Motivation :)

Motivation :)

Work Christmas Party...

Family Get Togethers...

Christmas Jumpers...

Party Clothes...

99 Days Till Christmas...

105 Days Till New Years Eve...


Group Photo's....

December Birthdays...

Lots of inspiration and motivation for the next 10 weeks leading up to Decemeber.

My goal is 1 pound loss a week leading up to December, that's still 10 pounds I could lose between now and then.....I'll settle for that :)


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14 Replies

  • Hi Mandy, that's my plan too..99 days! Gotta start shopping...and I'll be keepeing away from the selection boxes .

  • I know! I love Christmas and Winter and New Years Eve :)

    Although I too will be keeping away from the selection boxes this year!


  • I'm a Christmas girl all the dressing up...yeah more motivation....go us

  • Hi Mandy,

    I like your thinking, I to am working towards the festive season.

    It is doable( is that a word lol) and no pressure just steady eating, exercise and good choices.

    Let's all do it 🍸

  • Good steady, achievable aim. You have my head in a whirl with your list! Is it really only 105 days to 2016.? Crickey. 😊

  • Hi Mandy,

    Wow, just 10 weeks - I did wonder how long it was. Like you say, plenty of time to make some differences weight-wise and measurement wise. Best of luck! You've set yourself a really good goal to lose 1 pound each week.

    I see a few people have mentioned staying away from Selection Boxes - good idea! In previous years I have bought some as gifts, and ended up eating them myself, and then having to re-buy more.

    Thankfully I've changed my ways!

    Also, having chocolate decorations on the Christmas tree is definitely not a good idea - at least for me!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh Lowcal - I know what you mean about the chocolate Xmas decorations. I hide them at the top of the tree "to keep them away from the dog" when actually I mean "keep them away from my 8 year old daughter so that I can scoff the lot when she is at school" - does that make me a really bad mum !!? :-)

  • Lucca you make me laugh, I'm exactly the same and I put the candy canes on too and tell my daughter there not edible then eat them when she's in bed haha x

  • :-D - glad it not just me !

  • Hi Mandy & Lucca,

    I hope your daughters don't get to read your posts! They will know your tactics if they do.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yeah I do this too, or buy Thornton's chocolates and alcohol for the grandparents and have to re buy because I've had them ooooops x

  • Loathe Xmas with a passion - but I do enjoy the time off... #grumpuss

  • Oooh thanks for thag post. Hopefully keep us on the straight and narrow! Little black dress here we come xx

  • Depends what your starting point is but sounds very achievable to me. Good luck to you.

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