Lost weight by eating healthy

Hi I was 10st 5 about 14 days ago and now I am 9st 13 so thats 6 pounds lost!! I recently bought size 14 petite jeans and they are becoming very lose. I'm happy with the weight lose and I am eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Sadly I have been ill with a cold and eaten chocolate to give me an energy boost but I am so much lighter now, that I think I can afford to eat a bit of it (just a little)!! I'm worried about malnutrition even though I am eating well, I'm not sure if I am eating enough. I don't think I can physically eat anymore at breakfast lunch or dinner just because my portion sizes are healthy. My exercise isn't that great - I've stopped because I have been unwell with a cold and I got quite lazy last week. Thanks for advice, from Gus


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5 Replies

  • Congratulations you must be delighted, thats a great loss. Its a great feeling when you feel good in your clothes:-)

  • Thanks a lot

  • Fabulous news. Well done! Being able to wear smaller clothes is always a great feeling !

  • Thanks a lot

  • As long as you have your proteins, veg, fruits, grains and dairy - all in a day, or possibly in each meal, I think you shouldn't worry about malnutrition..

    great progress so far.. inspiring :)

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