Up and Down like a Yo Yo!

I wasn't surprised really. I knew that the 4lb loss that the scales were confirming yesterday (day four) was both ridiculous and unsustainable. Still I had a little chuckle to myself before attending to the mundane chores of the day.

This morning, on checking again, I notice that the real figure is 2lbs and I am pleased with that - much more like it!

My Fitness Pal has been my friend this week. I do find I do tend to lose weight when I use it religiously. I have it set to 1200 so that I can store up some calories for a glass of wine this evening - perhaps a careful celebration of my success so far, as long as I don't get too carried away.

I have chosen something pink and fizzy and have a box of raspberries. Raspberries are my go-to fruit with wine, try sticking some in the next glass you pour. They get in the way when you drink and also cause you to pour less in to the glass, as it gets fuller quicker, both of which means you drink less and drink slower. Its a funny trick but its a good one, I tend to wonder if in fact you could put anything in a wine glass and get a similar pleasure. If you do have a glass today, and fancy another........ try putting a glass of Elderflower cordial, or the kids Ribena in the glass instead add a couple of ice cubes and some fruit and you suddenly feel exotic.

My Husband tonight presented me with an individual Aldi Lemon Cheesecake - but having scanned the bar code and discovering it had the same calorie content as a glass of wine (plus loads of fat and salt) I thanked him for his kindness and put it back in the fridge.

Is it obsessive to scan things before we open them? Or maybe its just demonstration of a shift in attitude....I do so hope so, but its still very early days and I have 4 stone to loose.

Lets hope that if someone buys me Birthday cake tomorrow that they take the box off it first, surely birthday cake has no calories if there's no bar code?


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12 Replies

  • I love the thought of you taking out your phone and scanning the cheesecake, before refusing it :-D

    Are you hoping that someone will just randomly buy you a birthday cake tomorrow, or is it your birthday ? :-)

  • :-) yes its my birthday. Its also the only day of the year you'll find me with cake I am not a big fan..more of a savories kinda girl

  • Aww - happy birthday for tomorrow :-) And I'm sure you're right about no box=no bar code=no calories :-D

  • enjoy your birthday... I think there is some kind of a law that whatever you eat or drink on your birthday has no calories at all.... or magically disappears after 3 days if you return to healthy eating :)

  • Happy birthday for tomorrow too. Maybe put raspberries on your birthday cake to get in the way of you being able to eat it too quickly :)

  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow 🎈🎁

    I have no problem either putting the sweet things back, but offer me savoury .....

    I have just tried some pulled pork popcorn my son chose as a healthier option to crisps - the thought of the flavour was not nice, but the taste -- too moreish by far 😉

    Anyway have a great day tomorrow!!

  • Hi Melc, happy birthday for tomorrow! ....and it sounds as if you're quite a saver with a few cals in the bank for the fizzy! Enjoy🎉

  • Well done Mel. I always heard that if someone else buys the cake there are no calories in it - but I think I've been lied to ;)

    One thing I have learnt to do is throw things away - yes I know it's a shocker. I had a lovely fresh cream muffin a few weeks ago, I cut the bottom off and threw it away but ate the rest, probably saved about 80 cals. Another thing I do is when there is a cake in work I just cut off a mouthful. Knowing you can just have a taster and not a whole slice is liberating - but sadly does take some willpower. For me I'd rather have a taste.

    Good luck and have a fab birthday :)

  • I think fish and chips have no calories but only when at the seaside.

  • Following sueper's throwing away theme, I find fish & chips is okay if you throw away half the chips and don't eat any of the batter, I'd also rather have a taste than completely have to say no :)

  • My stomach and its yo yos drive me nuts, bloating etc post menopause I now use something called molkosan active, a fruit tasting liquid, use 20mls in liquid, if ground ginger tea fails.

    It seems those pesky hormones muck stuff up, annoying !

  • Turned out that the restaurant we went to (Turkish so only griddled chicken and yogurt for me) had a tip off. Out came a Red Velvet Cake........was thinking that I might get away with it.........but they put it back in the original box so I could take it home and that kinda gave away the amount of calories, fat etc. So far I have resisted............but it made a nice picture.

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