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So with all the hustle and bustle I've neglected my regime to weigh myself every 5 days; fearing the worst, I hopped on this morning and to my surprise have seen that I've actually been doing pretty well regardless of my slips and the commotion of moving.

Since the 6th August (which is when I started dieting), I have lost 2 stones exactly. That's just under 6 weeks :3

That's shocking considering I only exercised for only 2 weeks in that time!

As if cutting down actually works in itself :0

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  • Hey hannahhh that's a really amazing result. You must really feel the difference now, after losing 2 stone! Hope you feel all the changes you've made are sustainable, and hope you can celebrate this milestone somehow, maybe with some new clothes, and remember to throw out the too big clothes that you don't wear anymore too :)

  • Tbf, my clothes don't feel any looser and I don't feel different in the slightest which is weird and considering how much a pound of fat is:

    So that's pretty confusing, but I mean the results are there on the scales, so I'm hanging onto the hope that it does mean change?

  • Has your waist measurement changed? It's good to check actual measurements, did you take any other measurements before you started too? Such as arms, legs, hips, chest, etc. The weight can come off in different places for different people, so it may have come off in places that don't affect the fit of your clothes. I hope you can feel and see the difference soon. 2 stone is an amazing amount to have lost.

  • Just taken measurements of waist n hips and nah not much difference there; really strange. Reckon if I share my concerns with a GP they would help me understand it a little better? or is that a waste of their time?

  • When you say not much difference, do you mean no difference, or do you mean an inch, a half inch, a little change? Any change is good.

    Re asking a GP, you should definitely do that. Weight loss is definitely something your GP would expect you to ask their advice about.

  • way way less than a cm even.

    I'll have to try build the courage to book an appointment >< do you know if i can talk about more than 1 thing, ie. my weight and mental health or do i need 2 appointments? x

  • My doc has advised me to book a 'double appointment' before, when I have more than one thing to talk about. Speak to the receptionist and see if they'll do this for you. Otherwise, book two appointments and if the GP says there's not enough time to talk about both issues in one appointment, then you've got the backup appointment already booked. You can always cancel it if you end up not needing it.

  • Really good to know!

    Thanks <3

  • Yep, I never knew about double appointments before either :)

  • Wow. That's amazing Hannah. You must be so proud of yourself and excited for the next bit of the journey. Keep it going!

  • Thank you <3

  • Wow! Congratulations - 2 stone is such an achievement and you must really feel the weight loss! Hope you carry on as well as you have!

  • Not really but I'm hanging on to the hope that changes will start showing soon!

  • If you keep going like you have already then I am sure you will feel it soon. Plus the knowledge of getting rid of 2 stone must feel great :-)

  • Yeah it really does and it's keeping me positive, I just wana know where the hell it's gone too!!

    Look at just how much 5 pounds issssssssssss, I should be thinaf by now haha

  • 2 stone Hannah! That's amazing! If I do half as well, I'll be delighted :)

    Well done you and good luck for the following weeks :)

  • Thank you <3

  • Well done! That's such great news. Hope you are feeling inspired to carry on!

  • Thank you! Most definitely yeah : )

    It's a bonus that I'm enjoying the diet and lifestyle :p

  • Hi Hannah, well done you!

  • Hi again Hannah, just re read the thread....perhaps the inches are coming off your legs? Really agree with Ruth though...Drs will be helpful here!

  • Putting us all to shame, H! Well done you :D

  • HI Hannah thats great although having read through all the posts here and checking back to find out you started at around 16 stone...if you have lost 2 stone you would HAVE to be feeling it in your clothes.

    Losing 28 pounds at your weight should mean your pants are much loser and even falling off you. I have lost 22 lbs and started at 22 stone and I can DEFINITELY feel the difference - and I have lost less then you and substantially less percentage wise.

    Clothes should absolutely be hanging off you.

    Are your scales definitely working? Do you put them on a solid surface - I used to measure on a timber floor but because timber can move my weight would fluctuate 6 or 8 pounds until I put them on concrete to weigh myself.

    Losing 28 pounds at your starting weight is a substantial loss - thats more than 10% of your body weight in 6 weeks which is a drastic change.

    Definitely check in with a Dr because in all honestly no physical changes from losing 2 stone is incredibly unlikely - something seems off.

    I hope you can figure it out :)

  • Yeah, I just don't know wtf..there is genuinely no difference to my clothes.

    I've been using my scales on my bathroom tiles yeah; do you think their broken?

    Can it just be 2 stone of water retention still? or just muscle and the fat is still there? :(

    Yeah, I'll defo book an appointment, it's scary.

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