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I'm really struggling with what to eat for lunch in work? I work in an office, I'm on a strict budget and I'm bored of tuna sandwiches..

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hi their Kbaker1995 do you like pot noodles try them for your lunch in fact i'm going to have on now take care speak to you soon bigalan x

Do you have a microwave at work? You could take in a jacket potato and baked beans, or a baked sweet potato with hummous and salad. Can you prepare homemade sandwiches/salads too?

Definitely soup if you have a microwave.

Or leftovers! I have leftover roasted beetroot and butternut squash with quinoa for my lunch today (someone on here shared the recipe a couple of weeks ago).

If you don't have access to a microwave what about using rolls or wraps instead of sliced bread and varying the fillings. I like egg and tomato or chicken salad.

Hi K, i don't like bread so have been taking home made soups, couscous packets, salads with tuna.....easy to eat stuff...but I would suggest looking in wilkinsons or the like for really good microwave pots....the right .equipment helps!

If you don't have access to a microwave, you could always try a flask?

I have a flask that has a wide neck (it's about 3inches across) so I can get dishes like stews, or chilli with rice in there to make a change from soup. I imagine you could 'cook' couscous in there by mixing in the flask before you set of for work. By the time you get to lunch, it should be ready to eat!?

sueper5 stone

Hi, I have cereal everyday. Boring I know but really cheap. I usually have shredded wheat only about 250 or so calories with skimmed milk and granulated sweetener. Keeps me satisfied til tea time :)

Eggs are very versatile I think, if you like them. I'm a soup girl at lunch mostly. You can make 4/5 portions of great soup with only a few ingredients. Season the hell out of it and you have a week's worth.

Gonti10 kg

Hi , I make different salads everyday using leftovers, what veg are in the fridge, fresh herbs from the garden and a hard boiled egg, cheese or tofu. I used to also take in hunks of nice bread or crackers but my appetite has shrunk. I always add a slightly different dressing for example olive oil and lemon. I have some beautiful Tupperware -from Paperchase of all places -and I fill a container. I always take a cloth napkin. It takes about five minutes to put together, I never refrigerate and by lunchtime all the flavours are blended. Bon appetite.🍒

tomorrow im taking a small slice of quiche with my salad. Sometimes I take a savoury scone, or a piece of cold frittata, I'm going to have a go at making savoury muffins. Mind you there is nothing wrong with tuna sandwiches they are my favourites!

How about rice with some frozen veg cooked in, ham if you have got it. Cheap and cheerful and filling, or rice with veg and chicken strips yummy ....

Thank you all!

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