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Kick up the ****

Morning all!

Has a couple of bad weeks!! Of course i have my excuses but i have pushed myself to get back on it today!

Does any have good meal suggestions, especially lunch and tea? I will be pulling my slow cooker out this weekend too 😀 x

I work and also have a fridge and microwave at work. I get bored easily with eating the same thing and also cave in easily when people do the butty run! Must have more self control!

TIA xoxo

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Hi, if you like curries Shellie has a whole girls night in menu on her posts...I have a dreadful throw everything into a pot curry on an earlier post..good to hear from you again bright star! 😄


Sorry to butt in....who's Shellie? X


Ah brill thank you :)

Taking a look at her profile now :)

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Thanks ruth 😄


Using slow cooker BBQ Pulled pork is fantastic

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ooo BBQ Pulled Pork!!! Sounds amazing!!! Thank you all!


I probably don't have enough for lunch, just an apple and sometimes a few plain nuts as well but I have a decent portion of porridge for breakfast.

For my evening meal I eat a lot of stir fried veg with various soy based sauces and with that I have chicken or veg.

Tonight I had chicken and onions fried in coconut oil with fajita style spices. With that I had a good portion of raw spinach and some raw tomatoes. I also had a good tablespoon of 0% fat Total Greek yoghurt. I go through tons of this and add it to porridge, have it with berries, salad and lots of things. Gives a creamy effect without the fat.

As you can see I have my carbs in the morning and very rarely have any obvious carbs later in the day.

I agree an apple is not a lot for lunch and occasionally I am left a little hungry but this is what I do and it works for me. If I get really hungry I will have a little snack of plain nuts or another piece of fruit.


I'm loving the new Jamie Oliver book - Superfoods. There are ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks - all balanced and with a calorie count.


Enjoying my new spiralizer, makes Veg more interesting. Current favourite is miso soup-carrot, courgette, some onion, beetroot if you like.... Put into pan, quick fry with oil squirt. Add some veg stock and miso paste.

Sometimes II start with chicken, prawns or both before adding veg.... And Mushrooms...Also Good with tamarind paste.


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