperate. Ive now got my 6yr old son and 4yr twin girls helping me, every time i eat anything unhealthy they say mummy your going to get really massive and wont be able to play with us, so thats enough for me to swap a cake with a banana anyway wish me luck 😃

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Hope you have a great week and enjoy lots of healthy foods.:)


Oh my gosh vixen, that's struck a chord with me, I remember the crash diets where I lived on a yoghurt and an apple a day, or a boiled egg and 2 crispbread a day. Thank goodness you've realised that it's not the way to go!

Will you be following the NHS 12 week plan, or at least something that's well thought out and sustainable?

Rest assured that we're all behind you on your journey, but please be kind to yourself and don't become desperate enough to starve yourself again.

Wishing you all the very best :)


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